Reasons Why Liverpool FC Should Partner With GamStop

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If you are a football fan, you know already everything about Liverpool. For some of you, this is the best club in the world and the one that has huge potential. But, if you are a bettor as well, you know something about GamStop. Now we will have to see reasons why the symbiosis between the two should exist and should happen as soon as possible.

Promoting GamStop Is a Responsible Thing to Do

At the moment, people who are aware of GamStop are those who have gambling issues or know a person who did. In other words, GamStop is popular but in its own circles. Outside them, as Rob Davies writes about online betting without GamStop, football gambling is a thing, so this program is not something we all know about and something millions have experienced. If we add that Liverpool has millions of fans all over the world and the club promotes GamStop, we can deduce the obvious. We can deduce that millions of people would know all about GamStop. They will know that it exists and that the platform is there to help people who need that.

GamStop is a self-exclusion platform and website blocker working in the United Kingdom with UKGC. It is mandatory by law to be present at all betting and gambling sites available in the country. The idea is simple. If you have a gambling addiction or similar issues, you will create an account at the GamStop and you won’t be able to gamble anymore at the casino. Once the self-exclusion expires, you can continue gambling. The best part here is the fact you will choose how long the ban is going to last. You can choose 6 months only or you can choose 5 years. The goal is to choose the longer ban to have more time to work on your issues and correct them completely.

GamStop requires a simple registration. After that, the platform will contact all UKGC websites for gambling and betting and ban your account. You cannot skip nor bypass this and there is no way to remove the ban before it expires. This is something that made GamStop extremely successful and helpful. The platform will do all the hard work instead of you and all you have to do is to create the account and you are done. Keep in mind that once the self-exclusion has expired, you will have to contact customer support, wait for 24 hours, and then the ban will be completely lifted. Only then you can gamble again.

Following The Example of Other Clubs

Even though supporting GamStop is not profitable, there are a lot of teams who are part of GamStop now and who will stay like that. It also means that new clubs should become part of GamStop to make this platform even more appealing. If all the clubs would follow the trend, they will all support and cooperate with GamStop. This would have a huge, positive effect on sports in general and especially on betting. 

Already many clubs are considering this cooperation hence we can see the appeal and we can see that the trend is happening and it is already being seen on the horizon. We only believe that Liverpool will become one of the new teams to accept GamStop and become part of the network. As a result, we can only imagine the list of perks. It would be impressive and extremely detailed.

It Can Help Football Fans with Problem Gambling Habits

If you have read all of the above, you know that GamStop is there to help players and bettors. It does work and according to the survey, 85% of users are more than just happy with the platform. It works well and it is effective. In other words, GamStop helps sports fans with problem gambling habits a great deal, and it is a recognised fact.

GamStop is a partner to many football clubs and other sports organizations, and Liverpool could promote GamStop as well. More people would know about it and more people will want to use it. We are referring to those who have gambling addiction or similar issues. More people will get help within weeks and they will be able to recover in no time and get back to betting or gambling. 

The cooperation has a huge effect overall. It makes online betting safer, which will attract new bettors and let old ones know that they have help and can bet and enjoy it safely as long as they like. 

The Final Word

We can see only good things from this cooperation. In a nutshell, Liverpool could spread the word about GamStop, more people would be able to use it and more people would be able to enjoy it. This would make betting online safer and more appealing; hence you can enjoy the thrill easier than ever before, and you can be positive that there is something there that can help you when nothing else works. It is something we would like to see happening already and something that should become more and more available. 

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