Why Liverpool shouldn't buy in the January Transfer Window

Why Liverpool shouldn't buy in the January Transfer Window

It’s still November folks, but already my twitter timeline is starting to fill up with posts discussing the potential Liverpool signings during the upcoming January transfer window. People are debating the credibility of the links & how reliable the website it’s from is or isn’t. Some journalists are being hailed as extremely knowledgable on all things Liverpool football club, while others are being dismissed as chancers & clickbait merchants. I’m well aware that clubs are constantly scouting & assessing players, readying themselves to solve those gaping holes in their squads. Here’s my problem though folks, I don’t think we have any gaping holes & certainly not ones that require fixing in January. (Editor’s Note: This article was written before yesterday’s game)

I’ve heard & understand all of the arguments relating to why we should make signings, but I’m not convinced any are needed at this moment in time. I’m not by any means saying our squad is perfect & that there’s no way a January signing could possibly improve it. I’m trying to say that the current squad have earned the right to keep their brilliant run going & that we have the required cover already in place. Over the next few paragraphs I’m going to attempt to explain why I’m of the above mindset.

Lets start with what’s probably the most obvious area in need of reinforcement and the area I was screaming at the manager to address in the summer, left back. I’d be one of the first people to tell you that Milner isn’t the long term solution, but his performances so far have certainly earned him enough kudos to at lest see out the season. Going forward I think his age will stop him being our option long term, and I’d certainly be looking to buy a specialist full back in the summer. I’m sure some of you are thinking to yourselves “what about Moreno Craig, doesn’t he deserve a chance to prove himself in the position?” Klopp must believe Moreno can be improved with coaching & seems to be happy to keep the lad around. This only enhances my view that nothing needs to be done at left back until the summer window. Personally I’d like us to buy a full back that can play both sides, just in case we need cover for Clyne.

The next area I’ve heard fans discussing is a wide player to cover for Sadio Mane when he goes to the AFCON. In my mind it would be madness to buy a player because our first choice wide player is away for approximately 4 weeks. I’d like to see us turn to young Sheyi Ojo during this period. I know he’s had his recent injury problems, but he’s shown tremendous potential and this would be the ideal time to give him a chance. I’m a big believer in the quality coming through our academy and we know Klopp rates a number of the youngsters very highly also. Let Sheyi have his chance to shine and then we can reassess our options in the summer.

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It seems pretty clear that Klopp doesn’t see any future for Sakho at the club. We can all argue about what we think is right or wrong about the situation, but in the end it’s the gaffers decision that will count. If we can assume that he’s gone in January, then once again I wouldn’t be looking for an immediate replacement. We already have Matip, Lovren & Klavan, but I have very high hopes for Joe Gomez. He’s already shown he’s more than capable at first team level and he & Klopp have always said they see his future at centre back. Having 4 players for the 2 positions, along with Lucas as extra cover seems more than enough to cope.

I wasn’t going to broach the subject of a striker but seeing as how it’s Black Friday as I’m writing this, I’ll go mad & share my views! I would be absolutely astounded if Kloppo sells Daniel Sturridge during the January transfer window. He may not be a regular starter at the minute but he’s certainly knocking on the door & giving the manager something to think about. There’s been constant rumours surrounding Studge & with some fans he can’t seem to shake the image of being a bit of a diva. My view on him is the polar opposite of this. I’ve only ever heard positive things from anybody that has met the guy. He always makes time for the kids, acts as a big brother figure to many of our younger players & looks to be a positive influence in the dressing room. Add Origi into the mix along with Firmino & once again I think we have enough depth to see us through the season.

In conclusion, I think we have a squad that’s deep enough & strong enough to cope with the remainder of the season. I’d like to see our youth given a chance to prove themselves & I fully trust the manager to give them that chance. I’m not for one minute suggesting we are the finished article folks, not at all. I just feel that unless something comes out of the blue & the manager jumps on it, we are strong enough to keep our great start going. I think the squad have earned the right to be trusted & Klopp backed them in the summer, I think he’ll continue to back them until May.

By the way, just in case you haven’t got the memo, we’re going to win the league. It’s our year boys & girls!