League Of Our Own - Episode 8: Klopp’s Red Record Breakers

League Of Our Own - Episode 8: Klopp’s Red Record Breakers

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Mark Moraghan narrates the eighth episode of League Of Our Own, topics include:

- How many medals do you get for going unbeaten? 
- Insight into signing Henderson from the manager who signed him
- Hundreds of adjectives banned by Trev
- Humility and psychic ability like in the 1980s
- 1.6 million points this season
- Cloning Gags' pressing brain
- Did Norwich beat us 5-0? Hard to know
- Superb Salah
- Routine brilliance of Alisson Becker
- Stop the press: Liverpool lost a football match
- The dastardly dark arts of Simeone 
- Trust the team they will find a way
- World’s finest shithouses
- Moyes is a winner
- The best stat ever on Anfield Index

Guests include: Trevor Downey, Karl Matchett, Jim Boardman, Sir Kenny Dalglish, Eddie Gibbs, Dan Kennett, Dan Rhodes, Simon Brundish, Guy Drinkel, Nina Kauser, James Pearce, Hari Sethi, Dave Hendrick, Jan Molby.

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