AI PRO Plus: The Transfer Show - TITLE CONTENDERS?

AI PRO Plus: The Transfer Show - TITLE CONTENDERS?

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On a bonus episode of The Transfer Podcast, Trev Downey and Dave Davis try to work out whether they are doubters or believers in the possibility of Liverpool challenging for the title. If not champions, the lads ask what would represent a successful campaign for Liverpool in their eyes. Taking each of City, Arsenal and Spurs one by one, the conversation turns to assessing the hopes each of them have of finishing in top spot and the lads ponder which members of each of those squads would be transformative with a Liverbird on his chest. Finally, the attention turns to the run of fixtures up to the year's end. The lads ask what is attainable and what needs to be done in order to still be in contention as 2024 rolls around. With the injury to Robbo and Salah likely away at AfCon, will there be any January recruitment other than in midfield and Dave speaks about the two South Americans being linked with the Reds' engine room. As ever, a packed show full of opinion, analysis, speculation and a bit of info!

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