Liverpool FC - A Worldwide Family

Liverpool FC - A Worldwide Family

I’ve recently returned from a fantastic family vacation to Orlando folks. The only reason I’m mentioning it is because of one particularly enjoyable evening my family spent whilst over in sunny Florida. As well as taking in all the normal touristy things such as Disney, Universal studios, Seaworld and shopping etc, we also had a particularly enjoyable and memorable meal that originated from somewhere I’d never have expected.

Since joining twitter, I’ve been fortunate enough to interact and chat with some truly wonderful and interesting people on a daily basis. Those of you that know me will be aware that my account is almost entirely dedicated to all things Liverpool football club related. Although to be honest, the occasional boxing thread will also make an appearance on my account!

The only reason I even went about setting up a twitter account was to follow and interact with as many of the LFC family around the globe as I could. What I didn’t expect to happen, in fact what I never dreamed would happen, is that I would find people that I’d form genuine friendships with and even meet up with. As I mentioned at the start of this piece, my family recently had a wonderful meal whilst on holidays in Orlando. The main reason for this being such a memorable evening, was because we met up with Kerry (@AdventuresWK), a member of the Orlando Liverpool supporters club. I’d gotten to know Kerry via twitter over the previous few months, but because of our similar tastes and general outlook on life, the conversation flowed between the group all evening and everyone felt at ease with each other.

I know I’m far from alone in this though, I’ve heard so many wonderful anecdotes from people about similar situations and friendships formed via twitter and many other forms of social media. The one common denominator in all of these situations seems to be Liverpool football club. We often mention the Liverpool family in passing or in a hashtag on twitter, but it truly is a genuine phenomenon.

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Football and in particular Liverpool football club, plays a huge part in so many of our lives. A win for the team on a Saturday or Sunday can genuinely raise people’s spirits and in turn that can have a knock on effect on people’s entire week. Some people will probably think I’m exaggerating here, but if Liverpool lose at the weekend I’m a total nightmare to be around for roughly 48 hours. If we win however, I sometimes feel like I’m walking on air and the milky bars are on me!

I guess the point I’m trying to make here folks is that Liverpool football club and its supporters are so much more than anybody on the outside could ever understand or quantify. It’s a genuine living breathing entity that looks after its own and stretches far and wide. I’ve always noticed the posts on the club website that shows the kick off times around the different parts of the world, but never really gave it much thought.

Its only since joining twitter and starting to write articles. that I really started to understand how much the club means to so many around the world. The guys I chat with in the American supporters clubs often get up at as early as 5/6am and head to their supporters club for our 12.30 kick offs. I’ve also heard from other supporters that get up at 3am to watch a game before then starting their day’s work. That type of constant dedication never ceases to amaze me. I’ve often done day trips myself from Ireland that basically involves being on the go for 24 hours solid and many others do similar trips, or should I say pilgrimages, every week.

Jurgen Klopp’s arrival at the club has greatly enhanced the atmosphere around the club. We often speak about the holy trinity and for the first time in my life I genuinely understand how that feels. I’m 35 years old and wasn’t fortunate enough to live through the Shankly and Paisley years. Like many others of my generation I’ve grown up hearing the stories and watching the videos of the all conquering Reds. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen my fair share of Liverpool triumphs. I was fortunate enough to be in Istanbul in 2005, when at half time and with the team trailing 0-3 the traveling Kop sung you’ll never walk alone. I’ve heard it described in a documentary as sounding almost like a prayer that night & we all know what happened next.

Call me a hopeless optimist, but I genuinely feel that everything is now in place for a return to greatness. There’s a sense of togetherness around the club and throughout the fan base. The Liverpool family have amazed me over the past 12 months and I sincerely hope they continue to do so. Keep doing what you are doing folks, reach out to your fellow supporters, help each other out and believe that Klopp and the team will take care of the rest. I realise writing this article has left me open to ridicule for it being so “touchy-feely” but it’s honestly how I feel.

You’ll never walk alone really is more than a catchphrase folks, it’s something our fans prove every single day and I wanted to say a sincere thank you for it.


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  1. Eden bebla says:

    I am not of any portions of England society ….I have traveled few times with my family to visit British museum and other exciting sections of London….I was born to football 67 years ago , played in dusty fields…..
    I do not wish to leave the original issue regarding ,an honest comment about this great team……usually the broadcasting company have the team’s schedule early as 0400AM in west coast of the United States….it is funny , Liverpool’s game most of the time tuned that early .
    I have fell for this team for very simple reasons….Discipline of the players , the leadership of the caretaker , the coach.
    Never been in Liverpool or study their actions …but I think very surely it it must be the karma of the whole organization flying through the waves from overseas to the box of entertainment .
    I try not to miss any game, but my daughter has installed a recording component which enables me not to miss my favorite game.
    After all we are all humans…we have right to cherish what we bound to select.
    Wish you all luck and continued success in your work.
    Eden bebla
    Palm Springs,California

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