It’s Derby week and In this week’s episode Jim Boardman and Jay Reid are getting ready for the fixture everyone in the city looks forward to with a mix of excitement and nerves. These games always mean far more than any other in a season, regardless of anything they might do to a league table, but this one has an added edge it’s not had in a while. For one thing, it’s going to be Jurgen Klopp’s last trip across the park before he leaves at the end of the season, and although it doesn’t look like being the last Merseyside Derby for everyone for a while, Everton will be desperate for a point just in case any outstanding Premier League points deduction decisions go against them. For Liverpool it’s essential they come away with three points to keep their outside hopes of the title alive, and as Jay and Jim discuss, they’re going to need the right players on the pitch to make that happen. Whether those players will still be able to stand on the pitch at the end is another matter altogether given some of the previous season’s Derby casualties. Also this week there was a chance to catch up on the games since the last Scouser Tommies, because while we were away from the airwaves the Reds had a blip to say the least. Defeats against Atalanta and Palace followed what felt like a defeat against the Mancs and it started to feel like the wheels had fallen off. A win against Fulham away at the weekend got Klopp’s men back on the right tracks though, and, as Jim and Jay discuss, all Liverpool can do now is win their own games and see where that’s got them to at the end of the season. Time is running out on Jurgen’s era and Jay and Jim want to enjoy every last bit of what’s left, because before we know it, that train will have stopped and we’ll have a new driver waiting to take over. As for who that next driver is, there has been some more speculation, Jim and Jay share their thoughts.
With another couple of Liverpool wins on the board since the last episode, Jim Boardman and Jay Reid have plenty to discuss about the top of the table Reds, also including news that ticket prices are going up, signing of the season Alexis Mac Allister and the upcoming trip to Old Trafford. The Argentine midfielder had a huge influence including an assist in the win over his old club Brighton, before shaking the Kop with arguably the goal of the season to put the Reds back in front against Sheffield United. But as Jay and Jim discuss, the assist and the goal were obviously standout moments, but he brings so much more than that – those early season worries about him being played out of position are long since forgotten, he excels wherever he plays. Up next is a trip to play one of the main enemies, and with Klopp being asked for his thoughts on the tragedy chanting that shamed Manchester United fans last time we went there – he had some advice on what all fans can do to stop this stain on the game – it remains to be seen if the broadcaster covering it will call it out if it happens again. They didn’t last time. With so much riding on it for Liverpool, and pride at stake for the other lot, it’s clear the hype for this trip to Old Trafford will be huge. Not that it needs to be, this game hypes itself, but as Jim and Jay point out, the Reds need to handle the occasion the right way, a way they know how. Just like they know how to react the right way if the ref decides to support his local team. This week: • LFC 2 Brighton 1 • LFC 3 Sheff Utd 1 • Top of the league • Alexis Mac Allister • Big number to wear • Big name to wear too! • So many players who’ve played a part in this frenetic campaign • Kelleher played as many games as Ali? • Coming back after conceding again • And again • Ticket price increases • Pros and cons • Understandable in some ways? • Is it down to LFC alone to fix the astronomical cost of being a fan? • Every time the prices go up more fans get pushed away • Talking of expensive, Everton still being Everton • Paying the price – literally - for always blaming the wrong people • Finances sound even worse than some experts predicted • Next up: a trip to Old Trafford • Will there be more tragedy chanting or will they show the class Klopp suggested they should? • Always a massive game regardless of the league table • Often a game that bears no resemblance to current form • How Liverpool should approach it – not complicated
The international break might have taken proper football away, but it’s not stopped Jim Boardman and Jay Reid from finding stuff to talk about for this week’s Scouser Tommies. Plenty to look forward to, as the League season gets back going again this Easter weekend after being so rudely interrupted, and for Liverpool it starts with the visit of Brighton. A huge game for the Reds, especially when you look at the fixture taking place after full-time at Anfield. Since the last episode there has been one game to forget, the FA Cup game down the East Lancs, but, as Jay and Jim say, as gutting as it felt at the time, that disappointment was more about who it was against than what the result really meant. For once the break might have done us a favour. With a certain sports ‘news’ channel seemingly putting something slightly less impressive than Coventry did the day before on a par with solving world hunger, it was best to avoid the papers and all national sports outlets for the week. Stick to the safety of your favourite LFC fan media. Especially when realising that those national outlets would soon be shelving their Manc love-in to fawn over everything Ingerland. Sadly, the evil Nike corporation did something so evil that, no matter how hard you tried to avoid it, sooner or later you were bound to hear about the UK’s national team (or so it always seems, fans of the other UK national sides must think). The outcry over the colour of a cross on the back of an overpriced shirt was quite bemusing