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Darth hosts Rhodesy, Barts and Si to analyse the comeback win at Wolves. The pod starts with a look at LFC's 16 game unbeaten run as this is Klopp's 5th such run during his time in charge. Before discussing the match itself, the lads have a 20 minute angry nerd section discussing:

The impact of so much injury time on p90 metrics and why all the stats websites need to urgently change
How can you tell the story of a match with data viz if the data doesn't capture key events?
XG and the law of large numbers

For the Wolves match the lads go through:

Selection, particularly the South American players. Impact of playing at altitude
Match summary of key stats
First half, system stays the same but with different players. Did it work?
Build-up and negative transition problems
Wolves aggressive dribbling: Neto and Semedo praise
Tactical changes. Gomez no longer inverting, Nunez shows actual link-up
Reds take control, Curtis Jones tribute
Dom Szoboszlai!!! is he actually a cyborg made in a lab? Record breaking top speed, distance covered
LFC goals, too much luck used?
Andy Robbo goalscoring analysis

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