Liverpool Supporters - We're All in it Together!

Liverpool Supporters - We're All in it Together!

This will be my final article of 2016 boys and girls. Whether that’s a good or bad thing I’ll leave up to you to decide! I do however want to take the opportunity to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous new year. It’s been a huge privilege for me to have interacted with so many of you on Twitter and thank you for your continued support of both myself and all the other guys at The Anfield Index. Now that we’ve gotten the pleasantries out of the way, let’s get back to the business at hand.

If there’s one thing that frustrates and upsets me regarding our club, it’s that we do love to overreact to things at times. There’s many things our fans are streets ahead of others at, but unfortunately for a section of us overreacting is something we also excel at. I understand there’s probably loads of you telling me to get f*cked right now and insisting that you certainly aren’t to be included in this particular bracket of supporters. I hear you folks, I really do, but unfortunately it’s far more common that you might think. The next time we drop some points, which hopefully won’t be for a good while yet, jump onto Twitter and do a search for #LFC.

I’m not naive enough to believe that every negative post on the various social media platforms are from genuine Liverpool supporters. Nor am I crazy enough to think that those predicting the end of our footballing world are in the majority. Sadly though, it’s often those that shout the loudest that get heard and cause supporters to get labelled.

Our club has undergone some huge changes over the past 12/18 months both on and off the pitch. There’s a great buzz around the place and the excitement of our future potential has captured the hearts of many of us. Klopp has done a magnificent job of forging a tight bond amongst his players and it’s clear they are willing to run that extra yard for the cause. He’s also made a point of letting the supporters know how important we are and that’s abundantly clear. How many times can you recall the team stepping up their game when Anfield bursts into life? I know there’s the argument that at times the team needs to give us something to cheer about and get behind. These quiet and nervy moments are precisely the times Klopp wants the fans to let the players know we believe in them. There’s few things more damaging to a players’ confidence than hearing audible groans around the ground if he makes an error, particularly a younger player.

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I’m not for one minute trying to suggest it’s epidemic but it certainly doesn’t help the teams cause. I often read various threads on Twitter which seem to be aimed at trying to blame a particular demographic for the lack of support and atmosphere inside Anfield. This only leads to infighting amongst our supporters and is certainly not something we can resolve by playing the blame game or pointing the finger. If you pay your money to go to the game, it’s completely up to you to watch the match however you choose. Not everyone wants to stand up and sing whilst watching a game and we need to understand this. What you can do though is make a conscious effort to not negatively impact the players. Football games can be an emotional rollercoaster and we often can’t help but express our emotions. I know things won’t change overnight but hopefully with everyone pulling together it will help turn Anfield into the fortress we all hope for.

The busy Christmas period could be key to our season. If we can take nine or ten points from our next four games, I think we will be in very good shape. We have some very big games coming up at Anfield in the second half of the season. There’s going to be some exciting, emotional, nervy and infuriating moments ahead. If we can stay positive and keep backing the boys during the later moments, then we could just be the difference between a good season and a great season. What happened during the Dortmund game last season was something their manager Thomas Tuchel couldn’t comprehend or explain. Anfield refused to believe that anything other than a Liverpool win was going to happen. When Lovren popped up and headed the winner, it almost felt inevitable. Dortmund could see what was coming but were powerless to stop it happening.

When we stick together as fans and get behind the team, we are a force that no other club in the world can match. The scenes that welcomed the squad during the later part of the 13/14 season were unbelievable. Looking through twitter accounts you see so many people using these images as their header. We can have many more of these amazing moments folks. Klopp and the team are making huge progress and if we can provide them with the belief that we’re behind them 100%, anything is possible. Don’t underestimate your importance and remember that we’re always stronger when we’re together. Enjoy your Christmas and lets get ready for an amazing 2017, YNWA.