to watch from the sides for anyone who cares like Jim, Jay and pretty much all of Liverpool do. Of course it’s all Nike’s fault, it’s not like England’s FA get any say in the shirts they make so much money from. Talking of money and blaming the wrong people, more progress was reported on the Everton takeover, although nothing exactly official which makes you wonder if anything is actually going to happen. The Premier League have (reportedly) said they are “minded to allow” the deal to go through, based on a number of conditions that effectively add up to demanding 777 put their money where their mouth is. Jay and Jim are kind of astounded at how long it’s all taken, at why 777 haven’t just got the deal done and taken Everton out of limbo if they’re good for the cash, at how much debt Everton are now in, at how that compares to what FSG paid to buy LFC not that long ago, and at how it’s all the Premier League’s fault. Only kind of astounded though, of course, this is Everton. This week: • Look ahead to LFC v Brighton • One game at a time but the start of an important run of games • Dangerous opponents, but surely we’ve learned that by now? • International break – how have Reds players fared? • How many will be coming back with new injuries? • Robbo is one, we await news of
In this week’s Scouser Tommies, there’s plenty for Jim Boardman and Jay Reid to talk about, with the Reds continuing their quest for silverware and loads going on behind the scenes to try and ensure there are more of these quests in the years to come. Since the last episode the Reds have fallen from the top of the Premier League table, but only on goal difference, a minor detail that seems to be getting forgotten in all the hype. There’s a big deficit of goals to make up if that is how the title ends up being decided, but as Klopp’s side showed in the Europa League, they certainly know where the goal is. Liverpool dropped a position because the game against Manchester City ended all square of course, and, although three points would have been nicer, as Jay and Jim discuss, it feels like City will feel the two dropped points more than the Reds. Given the injuries Liverpool have to contend with, and the unsurprisingly lenient refereeing the visitors got to benefit from, a point was a decent enough outcome. Even so, it was hard not to wonder what might have been, had the PGMOL guidelines on fouls and cards not been rewritten yet again without our knowledge. Maybe the best way to deal with playing against an extra man so often is to go out and win before they can have any influence on the game, exactly what another hybrid LFC team did against Sparta Prague in the Europa League. The line-up was perhaps stronger than many expected, given Liverpool’s 5-1 lead from the first leg, but as Jay points out, sports science may be playing a part in who gets picked and who doesn’t, a complete rest isn’t always what a player needs when working back to full fitness. The 11-2 aggregate win meant the post-match interviews were bound to include talk of quadruples, but Jim wonders if TNT Sport had to try so hard to push 20-year-old Conor Bradley into admitting that one would be quite nice. As Conor pointed out, Liverpool need to take one game at a time and see where that leads us, and the next game is in another competition. With one domestic trophy already in the bag, and with it being the only chance the opposition have got of winning anything this season, an already massive game seems to take on even more significance. The FA Cup quarter-final tie against Manchester United will also be a chance for a larger and no doubt louder traveling Kop than usual to make itself heard inside that dilapidated (their words) theatre of dreams (also their words!). And maybe it’s not us the authorities over there are really worried about. It was also the week where Michael Edwards was confirmed as taking on a new role as part of the overall FSG group, and he’s got plenty to do, not only overseeing a new director of football for the club but looking at FSG buying a sister
Jim Boardman and Jay Reid are back to discuss all things LFC and that is a long list of things to discuss this week – hence the bumper episode! First of all there’s a look back at the last couple of games, the contrasts of three points courtesy of Darwin’s 99th winner against Forest, which itself was courtesy of Ally Mac’s sublime lofted pass, and that 5-1 win in Prague, a game that could have had any number of other scorelines. Those wins seem to have teed the Reds up nicely for the big one coming next, the visit of Manchester City to Anfield for what Sky will definitely bill as the title decider, before billing another game as the same thing a week later, regardless of the score. But it is a big game, of course, so has it arrived at just the right time for Klopp and his players? Off the field and Trent has certainly wound up the less famous of the two Manchester sides, after some of them homed in one sentence from a cover story and 12-page spread featuring the Liverpool vice-captain in Four Four Two. Between their mad outrage at what was basically a very simple truth from Trent, and their calls for extra protection for the team bus on its way to the ground, you started to wonder what’s in their heads. Us? Good times these might be for the Reds right now but as much as we all try hard not to think about it, Jurgen Klopp won’t be manager forever and the club need to make sure they’re ready to keep things going once he’s gone. News that Michael Edwards could be retuning definitely sounds interesting, and it all starts to conjure up happy memories from many years ago in LFC history. This week: • LFC 1-0 v Forest • Forest fans chanting • They should know better, and some do, but clearly not enough • The reaction to the late, late goal – away from the ground • The more you hate us the sweeter those moments get • LFC 5-1 v Sparta Prague • They know how to support their own team • A good night in Czechia, what a way to warm up for Sunday • Mac Allister – bargain of the summer? • Darwin making fools of people • Is rotation still a new concept for some on TV? • Michael Edwards back in a new role? • Richard Hughes part of the new setup? • What does it kind of remind us of? • City next – options for Klopp?\ • Trent didn’t need to try hard to get into City’s heads • It’s going to be loud
