PODCAST: QPR 2 Liverpool 3 | Post Match Fan Call In

PODCAST: QPR 2 Liverpool 3 | Post Match Fan Call In

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The Nina Kauser Show – Post Match Fan Call In for QPR 2 Liverpool 3


Date: 19th October 2014

Brand New show where Nina Kauser, of Liverbirds fame, hosts a post-match call in for listeners as they share their views in the aftermath of the QPR Vs Liverpool game. She is joined by Gags Tandon and James Owens as her first guests on the show.

Nina then hosts a European segment where she is joined by, writer and podcaster, Stefan Buczko discussing Bundesliga, Dortmund and the possibility of Reus joining Liverpool!

All this and more it’s the Nina Kauser Show!

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Host: Nina Kauser

Guest: Gags Tandon, James Owens & Stefan Buczko

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