The Real Costs of Forming a Grassroots Team 

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Grassroots football is a popular weekend events; millions participate in these teams each year as a way to have fun and keep fit. Grassroots football teams do require certain costs and guidelines.  Knowing the expenditures will help in fundraising efforts in order to get the team of the field to play.

In fact, organizers and public sponsors have begun to launch campaigns to help in funding some of these teams.  Many consider grassroots teams to bridge between the professional ranks and the amateur games. Committing to a new grassroots team is biggest portion of success the rest is to have some fun.


Naming the team should be part of the set up process.  A team name says a lot about the group of players.  Part of selecting a club name is focusing on the colors of the kit: the attire and the standard equipment.  The attire needed to draw attention to the players while on the field.


Part of establishing a grassroots teams is appointment the officials for the club.  The club officials will be responsible for numerous tasks including writing the club constitution, entering the desired league affiliation and creating a list of expenditures the club. Figuring the expenditures will include the kit and other equipment which is needed prior to the team entering the league.


A portion of the expenditures needs to be set aside for insurance purposes.  The team needs to acquire adequate insurance for all the needs of the sport. During this time, learning the rules and regulations of all the aspects of creating a grass roots team should be reviewed. Adequate insurance may only cover situations when players and viewing following certain rules especially if the players are under the age of 18.

Kit & Equipment

Purchasing a suitable kit and equipment can be a time consuming but much needed function for developing grassroots team. For the most part, a standard football kit consists of the team shirt, shorts and socks.

Keeping the basics in mind, a team must be aware of the basic equipment needed and the rules regarding use.

  • The team jersey or team shirt is one of the primary attire needs. The jersey will be representation of the team’s color.   Each jersey is required to have a number on the back to aid in player identification.
  • Undergarments or thermal gear may be worn in colder weather. The color of the attire must match the sleeve of the jersey.
  • Shorts are also a basic garment for the team attire. Undergarments must match the color of the shorts. The goalkeeper is allowed to wear bottoms which resemble a tracksuit as part of the uniform.
  • Quality football shoes or boots also known as cleats.
  • Shin guards must be worn by all players.  The shin guards must be covered by the stocking long socks. The requirement for shin guards is to be made out of rubber or other durable material in order to provide reasonable protection.
  • Water bottles and team bags are a nice addition but not a requirement.
  • Players are allowed to wear gloves.  The goal keeper is the one who takes advantage of this guideline; gloves help in protecting the hands during game time.
  • Do not forget to have plenty of footballs on site for play.

Toga Sports can aid in picking out all the players needs from football kits to the thermal wear. The company has all the colors to make the newly formed grassroots team standout against the competition.

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