In this week’s episode of Scouser Tommies, Jim Boardman and Jay Reid have to talk about the kids, because thanks in no small part to them the Reds have another trophy to add to the honours list and a place in the quarter finals of another. Liverpool’s injury problems are probably the worst in a long time, but a string of Academy graduates have proven themselves to be worthy solutions to those problems. At Wembley for the final against Chelsea the boss was able to muster up almost a full side of recognised first team players, even if not all necessarily first choices, but the bench was decidedly youthful. A few days later he called more youngsters up for the visit of Southampton in the FA Cup, with little time to prepare properly, and they came away with a 3-0 win, goals all scored by players who even a week before had never played a first team game. Local lads Koumas - on his debut - and Danns, with two, got the headlines, but there were plenty more youngsters making sure the Reds got through, none of whom looked out of place or remotely out of their depth. On this week’s show: - We won the cup! - Never-ending injuries - The quality of the kids - The confidence of the kids - Klopp doesn’t need a chimp to motivate anyone - Which set of fans made most noise at Wembley? - Which set of fans had the best flags at Wembley? - The 12th man so important - LFC reveal annual financial news - One bad season can really hit a club in the pocket - Other ways to make up the shortfall - The neighbours celebrating - but still no trophy since Jayden Dann’s dad was a kid
Another week, another load of Reds stuff to talk about as Jim Boardman and Jay Reid return with the latest from Liverpool, including big wins and the League Cup final. Those wins were both 4-1, one away, one at home, and came despite Liverpool playing with one of the most depleted squads since that horrendous ‘Covid season’. If anything the Reds seem to be finding more strength in the adversity this time round. Maybe that’s why fans of other clubs are feigning surprise that Reds fans dare to even mention injuries, claiming their own clubs have had it much tougher. Must be nice living on their planet. Maybe they’re top of the league there. Anfield took its time to get going, as did the players. Sometimes it feels like the players are waiting for the fans to start, but the fans are waiting for the players, like some kind of confused etiquette at a posh meal. Thankfully someone was on hand to get everyone tucking in and after that the Reds - fans and players - didn’t look back. Luton’s manager suggested the noise had frightened his players. Jay thinks it was the best atmosphere of the season. It sent us into the cup final weekend top of the league, knowing we’ll still be there after the final, whatever anyone else does. After fist pumps for all four Anfield stands, Klopp now leads his players and many of those fans to a supposedly neutral venue, Wembley, down in that London, for that Milk Cup final. It might be more local to Chelsea fans than Kopites, but we have good reasons for calling it Anfield South, one of which is how there always seem to be more of us than them. If you’re one of them, don’t forget your voice - and don’t expect to arrive home with one! On this week’s show: - 4-1 - 4-1 - Not so many options on the bench - Running out of forwards - But not left backs - How would other clubs cope with so many missing? - Virgil’s determination - A proper captain - Referee’s unexpected influence - Klopp’s half-time talk - Conor taken off ready for Sunday - The European Draw - a local event? - Hoping for something nearer to home - New comedy show set in Liverpool - G’wed - Talking of comedy, the latest from the neighbours - Look ahead to Wembley - Which Chelsea will turn up? - We might need the youngsters - good they’ve been getting a taste of playing in front of huge, loud, crowds
Plenty for Jim Boardman and Jay Reid to discuss on this week’s episode of Scouser Tommies, as the temporary slowdown in fixtures comes to an end and we go back to two big games a week. The heavy schedule has taken its toll on the Reds squad, as discussed many times over the course of this campaign, and as soon as one or two come back another one or two break down. Seems we’ve a long wait before we get an empty treatment room. Is any of it our own doing - did Jurgen Klopp rush Trent Alexander Arnold back too soon for example? It’s easier than you think to work out what should be a fairly obvious answer to that question, as Jay and Jim discuss. As for the injuries themselves, why is it some clubs seem to get tons of sympathy if even one important player is missing, where Liverpool are kind of just expected to get on with it, even when numerous key names are absent and the youngsters are filling in. Confirmation this week that Sven-Goran Eriksson is set to play a part as a member of the Reds management team for the next LFC Legends game. The news was welcomed by fans and Reds staff alike and it was no surprise the club went to the effort of making the lifelong Liverpool fan part of the occasion, at what is, to say the least, a very difficult time for him. As always, the lads across the park are available to lighten the mood. This week: - Trent’s injury - was he pushed too soon? - As one comes back another goes out - story of the season - The positive impact of the academy on the first team’s injury woes - The impact on the academy of those woes! - Doing things the right way financially - unlike some clubs - Awards time - Reds almost cleaning up - Is it pushing it to use the word ‘Legends’ for some of those involved in the Legends game this time? - What does it say about where we were not too many years ago? - Is the so-called leading contender likely to be the new manager? - Who would be happy their own team lost? One guess. - The laughable reason why the team from the south can’t be given digital tickets for the final - Best wishes to Sven - Get well soon Roy
