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In an unplanned and unexpected episode, Jim Boardman and Jay Reid had to get together to discuss the new depths the PGMOL had somehow managed to plunge.

As Jay and Jim tried to work out exactly where to start with this episode, the self-governing band of incompetents were probably back at base sharing celebratory PowerPoints of all the records they’d smashed in one game - that’s if they weren’t hurriedly tidying up some audio files, soon to be lost.

Where to start? Should it be the red card for a tackle that it was clear the player didn’t even think was a yellow? Or the VAR, despite clearly deciding yellow was red, getting the ref to go the screen to have a look instead of making the call himself? Or the fact the VAR ensured the screen was paused on an incriminating moment that really didn’t tell the true story? Only providing a slow motion replay, from only one angle? The ref not asking for more angles, at normal speed, before excitedly waving his red card?

That’s just one incident covered in this episode. Others include, and this list is far from exhaustive:

- The VAR not sure of the difference between an allowed or disallowed goal. Has he ever watched a game?
- Conflicting stories of whether or not lines were drawn
- PGMOL issuing a statement - but no apology
- PGMOL saying a full investigation will take place. But blaming it on human error anyway.
- PGMOL apparently letting the bit about the VAR thinking it was a goal leak out, rather than say it on the record
- PGMOL giving their blessing to three of the officials working in the UAE 48 hours before, only arriving back the day before
- Jota getting a red when his first yellow was for watching someone fall over their own feet
- Salah getting booked for being fouled in the box.
- Opposition players let off for clearly and obviously waving imaginary yellow cards
- Liverpool set to be fined because of the number of bookings the nine men got
- The Reds releasing a statement calling for transparency
- Some in the media imagining some part of that statement where it called for a replay
- Liverpool deciding to appeal Curtis Jones’ red card
- Turncoat Gary Neville swivelling back to his usual stance, claiming Liverpool’s words were ‘aggressive’
- Omid Djalili (not from Liverpool, despite some reports) stepping in to talk sense in response to Neville’s lack of it
- The Reds asking for the audio of the conversations between the officials
- A performance to be proud of from those Reds who played against the PGMOL

It’s the game everyone’s talking about - except for those running the game or the competition it was part of.

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