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Gags Tandon, Simon Brundish, Dan Kennett and Dan Rhodes bring a full analytical flavour to reviewing each Liverpool game! The only podcast that discusses off-ball and on-ball statistics in-depth!

The Under Pressure Podcast is a must listen for post match analysis!

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Gags Tandon

Owner of! Collect Pressing Stats and host AI Under Pressure, Desi and On The Box Podcasts on the Anfield Index Channel!

Simon Brundish

Daniel Rhodes

Dan Kennett


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AI Under Pressure: Good, Bad or Just Different?

Darth hosts Hamzah, Barts and Si for the 1-1 draw in the top of the table clash at the Etihad. The lads discuss: * LFC lineup and gameplan, impact of internationals * MCFC lineup and gameplan * Key match stats: XG, XT, Shots, Possession * Opening 25 minutes, patterns of play. City's 3-2 buildup vs LFC 2-3 * The Doku phenomenon * Joel Matip's carrying * Another dodgy Alison display vs City * City opening goal, poor defending? * Discussion topic: Salah zero XG and Trent zero XA. Is this good, bad or just different? * Match defining events at 0-1 * Trent's KdB impersonation * Alisson/Jota injury prognosis

AI Under Pressure: International Break Rival Update

On this episode Dan K is joined by Phil, Simon & newcomer to Under Pressure Hamzah Khalique-Loonat who long term listeners of AI will already know! As usual in the international break they go through how the reds are performing and whether the league position and performances are sustainable, they also look at Liverpool's rivals and ask similar questions!

Riding the Waves: Toulouse & Brentford Analysis – AI Under Pressure

Rhodesy is still away so Darth hosts the sports science duo of Barts and Si for the double header of Toulouse and Brentford. The lads discuss: * Europa selection, rotation and injuries * what does the half-time triple sub tell us? * Kelleher concerns? * Jota evolution? * Brentford key match stats: XG, XT, Big Chances, Shots, Possession * A good example to help people understand the difference of XT vs XG * Darwin disallowed goals * Alisson praise part 24214. Save of the season? * LFC tactical flexibility and varied buildup. Good patterns of play * Jota/Tsimikas left-side dynamic * Trent quietly the best playmaker in the PL this season * VVD is back

AI Under Pressure: Fairytale Endings

Rhodesy is away so Darth hosts the sports science duo of Barts and Si for the double header against Bournemouth and Luton. The lads discuss Bournemouth team selection!! Key stats and numbers Impacts for Luton game Luton team selection and gameplan Dominant match stats. Reason why the Reds should have won the game but didn't Darwin Nunez banter era revisited Reds sub-optimal tactics? Narrow pitch, narrow team Trent analysis and discussion Big Chance analysis - what is needed for an LFC forward? Luis Diaz happy ending?

AI Under Pressure: Normalcy

Barts is away but Darth hosts Si and Rhodesy to analyse the 2 wins over Toulouse and Nottingham Forest. On the most positive pod of the season so far, the lads discuss: Toulouse rotation, the "Europa XI" Grav love Endo goalscoring stats Jota surprise and reminiscing on the Jota/Mane statistical profiling Luke Chambers context Forest key stats. Positive XT trends! Is the Darwin Nunez banter era over? AI in-house pressing data. Szobo the Terminator Discussion point: how have LFC managed to create so many attacking transitions against ultra low-blocks Everton and Forest? VVD back to his best? Salah low-key having his best LFC season

AI Under Pressure: Reliance

Rhodesy is away but Darth hosts the sports science duo of Barts and Si to review the Derby win over Everton. The lads discuss: LFC selection, impact of international break and 1230 kickoff Everton tactics and gameplan. How did LFC manage to get so many transition situations? Key match stats and numbers 11 v 11 period. Calvert-Lewin vs Van Dijk, Diaz vs Ashley Young 11 v 10. After all those periods playing with a man down, how did we fair when a man up? Everton half time changes, LFC slow to react? Konate controversy Last 30 minute positives Discussion point: is this LFC team now too reliant on Mo Salah? Can we create enough in non-transition situations?

AI Under Pressure: Season So Far 19/10/23

On this episode of Under Pressure Dan Kennett is joined by Dan Rhodes & Simon Brunidsh to discuss the season so far as the look at Liverpools start to the season, as well as their competitors for top 4 and maybe the title? Topics discussed: PFA Survey Data discussion Injuries, injury data Team level stats, analysis and trends Player level stats highlights Premier League wide context and trends Expected Goals (XG), Expected Threat (XT), Big Chances, Shot Conversion Opposition analysis: Spurs, Newcastle, Arsenal and Man City

AI Under Pressure: Making a Point

The whole crew are re-united for the double header against Union and Brighton. Darth hosts Rhodesy, Si and Barts and the lads discuss: Union SG Rotation and selection Match statistical summary Gravenberch and Quansah analyis Why Fulham were surprised we went for Elliott Brighton Lineups and detailed match stats. a 50/50 game? Brighton heavily impacted by the Europa League The LFC plan for Elliott LFC in buildup. Szobo isolated, Alisson in midfield. Reds overthinking it? Lack of switches. Errors for opener LFC out of possession. Big changes compared to the same fixture last season. Pressing analysis Grav the turning point Robbo's brain fart

