SC Braga Vs Liverpool FC Detailed Stats

SC Braga Vs Liverpool FC (1-0)

All of the stats from last night’s game are attached below. [rss-cut]The passing breakdown displays forward, backward, left and right passes. We have also included the passing zones for the whole team and then individual players also. We are running short on time at the moment so will display the stats for you but add some context later in the day.

Braga Vs LFC Detailed Pass Breakdown


Braga Vs LFC - Zonal pass breakdown

Braga Vs LFC - Misc Stats


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4 responses to “SC Braga Vs Liverpool FC Detailed Stats”

  1. Prashant Patel says:

    Hi, thanks for the stats. However, I am confused by the labels of the 3 right-most columns in this last chart here (Player Pass Breakdown). Carra had 6 final 3rd passes and 14 successful ones? Or does the second-from-right column mean something else?

    It would be great if you can clarify this.



  2. lol looks like it’s wrong to me! Will have to look at the stats and amend this image. Will do this tonight. Thanks for pointing it out. Also noticed Poulsens stats are incorrect!

  3. Actually looks like column headings are wrong way around. The final passes will include any long ball from defence to attack.

  4. Removed final image – as it had some issues. Will amend and re-insert tonight.

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