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Liverpool Vs Sevilla - Europa League Preview Show

Liverpool Vs Sevilla - Europa League Preview Show

Trophies. Simple as that. The currency, the soul, the heartbeat of Liverpool football club will always be trophies. And this trophy isn’t just a trophy – it has the promise of the European stage which Liverpool crave so desperately; it’s the Europa League final, and its significance needs little introduction. The panel for the last episode of the season sees a welcome return for the awesome European football wordsmith Karl Matchett (@karlmatchett) and a long awaited visit by Anfield Index podcast stalwart Dave Hendrick (@DaveHendrick_AI). They educate and enlighten host Marco Lopes (@FootyML) on Liverpool’s Europa League campaign past UEFA finals, imposing final opponents Sevilla, and the many tactical implications of Liverpool’s last gauntlet. All this and more – only on the Anfield Index European podcast! Featured Music: Hans Zimmer - S.T.A.Y. (Madis Remix) Interstellar Theme Hans Zimmer – Inception (Junkie XL Remix) Icarus – Michael McCann
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