Jim Boardman and Jay Reid return to discuss the latest on all things LFC from Liverpool, hoping that the Reds are going to what was an unexpected title bid back on track, as well as starting to think about the League Cup final. Losing against Arsenal was bad enough, but the manner of it caused more frustration, the Reds side unrecognisable from the one we’ve seen getting better by the week until then. Was it a blip, a bad day at the office, or should we be giving Arsenal more praise for their part in it? Jay and Jim have their views on that. Looking further ahead to another London trip, the League Cup final is at the end of the month and the Reds have just finished the ballot to divvy out their share of the tickets. As exciting as it is to be in a final, yet again those running the game seem intent on reminding fans of how little they matter, whether it’s those missing out or those who got tickets. They have many ways of doing this. Before all that it’s the visit of Burnley, a chance for the Reds to get things back to where they should be - as long as they play the way we expect them to play, with the help of the twelfth man. Also this week, as always, a chance to more observations on the phenomenon otherwise known as that lot from across the park, and their aspirations for this season and beyond. On this week’s show: - Just a blip? - Is the title race over now? - Has anyone told Arsenal the answer to that? - League Cup final tickets - The lucky thousands well outnumbered by those who missed out or couldn’t even get into the ballot - LFC sell 60,000 tickets to every home game, always going to be disappointment for a final in a stadium holding around 90,000, but… - The two clubs don’t get anything like half the allocation each anyway - Even worse for the FA Cup - Not hard to keep sponsors happy without giving tickets to people who don’t care about the fixture - Same conversation every time we’re involved in either final - Shouldn’t the tickets be going to the fans of the two clubs involved? - That’s where most of them end up - at a huge premium - Fans always suffer the most - Why the move of the Wembley kick-off time? - Makes it more of a struggle to get down or puts fans even more out of pocket - Why the difference in how tickets are being distributed to each club’s fans? - Why paper tickets for one club, digital for the other? - FA and EFL asking for trouble - Sin bins and blue cards - Why blue? We have an idea - Injury news - not all bad for once. Not all good either, but not all bad. - We saw Thiago! But then we blinked. - LFC v Burnley
Jim Boardman and Jay Reid are back to look over the latest from Anfield as we head towards that final straight of this crazy nine year ride with Jurgen Klopp. It’s still too early to say if there’ll be any silverware in the boss’s arms as he takes us through the chequered flag one more time - or how many pieces of it - but we’re going to have the times of our lives finding out. It’s already starting to feel like every game will be a final. The first game after Jurgen’s announcement was the visit of Norwich in the cup and, with it now being such a huge occasion, would it be a Kop’s Last Stand kind of visit from the Canaries? Not with this set of players, and this set of fans, the response said everything about this club under this boss. Cynics might have argued it was no big deal for Liverpool to smash five past Norwich and that the real test would come in the next match against one of the few sides to take points off the Reds this campaign. The same cynics are probably saying it’s no big deal to smash four past Chelsea either. Let them underestimate us, if it makes them feel better. As good as these wins were and as nice as it is to be top of the league, it means nothing until the end of the season - but it isn’t the Liverpool way to think that far ahead this early. It’s also part of the Liverpool way not to worry about what anyone else might be doing, just sort your own stuff out and if they slip up it’s a bonus. So, as always, one game at a time, the next one being a trip to Arsenal, freshly knocked out of the cup by us at the same place, but they’ve had time to lick their wounds and maybe even work out that the watering of the pitch isn’t the key factor they thought. At least PGMOL won’t give us the same ref that missed a pen so clear Howard Webb did a video about it. Will they? On this week’s show: - Has Liverpool 2.0 already upgraded itself to Liverpool 2.1? - Liverpool 5 Norwich 2 - Liverpool 4 Chelsea 1 - Conor Bradley - real competition for Trent? - Another gem - James McConnell - Did we really bid that much for the player Chelsea beat us to in the summer? - The deafening slam of the shutting of this transfer window - Liverpool maybe quiet because of the kids coming through and the impending change of boss - what about everyone else? - Is it a sign that football might be about to get a reset? - Anfield not so quiet - early season worries about the atmosphere seem to be gone. - Is it just the bigger stand or is there more to the increased noise? - Look ahead to the trip to Arsenal - Darwin Nunez - record breaking hitting of woodwork, narrative continues. Played for most of the game with a

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