Fatigue Index Podcast - Crunch Time For Liverpool

Fatigue Index Podcast - Crunch Time For Liverpool

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It's the international break and that always seems to be a good time to take a look at the state of the squad, what their chronic loads are and how many minutes each have played. Gags Tandon speaks to Simon Brundish about Liverpool's Crunch Time... the next five games being so important in their quest to qualify for the Champions League next season and the huge quarter-final games against Manchester City this season.

Subscribers also sent in questions about:

- Managing the front three in the next five games
- Mona Nemmer's nutritional work at the club
- The difference made by the new physiotherapy and sports science teams
- How VVD's fitness is doing
- A look at the right-backs
- The effect on the squad if Emre Can is out injured

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