AI Under Pressure Podcast - Hammering The Hammers!

AI Under Pressure Podcast - Hammering The Hammers!

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Gags Tandon welcomes back the Dan Kennett, Simon Brundish and Daniel Rhodes onto another 80 minutes edition of AI Under Pressure Podcast. No, it's not a double-header but the guys have lots to cover as the win against West Ham was a seriously impressive one.

Simon talks about Mo Salah's record run to 30 goals by comparing against some of Liverpool's legendary strikers. They discuss the on-ball stats highlights including lots of xG analysis. A lengthy discussion on the midfield, full-backs and strikers is followed by analysis of the goals scored and the one conceded too. 

If that wasn't enough Darth, Dan and Gags then speak about the off-ball statistics which were also very impressive in this game. All this and more in this edition of the Under Pressure Podcast.

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