AI PRO Plus: AI Desi - Bobby

AI PRO Plus: AI Desi - Bobby

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Gags, Harinder, Kam and Nina catchup on The Desi podcast and reflect on the dazzling career of Bobby Firmino 

2015 to 2023. By the time he leaves it will be 8 years. We will all have seen births, marriages, deaths, anniversaries and, of course, trophies. Some may also have seen Bobby, no idea whom!

Which 3 big moments in those 8 years from Bobby do you look at most fondly?

What is it about Bobby that makes you have such an affinity with him?

Life after Bobby

We all move on. The how and the when of that is always different for everyone.

Where do you think he will go next?
Will you follow him? Not physically obviously!

Randomness - where were you when moment in time

1. His first goal, Man City away 15/16. We beat them 4-1. Even Skrtel scored
2. Goal against PSG with THAT one eye celebration
3. The hat-trick against Arsenal

All this and more

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