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Rhodesy is unwell but Darth hosts the dynamic sports science due of Barts and Si to review the 2 wins over LASK and West Ham. The lads discuss

LASK rotation and lineups
Who enhanced their reputation in the LASK game?
How do we see LFC approaching the Europa League this season?
West Ham lineups
Summary of key match starts
Slow start, West Ham causing us instability. LFC ineffective. Why?
An actual penalty for Mo Salah!
Importance of a dominant aerial performance vs a big team
Vintage VVD
Tactical tweaks and improved performance
Big 10 minutes after half time with the game tied. 2 big chances for LFC, 1 for West Ham
Masterful midfield of Szoboszlai, MacAllister, Jones. Possession control and threat!
Are LFC a 90 point team again? Key trends and indicators that we are, key trends and indicators that we're not
Introducting Expected Threat (XT) brought to you by the genius of MarkRStats https://x.com/markrstats?s=20
Website: https://markstats.club/
What is XT? How does it relate to XG? Why does it matter?
Why LFC need to improve defensively by 40%

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