Bring Back the Joy of Supporting Liverpool FC

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The dream was built on this.
I was in it, you were in it, we were in it
We were the makers, we were the protectors
Every Saturday, there was a bountiful
Every Sunday, till we were full
The frenzy, the passion and those innumerable feelings
Nobody stood a chance
Not that we gave them a chance
While some got success, some got fame
They never got this, such a shame
We finished second
But we were first in this.
It was there, now it is not
Time to rebuild it and give it a shot
We need many, but what we want is this
This is the call for Joy.

Joy Liverpool

If you have opened this article expecting something about the Real Madrid game, then you are reading the wrong article. The reserve, not a reserve team debate has been so overblown (akin to Charlie Adam’s £10m worth of corners) that even Michel Platini has now found a need to be commenting on it. Humbug.

This is purely about the joy of watching the beloved Reds, the joy which provided the exhilaration last year. The joy which spoilt us last year and is making us yearn this year.

Liverpool FC was madness personified last season, however the predictable aspect was our unpredictability (see what I did there?). We had blown away teams by the time YNWA had barely finished. It was a harmonious orchestra at its zenith.

Liverpool FC won games. Liverpool FC scored goals, bucket loads of them one might add. Liverpool FC brought back belief. Above all, they brought back the joy of football to the masses. Joy, to the people who slog the whole week at work with their inner minds focusing on the machinations of the next game. Joy, to the people watching the game from thousands of miles away, with no affiliation to the City of Liverpool, with no personal affiliations to any of the players playing (yours truly included).

I have often been asked:

‘The players play every week, earn truckloads of money for doing their work for 90 minutes, but what do you get by watching them at ungodly hours? What is in it for you?’

I have often struggled to pin point the exact answer to this very valid question. A question, which needs an answer.

Is it the success?

Heck, No! (One trophy since 2006, the Arsenal well-wishers are nodding their heads)

Is it for the experience which helps in playing the sport?

Maybe, but on a personal level my fitness would enable me to qualify as the 3rd choice goalkeeper in the match-day squad (You sort of get where this is heading…)

Do you get to make money out of it?

The closest identification I have of a Punter is Ricky Ponting, So…


I am lost for words actually, it is something which cannot be quantified. Something which you can feel, but not speak about, something that brings about a nervous frenzy on game days. Something that more or less resembled…


Well, that is it, that has to be it. The joy the game provides. Joy brought to us on a platter by the joyful Reds.

When MasterCard says ‘There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard’, you have to wonder whether it was actually coined for football. For the blessed ones who are able to go to the games; the match day tickets, food, pints, transport all have a one stop solution in the form of money. But once you are inside the stadium and it truly kicks off, the exhilaration one feels is what money cannot buy. That simply is Joy!

So why all this hoopla about Joy now?

Well, to put it bluntly Liverpool this season have been:

  1. Poor at football
  2. Poor in getting the results (1 & 2 need not be cause and effect mind you)
  3. Sucked out the joy from last season

At Tottenham this season, it was a blue moon occurrence as all the three parameters failed. Otherwise, it has been the case of at least two (or in some cases all three) of the above parameters happening.

Aston Villa (h), write off.
Hull (h), getting there towards fulfilling the parameter set.
Newcastle (a), the nadir. 49 passes between Skrtel and Lovren in a game where the intention was to be on the field for 90 minutes, seemingly. Surely it can’t get worse?

Every one of us will have an opinion on the priority order about the above list. Some of us want the team playing nice football, some do not care till we win.

But somewhere, deep down what we all really care for is the joy, the frenzy, and the anticipation.

Therefore serve the joy, first up please!

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