AI Pro Quo Podcast: VVD - You're Welcome!

AI Pro Quo Podcast: VVD - You're Welcome!

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Pro Quo is the show where YOU get your questions in! A show for subscribers to send in questions via Twitter, Facebook, email or even call in via Skype, and they can be about anything and everything! The conversation can go from Liverpool FC to any other thing that you’d like the host and guests to answer! Have some fun with this one!

On this show there was a caller, plenty of questions from social media and two questions from Liverpool FC legends!! Host Steve Gennaro is joined by Justin Wells to cover the questions sent in! The topics covered are squad rotation, is VVD overrated, top front 3 of all time for LFC? will Lovren come straight back in? Similar player to Firmino, when will Mourinho be sacked and expectations for the club this season!

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