AI Pro + Podcast: Subscriber Q & A with Beardsley and Molby

AI Pro + Podcast: Subscriber Q & A with Beardsley and Molby

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On this very special AI Pro + Podcast Jan Molby and Peter Beardsley answer questions from AI Pro subscribers.

The following questions were answered:

From Kev Hegarty in the USA – Who were the best defenders you ever played against? Or a Goal Keeper you had trouble with?

Umang Vithlani – Many say Ian Rush is the greatest striker in Liverpool history, but you both played with Rush and Aldridge. I always thought Aldo as a finisher was equal if not better. What are your thoughts on this?

Joseph Connors in the USA – What was the biggest adjustment when coming to LFC? Family? Fit in team? Manager? I think the hardest thing to do is come into a new team and make an impact right away.

Kam Brainch – What was the craziest thing you ever saw at Liverpool FC?

Manish Mistry: Did any pranks get pulled during their time at Liverpool FC and if so what were the best ones?

Ash Hebs – Peter you played in some of the great attacking Liverpool teams. How do you feel Klopp could improve our approach against teams employing the low block?

Jan, do you see any way in which we can convince Coutinho to stay next summer?

From Aaditya Narayan in India – Is the system that we used at West Ham sustainable over a period of time or do they see it as a one-off?

Umang Vithlani again - What takes the current Liverpool squad to being Premier League or even European Champions? Is it as simple as better defenders? You were both part of what was undoubtedly part of what was the best team in Europe at the time. How does this team, manager and set of owners get there?

Joseph Connors - What was more rewarding personally for them, their international career or club achievements?

If you could choose a club outside of the Premier League that you could have played for which club would you play for and why?

Nina Kauser - If you were a modern-day footballer would you join Liverpool right now? Is Jurgen Klopp enough of a draw?

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