AI Under Pressure - All About Big Chances

AI Under Pressure - All About Big Chances

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The A-Team of Gags, Simon, Dan and Darth are back and discuss the following in this Big Chance special:

🔴 History of Big chances (clear-cut chances)
1. Talk AI / EPL naming it
2. Talk about the rough figure of what we expect a Big Chance value to be in terms of Xg.
🔴 Introduction of Opportunities (does this muddy the waters?)
🔴 The issues we currently face with big chances
1. Some shots not aligned with actual definition
2. Xg values not aligned with big chances being awarded
3. Any other issues....
🔴 What we are going to call clear-cut chances going forward - a separate metric to Big Chances - which is over a certain value. Agree value on pod with the A-Team

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