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Anfield Index offers a blogging community for Liverpool FC fans and an opportunity to view statistics, provided by Opta Sports Data, to enhance their opinions on match and player performances.

The table below displays what each membership will offer!

Subscriber Writer Full Member
Cost £2.50/mo £3.50/mo £3.95/mo
Remove Adverts Yes Yes Yes
Comment on Statistical Analysis Reports of LFC Yes Yes Yes
Comment on Articles & Reports by Anfield Index Yes Yes Yes
Comment on Articles by Site Members Yes Yes Yes
VIP Membership at anfieldindex.com Forums (removes adverts) Yes Yes Yes
Write Articles on Anfield Index No Yes Yes
Your written article(s) featured on Home Page No Yes Yes
Access to Liverpool FC Premier League match stats from 2007-2011 No No Yes
Access to statistics on all Barclays Premier League teams for 2010/11 No No Yes
Player and Match statistics breakdown in detail No No Yes
LFC’s Europa League KO Stage Match Stats from last 16 onwards No No Yes

And that’s not all…

We understand that if you subscribe, you’d like more bang for your buck and that’s why the following upgrades are planned to our Stats Centre in the next few months and will be available to Full Members only.

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Full Member Availability Date
Cost £3.95/mo
Season accumulations: Team and player statistics over a season Yes April 2011
Extra visualisations for passing & shooting statistics Yes April 2011
Statistical Player comparisons Yes May 2011
Index Bar – Averages and stats provided on a sidebar on the stats page. Yes June 2011

Payments & Subscriptions

We can only accept payments via paypal and on a monthly subscription. We have chosen this method of payment, as opposed to an annual subscription, because you can cancel your subscription at any time if you’re not happy with the service (see Terms and Conditions for further details).

Content and Stats sharing

We understand that it is difficult to stop or prevent members from sharing the statistics, available on Anfield Index, on their own private blogs or other social media platforms but we do request that you respect our paying subscribers here on Anfield Index and where possible try not to share too much content.

We have a blogging section here and if you are a Writer or a Full Member all of these features are available to you. If you do write, tweet or share any of the statistics taken from Anfield Index we’d expect that you’d at least credit Anfield Index via a link back to us on your blog or crediting our twitter account, @AnfieldIndex, if you’re tweeting (see Terms and Conditions for further details about continuous infringement).