The Power Of Positivity Will Set You Free

The Power Of Positivity Will Set You Free

After months of rumours, links and downright lies, the summer transfer window has slammed shut. We all have varying opinions on how successful it was and whether the necessary improvements were made to allow the squad to cope with a gruelling assault on the Premier League. There’s been many heated discussions on Twitter over the clubs net transfer spend and whether it’s right or wrong that we made a profit this window. None of that matters now though folks. All that matters now is that we get behind the team and back the manager.

The Power Of Positivity Will Set You Free

When the club announced the signing of Jurgen Klopp as our manager last October, we all began to dream. We started to think that maybe he can turn our clubs fortunes around the same way he did Dortmund’s. The thing we need to remember here though, is that he didn’t do that overnight or in a single transfer window. It took him time to build that magnificent Dortmund side that toppled Bayern Munich and won 2 Bundesliga titles, the German cup, Super cup and reached a Champions League final. Fair enough they lost to Bayern Munich in that final, but you get my point. Thankfully we are fortunate enough that the manager only recently signed a new six year contract with the club. Whatever way you look at it, that’s a massive statement of commitment from Jurgen Klopp and a sign that he feels he can do something special here. He’s clearly fallen in love with club, the city and its amazing people, just as we have all fallen in love with him. We need to repay the managers faith and show him that he made the right choice coming to Liverpool.

There’s a real sense that something big is happening at our club at the moment and I think the manager knows it. The main stand has been fantastically improved, increasing the capacity of Anfield to over 54k, and the surrounding area is starting to see the benefits also. There’s talk of massive investment into the club from a Chinese consortium that could make us one of, if not the wealthiest club in world football. Our squad depth is as good as I can remember for a very long time and  under Klopp we play a hugely entertaining brand of attacking football. Don’t get me wrong, I know everything isn’t perfect and mistakes have been made, but overall we are most definitely a club on the rise. Where’s the positivity?

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Next Saturday we welcome the current Premier League champions Leicester city to Anfield. That seems a truly fitting game to kick off our home matches this season in front of the expanded main stand. The manager and players will no doubt want to lay down a marker, and send out the message that when you come to Anfield you’re leaving with nothing but your tail between your legs and a bruised ego. The fact that it’s an evening kick off will only help foster what promises to be an amazing atmosphere inside the stadium and hopefully carry the team to three valuable points. If we can turn Anfield into a fortress again, then anything is possible. A good home record will go a long way to helping secure a much coveted Champions League spot for next season, and we all know that’s where the club really belongs.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m fed up with negativity of some of our fanbase, particularly on Twitter. I’m a upbeat person by nature and always try to look for the positives in any situation. One loss doesn’t have to be the end of the world, it’s merely a blip and the opportunity for our young squad to learn. There’s not going to be overnight success and to expect anything of the sort is setting yourself up for hurt. What you should be asking yourself is, are there signs we are heading in the right direction, and the answer has to be yes. We reached two finals last year and although we lost both, it was a fantastic learning experience for Klopp and the squad. Now is the time for us all to stick together, support the team and help Jurgen Klopp on his journey to bring success back to L4. If the past few months have thought us anything, it’s that we are in for some amazing nights and that with a passionate Anfield crowd behind the team, anything is possible.

Thanks to Keith Cross for the title, I warned him I was going to steal it from him!


3 responses to “The Power Of Positivity Will Set You Free”

  1. RED PHIL says:

    Does positivity mean that if you are positive LFC won’t achieve much without spending money on two or three major weaknesses within the team it will or won’t happen? Going into the transfer window desperate for a new LB, DM and striker and then finding, when the window slams shut, you STILL need a new LB, DM and striker just tells me we aren’t serious about overtaking the likes of City and United.
    A dodgy-looking defence with an obvious weakness on the left-hand side and with nobody in midfield to give it the protection it needs just tells me that every time anybody attacks us it is time to cover my face and hope for the best.
    For a team with supposed title ambitions – no, don’t laugh – that is NOT how it should be but the manager CHOSE not to seek to solve these known weaknesses whilst ending the window with more money in the kitty than he began it with.
    Sorry, I find that particularly weird . . . and hugely disappointing! Have we got anybody young coming through to take these roles? No. Are we likely to see failed, woefully inadequate players like Lucas and Sakho brought back to ‘give it a go’ in the LB and DM roles when they wouldn’t be allowed to sell burgers at City or United? Probably.

  2. Statler2 says:

    Oh ‘red’ Phil. Grow up, calm yourself and take stock. And you know what? Read the article. It’s exactly ‘fans’ like you we don’t want commenting. On Twitter, on here, on life.

  3. Red Rick says:

    Ah Phil please read the article again. You appear to be one of those fans that believe if everything isn’t perfect then everything must be awful. Like you I wish we would have found a new LB but not getting one isn’t the end of our chances. As far as the other two positions mentioned I am not sure we need either. I am not sure where a DM fits this squad. Who would you replace? Can will be the closest thing we have to a DM would you replace him? As far as a striker goes that has to be our last priority. Sturridge, Origi, Ings, and Firmino are more than adequate. Can you name a better group of strikers in the EPL? As far as young talent in these positions goes how about Origi and Stewart? Not exactly old men and also quite talented. Plus our academy is well stocked. I personally wish fans like you would suffer in silence because you do nothing to help the team and you certainly do nothing to “support” them.

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