2001 Liverpool vs Current side

2001’s Liverpool vs the current side – Is It Possible?

Gerard Houllier’s Liverpool achieved legendary status with their treble winning season. Can Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool manage the same feat?...

Liverpool FC Stats
The Mignolet Problem

The Mignolet Problem

What a week it has been so far for Liverpool fans. With the arrival of Steven Caulker on a...

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Liverpool Betting Update Klopp Cups Stevie G

Cups, Klopp and Stevie G

Liverpool Betting Update – Cups, Klopp and Stevie G With the international break upon us, now is as good...

Moreno talented or inconsistant

Alberto Moreno: Sparkling Talent or Inconsistent Liability?

It’s fair to say that much of Liverpool’s enthralling 5-4 victory against Norwich City will be forgotten, given time....

Liverpool Five Top Flops Last Five Years

Liverpool’s Five Top of the Flops of the Last Five Years

Anfield Index is five years old! It’s that strange age when the adorable toddler you once knew begins to...

John Barnes on Klopp Liverpool FC

John Barnes on Jurgen Klopp, the Academy and Pressing

Anfield Index recently celebrated the 100th episode of their main podcast, which also happened to coincide with the website’s...