Some frequently asked questions are answered below.


1) Where do I access the AI Pro content?

You can access the content here or on the “Pro” link in the header of the website. You can check out our Join AI Pro page to see what’s included in the AI Pro package. Our content is now available via our dedicated apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play where you will need to be signed up via the website to be able to login and enjoy the content on your mobile devices. Whilst you wait for our updated apps to release you can listen to the podcasts via the website or skip to question 3 below where we have details on how to add our feed to your Podcasts player on iOS and Android.


2) How much of the free content has moved to AI Pro?

Only the AI Under Pressure podcast has moved from the freemium side of Anfield Index to AI Pro. The AI Under Pressure Podcast takes over 15hrs of personal time to produce each week in terms of collecting the pressing stats, analysing the match stats that for that match that is being reviewed and production of the actual podcast itself. It was either move it to a paywall model or lose it so we’ve decided to keep it going but within the AI Pro Podcast Channel.

None of our other podcasts have been moved to the AI Pro Podcast Channel. All of them will remain on our acast feed for free.


3) How do I set up my Podcast app to access AI Pro content?

Feeds for you to copy and paste into apps:

https://username:[email protected]/feed/podcasts

If you prefer it in text format here you go:

https://username:[email protected]/feed/podcasts



– In the podcasts app
– Make sure you are on Library screen
– Tap on edit in top right corner
– Tap on the Add Podcast by URL option
– Enter the AIPRO feed:
– Enter your username (will be your email address) and password



– In the podcasts app
– Make sure you are on Unplayed screen
– Tap on + in top left corner
– Tap on the Add Podcast option
– Enter the AIPRO feed:
– Enter your username (will be your email address) and password


BeyondPod Podcast Manager

– Make sure you are on the “What to Play” screen
– Tap on the top left corner
– Tap on “+ ADD FEED”

– Tap on top right corner 

– Tap on Enter Feed Address
– Enter the AI PRO feed:
– Tap Advanced Settings
– Enter a Feed Name of your choice (AIPro)
– Enter your Username (will be your email address) and Password under Feed Authentication section
– Tap Save in the top right corner


Podcast Addict

– Open Podcast Addict on Android
– Click the add button on the home screen (the plus button top right corner)
– Select RSS Feed (second line down on left) and it’ll take you to the add podcast section
– Paste into the address bar
– Tick the box for authentication (Premium Podcast)
– Enter your username (will be your email address) and password
– Select done
Thanks to @ElGrinchoid – Phil – for these.



– Open DoggCatcher App
– Click on the top left icon

– Scroll across the options at the top until you see the Advanced option as show below.

– Once you click on the Advanced option a screen will appear where you will need to fill in the fields
Nickname: AI Pro

– Scroll further down to find the Advances area where you’ll need to enter your Username (will be your email address) and Password.
– Click the OK button in the bottom right corner
– Your feed should now be added to the front page as AI Pro

Any problems, please do not hesitate to contact me on Twitter @GagsTandon


4) Will my credit/debit card details be stored by Anfield Index?

No, your credit/debit card details will not be stored by our website. We are using a payment gateway called Stripe to handle all of our payments and it’s widely recognised and used around the globe. You can find out more about Stripe by visiting their website.


5) How long do I have to sign up for?

You can sign up for a month or a year. It’s all down to your choice, there is a discount for those committing for a year to us. Check out our Join page for more details.


6) If I sign up for the trial will I be billed automatically?

Yes. After your trial period of a week is completed you will be billed automatically for the package you have selected.


7) How do I cancel before my 7-day trial ends so that I am not billed?

To cancel your subscription please ensure that you are logged in to our site and go to your account page. Once there click on the Subscriptions link and then choose the Cancel link on the right.


8) How long are your shows?

We try to aim to record between 40 minutes to an hour for each show. Some may be shorter and some longer!


9) I wish to only purchase one of the shows, what options do I have?

Unfortunately, we aren’t offering any individual packages on shows currently. Only the full package is available at the moment.


Have we missed anything? Feel free to email us at [email protected]

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