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Joe Simpson brings you the AI Movie Night podcast – dedicated to discussing all kinds of movies! Whether it be old skool or brand new – all areas are covered!

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The Best Sports Films Of All Time

Our friends over at have put together an interesting infographic looking at the best sports movies of all time! Million Dollar baby scores highly! I was a little surprised about the placing of some of my favourite movies like Rocky, Escape to Victory and a few others. What do you think of the list […]

Baby Driver – Movie Review

Baby Driver – Edgar Wright’s heist thriller drives to a unique beat of its own precise making. As I sat down to watch Baby Driver, I had a moment of fear. What if this film disappoints me, if it doesn’t meet my unnecessarily high expectations. I only have myself to blame, I’ve followed the entire […]

Nostalgia: Jurassic Park Movie Review

With great monsters comes great responsibility. Or something like that? Paraphrasing from one of the most famous lines in fictional adventure, I’ve gone all upside down and inside out and, sorry to disappoint you, but I’m almost definitely talking about dinosaurs here, not spiders. Or men. Sorry about that. No Spiderman here. In 1994 what […]

Nostalgia: Forrest Gump Movie Review

For full disclosure, Forrest Gump is my second favourite film. I find that, usually, writing about something you love, cherish and find meaningful will get the juices flowing twice as fast and take half the length of time than writing about something you don’t really care about will. It seems obvious but maybe not. It […]

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