AI Under Pressure: PGMLOL

Daniel Rhodes hosts Dan Kennett, Phil Barter and Simon Brundish to discuss the controversial defeat away at Tottenham on Saturday evening. Topics include: - [ ] Line-ups, tactics and team selections - [ ] Match summary and breakdown between sending offs - [ ] Discussion of the best chances in the game - [ ] Run through each key decision: Jones’ sending off, Diaz’s offside, Jota’s double booking - [ ] Salah’’s new creative role - [ ] Alisson’s brilliance - [ ] Defensively superb with nine men - [ ] Are we all biased analysing this? - [ ] The outlier of no second bookings for LFC’s opposition - [ ] Appealing Jones’ sending off - [ ] VAR protocols and the reaction by the club and the PGMOL after the game.

AI Under Pressure: Bradley Cooper’s Dad

Rhodesy is unwell but Darth hosts the dynamic sports science due of Barts and Si to review the 2 wins over LASK and West Ham. The lads discuss LASK rotation and lineups Who enhanced their reputation in the LASK game? How do we see LFC approaching the Europa League this season? West Ham lineups Summary of key match starts Slow start, West Ham causing us instability. LFC ineffective. Why? An actual penalty for Mo Salah! Importance of a dominant aerial performance vs a big team Vintage VVD Tactical tweaks and improved performance Big 10 minutes after half time with the game tied. 2 big chances for LFC, 1 for West Ham Masterful midfield of Szoboszlai, MacAllister, Jones. Possession control and threat! Are LFC a 90 point team again? Key trends and indicators that we are, key trends and indicators that we're not Introducting Expected Threat (XT) brought to you by the genius of MarkRStats Website: What is XT? How does it relate to XG? Why does it matter? Why LFC need to improve defensively by 40%

AI Under Pressure: The Legend of Szobo

Darth hosts Rhodesy, Barts and Si to analyse the comeback win at Wolves. The pod starts with a look at LFC's 16 game unbeaten run as this is Klopp's 5th such run during his time in charge. Before discussing the match itself, the lads have a 20 minute angry nerd section discussing: The impact of so much injury time on p90 metrics and why all the stats websites need to urgently change How can you tell the story of a match with data viz if the data doesn't capture key events? XG and the law of large numbers For the Wolves match the lads go through: Selection, particularly the South American players. Impact of playing at altitude Match summary of key stats First half, system stays the same but with different players. Did it work? Build-up and negative transition problems Wolves aggressive dribbling: Neto and Semedo praise Tactical changes. Gomez no longer inverting, Nunez shows actual link-up Reds take control, Curtis Jones tribute Dom Szoboszlai!!! is he actually a cyborg made in a lab? Record breaking top speed, distance covered LFC goals, too much luck used? Andy Robbo goalscoring analysis

AI Under Pressure: Season Preview Revisited 23/24

Dan Kennett hosts Simon Brundish,  and Dan Rhodes to revisit the preview of this season, as we now have four games of data and the eye-test to help paint the picture for the season ahead! The trio look at how Liverpool have started, as well as the preparedness for the season ahead. They also look at Liverpool's competitors in the hunt at the top of the table.   

AI Under Pressure: Metalheads

Rhodesy is away but Barts and Si join Darth to enthuse about the 3-0 demolition of Aston Villa. On the most positive pod of the season so far the lads analyse: Best off-ball performance in 18 months? Deep dive on the strengths of a true 3 man midfield Positive pressing signs Nunez leading the way

AI Under Pressure: Jurgen’s Bunny

Darth hosts the full crew of Rhodesy, Si and Barts to analyse the famous 2-1 win at Newcastle. Battling through some technical gremlins the lads discuss: First 30. How did the Reds lose control? How did we stay in the game? Focus on ball retention and limiting Newcastle shot quality How did we turn the result around and win it?
AI Under Pressure: Opening Gambit

AI Under Pressure: Opening Gambit

The UP crew are back for the start of another Premier League season as Darth hosts Rhodesy, Si and Barts to analyse the 1-1 draw at Chelsea. On a tactics heavy pod, the lads discuss: Chaotic start, Reds looking dangerous Trent and WM suppressed Clever Poch Assessing the new boys Bright spots and things to work on
AI Under Pressure: Season Preview 23/24

AI Under Pressure: Season Preview 23/24

Dan Kennett hosts Simon Brundish, Phil Barter and Dan Rhodes to look ahead to the Reds season: topics include squad depth, injuries, key stats that need improving for the season, tactical upgrades within the team and points, goals for and against predictions
AI Under Pressure: A Mindset Thing

AI Under Pressure: A Mindset Thing

Daniel Rhodes hosts Simon Brundish and Dr Phil Barter to discuss the final game of the season versus Southampton. Topics include: Seven changes from the Villa game. Match summary and key metrics. Tribute to Firmino. Discussing the big chances and goals. The mindset was wrong.

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