Me, My Opinions about Liverpool and My Rear End

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Opinions eh!

They are like…. You know the rest and yes, we all have them. Especially those of us who crave the attention enough to write or talk about Liverpool on the many wonderful websites and podcasts there are at the moment.

I’m one of them, of course I am, here I am writing about my opinion here and why I want you to read what I have to say.

I want you to read it and whether you agree or disagree, it ultimately doesn’t affect either of us, I do though want you to see why I have the opinion I have.

Now it’s fair to say that I haven’t always agreed with some of the personnel manager Brendan Rodgers has brought into the club, particularly this summer and again it’s fair to say that I have my favourites and yes, I probably cut them more slack than the ones I don’t favour.

Mamadou Sakho over Dejan Lovren would be one comparison for sure. I can forgive Mamadou almost anything, Dejan, well… He’s not helping himself is he?

That’s the thing with favourites though I guess, we all have them, we shouldn’t but we do.

If you have siblings you’ll know what I mean. Also, go ask your mum and dad who their favourite is. They should say “oh now come on, we don’t have favourites, we can’t have them” that basically means we have our favourite and it’s not you.

They know it’s wrong, you know it’s wrong but that’s life. It’s just so.

I guess having opinions is something similar. I have an opinion and I also have a favourite sibling, they don’t read my work so they’ll never know.

I’ve spent the last 18 months or so on Twitter, this site and a few others writing and talking about Liverpool and giving my opinion on the way I see it. I’ve not always been right nor popular with what I’ve said or written but that’s not why I’ve said any of it.

I made a big case for keeping Fabio Borini over signing Loic Remy in the summer, not sure that’s looking like the best shout. You agree?

I’ve always been a huge Joe Allen fan, have backed him from day one, and that’s working out okay for me right now. He’s finally getting the appreciation he deserves. Do you agree?

I don’t think Adam Lallana was worth circa £23 million pounds, in fact I’d go so far as to say he will never be worth that, no matter what he does. That’s not down to Lallana though and now he’s here, I support him, I will however, stick to my opinion on the fee.

Do I think Markovic is a good player, I do. I think he has plenty of potential and given time he should become a top player for us. Given time of course.

Do you agree??  If not fine by me. You have your reasons, I have mine.

I find it hard to believe that some people would take greater joy in having their opinions proven right rather than the club doing well. I just can’t imagine that ever happening.

I never want any player who plays for Liverpool Football Club to fail, to play poorly, to make a mistake, a mistake that could cost us a goal, points or ultimately a league title.

I support the club.  That entitles me to comment on the club, whether it be in work, down the pub, sitting around the house with some friends or as I’m really lucky, I get to go on podcasts and write articles  about the club.

I’d love it to be a constant stream of how great everything and everyone is but the reality is, that’s not going to happen.

In a world this large there’s the possibility someone out there will agree with me, there’s usually a bigger chance they’ll disagree but like I’ve got an asshole, I’ve got an opinion, and that, just like emotion is what football is all about.

I hope by May Lovren is making me say Sakho who.

I hope Markovic makes all his critics eat their words.

I hope Lallana does things to make me say his fee was pocket change.

I hope Mario makes me want to get my receding ginger hairline styled like his in celebration of his wonderful first season with us.

I hope Glen Johnson can grow back his corn rows and return to the form that once made him the club’s best right-back.

I hope, I hope and I hope.

One thing I know is that I’ll also keep giving me opinions on Liverpool, you’ll agree or you won’t.

Hopefully though, you’ll appreciate why I’ve said what I’ve said. If not, it’s only my opinion.

Jim Fishlock also hosts the Anfield Index Premier League Preview Podcast and his latest preview with Liverpool and Hull fans can be listened to below!

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  1. Stop this balloteli shirt swapping issue and deal with the whole team for a woeful performance.. Johnson very worse, sterling not confident on the ball any longer.. Mingolet should be made to sit on the bench and jones should be given chance to prove himself.. I see balloteli been cage with this contract stuff and has really cage his aggressive performance upfront.. Cancel it and free him.

  2. I see Sturg and Balo making a great impact, also the best of Balo will come when sturg return from his injury because there is no connetion between sterling and Balo.. Mingolet should be bench and Jones should be given chance to prove himself. Because mingolet lacks communication with his defenders.. Marquillo should be call up on the Right back. Emre Can should be in the starting xi to support Gerrard. Mingolet is the problem behind liverpool conceeding goal. Give jones a chance and you will realise what am talking about.. Sterling wants to be the only one dominating and its really killing the team spirit, why is balo kept upfront and the balll is been given to sterling all the time.. Balo comes back to work for the ball and its really the reason behind his misfiring. Roger should work on the team spirit cause now I can now see a stingy and greedy sterlin. Roger has fail to recover who sahko really is..


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