About Us

Firstly, a warm welcome to Anfield Index! My name is Gags (no, that’s not a joke ;-)) and I’m a crazy Liverpool FC fan. Note what I just said there, I’m a fan just like any other visitor or subscriber to this website. An I.T. specialist by trade, based in the West Midlands (UK), who’s been freelancing for the last few years working mainly in the Tax and Energy industries plus some public sector work.Initially the website was a subscription based site with access to Opta Stats. So the site was paid for, built and the subscription model was introduced. It started really well in 2011 with lots of subscribers joining unfortunately Opta had legal changes on their side which meant single club websites could not host Opta Stats and eplindex.com was created.

October 2013: We are back after a year offline. Why were we offline? Well there was a personal tragedy that meant I could only manage one website and with that other website having customers I had to concentrate whatever time I had to that. Liverpool FC is a passion for me so Anfield Index was going to be back sooner rather than later. Now that it’s here I’m hoping we can provide some excellent opinions and analysis for Liverpool supporters.


I’m no writer, neither am I a statistician and I don’t pretend to be one. I’m an I.T. guy. This site will, most likely, not be a patch upon other sites that give you some excellent reading material with regards to LFC but we will our best to write intriguing articles based upon the statistics and we are looking forward to the challenge. We have got a team of Liverpool FC supporters who are going to be writing as staff on the site and you’ll see their blog posts / articles on the home page.

For the supporters

Anfield Index will be for LFC supporters, a portal to any LFC fan that wants to write and base their written opinion on statistics and facts.

October 2013: The new Anfield Index is open to opinion, news, videos, info-graphics as well as tactical and statistical analysis of Liverpool FC games and players. This time we intend to stick around for the long run!


We are in no way affiliated with Liverpool Football Club and are an independent Liverpool supporters site.

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