Liverpool FC Opinion

A mild wind blows through the open roof, seagulls squawking high above as the distant sea air fills the nostrils. Sprinklers twist and turn, sending water spritzing in dancing circles. Neatly trimmed grass clipped and groomed to perfection. The netting rustling as it is tightened on opposite ends. A pristine field. The perfect place for battle. […]

The striker’s contract is due to expire in the summer. Many fans are divided on whether to offer Daniel Sturridge a new contract or let him go for free. So, what shall it be? The England international has been at Liverpool for six years this month since January 2013. Yes, he has been injury prone, […]

There was a moment in the first half of Liverpool’s 1-0 win over Brighton where Gini Wijnaldum picked the ball up 20/25 yards from goal, assessed his options, passed the ball sideways to Jordan Henderson, who promptly gave the ball back to Wijnaldum, only for Gini to turn around and pass the ball 40 yards […]

When it comes to stifling Liverpool’s attacking ability this season, Chris Hughton’s Brighton side has probably been one of the most successful. In the league match at Anfield, it was a single mistake – through taking a short free-kick inside their own half, and allowing themselves to be pressed – which was punished. Apart from […]

I don’t like people messing about with Liverpool Football Club. In the same way others think that ancient scriptures should not be tampered with and that the word of the deities to which they sing should be unbendable, I am of the mind that no one should meddle with the central ethos of the club […]

It’s not the hope that kills you. It’s never the hope that kills you. Languishing in mediocrity, having to play in Macedonia on a miserly Thursday night, with aspirations of only being relevant again, that’s what kills you. Being nowhere, existing but not prospering, that’s what kills you. Seeing your best players leave, that’s what […]

When a footballer hits 30, or at least in and around that age, something instantly changes in the way they are perceived by supporters. Every bad performance is suddenly due to their advancing years, every misplaced pass is because they’re not as young as they once were and they are used as target practice every […]

Liverpool have played 21 league games so far. In those games, they have scored 49 goals, at 2.33 goals per game. Of those 21 goals, Liverpool have scored 23 goals when they’ve been losing or drawing, taking the lead in 18 games and equalising in two of the other three. The Reds have scored the […]

Liverpool’s unbeaten start in the league came to an end last week, which prompted old insecurities in the supporters. A lot of finger-pointing and scapegoating has taken place since. When the starting line-ups were announced there were only two ways it was going to go – the Reds don’t lose, and nobody cares, or City […]

Today, it was announced that Liverpool had agreed a deal with Bournemouth to loan out Nathaniel Clyne until the end of the season. The deal will not come with an option to buy for the south coast club – with the deal merely understood to be put in place for the 27-year-old to play more […]

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