AI Pro + Podcast: End Looming for Lovren as Reds Crumble

AI Pro + Podcast: End Looming for Lovren as Reds Crumble

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Jon Buscall is on hand this week to cover the post-match show on AI Pro +. He is joined by former Liverpool and Spurs player Paul Walsh and Liverpool fan Eddie Gibbs.

They discuss whether Dejan Lovren should be dropped now, the effect it could have and the alternatives the Reds have. Eddie and Paul discuss the transfer policy too.

They also discuss Klopp's chosen formation and shape, is that the issue? The changes during the game with Emre Can moving to the right back position. The conversation shifts to goalkeepers and the point of rotating them around. They also discuss a lack of leaders on the pitch too and would it have made a difference to Dejan? Was Emre Can as bad as the media are criticising?

There's a discussion on mental fragility and how Liverpool could crumble after they concede first. All this and more RAW reaction on AI Pro +

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