2001 Liverpool vs Current side

2001’s Liverpool vs the current side – Is It Possible?

Gerard Houllier’s Liverpool achieved legendary status with their treble winning season. Can Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool manage the same feat?...

Liverpool FC Stats
Jordan Henderson - Keep or Bin

Jordan Henderson – Keep or Bin?

Jordan Henderson began the season as Liverpool’s new captain. The man to take over the mantle from Steven Gerrard...

Betting Tips

Liverpool FC Makes Sponsorship Deal With Betting Site and Casino Provider

If you love playing online games and you love football, something new is in the works for the both...

Nathaniel Clyne - Liverpool's Most Underated Player

Nathaniel Clyne – Liverpool’s Most Underated Player?

There’s a strange narrative surrounding Nathaniel Clyne, a divide amongst Liverpool supporters. Some argue he’s the finest right-back in...

Liverpool Zielinski Puzzle 1

Liverpool’s Zielinski Puzzle

The Piotr Zielinski and Liverpool FC saga has been a bit like a high school romance. They even went...

Liverpool Supporters - From Doubters to Non Believers

Liverpool Supporters – From Doubters, to Non Believers

I understand, you’re scarred. A fanbase living in perpetual fear, of the failings from previous managers and previous owners....