Five Potential Replacements if Rodgers leaves Liverpool

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Five wins on the bounce, including an impressive thirteen matches unbeaten had Liverpool dreaming of a second place finish and an FA Cup winners’ medal to show for by the end of this campaign. Catching Chelsea would always be a near-impossible task, however, Brendan’s men were nailed on pipping City to the runners-up position.

Fast-forward a mere two matches later, and 95 % of reds fans would bite your hands off for fourth place. Yes, that’s the beauty (or rather ‘misery’) of the Premier League, as the reds have fallen eight points behind the Champions League places, with Rodgers’ job being questioned once again.

5 Replacements

Kenny > Rodgers?

Roll back to the 2011-2012 season and King Kenny’s final campaign in charge before getting relieved of his duties. We finished eighth that season, and the Capital One Cup was clearly not enough to keep the king at Anfield. Now, these last two ‘disaster-stricken’ results make this Wednesday’s FA Cup battle with Blackburn a colossal fixture that can make or break Brendan’s future. If we do not WIN the competition, we will find ourselves in a similar position to that in Kenny’s final season. The only difference? Kenny Dalglish led us to two cup finals, winning one of them. With that being said, why should we stick with Brendan and support him, when we didn’t show the same faith with Kenny? After all, they both spent mammoth-sized amounts on ‘average’ players. What makes Brendan different to the king?

No Champions League Football, Fall From 2nd to 5th… Is The Club Going Backwards Again?

Fergie guided Manchester United to the top for a number of years on the trot. Mourinho, although briefly, did the exact same, and so did Wenger. Brendan guided Liverpool to the top for one season, and in that season, failed to win us the league. Now, we find ourselves in fifth spot and facing an uphill challenge to regain our place in next season’s Champions League.
We failed miserably in our first season back in the competition, and if this summer’s transfer window is a similar to the last one, we may see Liverpool deprived of Europe’s biggest club competition for a number of years to come.

He Cannot Handle The Big Decisions

From Luis Suarez’s abrupt exit, to allowing young Raheem do whatever he pleases and when he pleases, Rodgers is proving that he cannot cope with a number of crucial decisions that come his way. Firstly, onto Raheem Sterling, who seems to have Brendan on the tip of his finger right now. The 20 year-old should NOT have been allowed to conduct that interview with the BBC and Brendan should have punished him for going against the club. Fine him, place him on the bench, do whatever it takes to prove your point to the troubled youngster. We are Liverpool after all, we should be able to replace him.

Secondly, Brendan Rodgers NEEDS TO toughen up. Gerrard, Skrtel, and Can’s dismissals in the last two matches were all acts of carelessness and recklessness. Yet, Brendan seems content on praising his players and stating that they all showed ‘great character’ and were ‘unlucky’ with the decisions. Brendan, none of the three red-cards were ‘unlucky’, and they were all rightfully given their marching orders.

If Brendan is to be given the sack this summer, we will need a new man to enter the fold. Here are five individuals who may be given a look-in by the owners.

Jurgen Klopp (47, Manager of Borussia Dortmund)

Now, I am not beginning with my most preferred and ending with my least. The managers on this list are jumbled up, as we start with a people’s favourite in Klopp. The Dortmund boss has dragged his team through thick and thin, glory and despair, and most importantly, he has shown loyalty when the bigger teams have come calling. This season however, Dortmund have declined rapidly and have only just began to recover and move up the table. Securing a European spot looks unlikely for the club, who may find themselves loading out some of their big stars due to this, including the man himself.

There is no doubt Klopp would be THE PERFECT FIT for a club like Liverpool. Loyal, passionate and most importantly, experienced at the top level. A perfect match for the ever-passionate Liverpool die-hard supporters.

Frank De Boer (44, Manager of Ajax)

Not much is known of Frank De Boer, unless you’re a keen follower of the Eridivisie, that is. The 44 year-old had a blistering career and has echoed that in suit and tie, guiding Ajax to four successive Dutch titles in his four years in charge. He is young and possesses the knowledge and determination to thrive in a bigger league. Would he make the move now or continue to develop as a manager and seek a move later on?

“If I get an offer from a club in the future, I will consider the possibility and then follow my feeling. Liverpool and Spurs are clubs I could manage. Liverpool approached me in the same way Tottenham did this year, wanting to hold exploratory talks first.”

A quote from the man himself for you reds fans to ponder about.

Diego Simeone (44, Manager of Atletico Madrid)

Possibly THE best young manager in world football at the moment, Diego Simeone has excelled, more than some, since becoming Atletico boss in 2011. He won the Europa League in his first season and then went on to pip rivals Real Madrid to the La Liga title two years later, whilst coming within minutes of repeating the feat in the Champions League final. Unfortunately, the double wasn’t to be.

This season Simeone’s men are playing the ‘observing’ game and currently find themselves nine points behind league leaders Barcelona. Could Simeone be tempted by a new move and challenge in the Premier League? Charisma, energy, passion and knowledge, the Argentine has it all in abundance. At only 44 years of age, he could well be on the way to transforming into one of world football’s greatest managers. Will he become that at Atletico Madrid? I highly doubt it.

Rafael Benitez (54, Manager of Napoli)

The most controversial choice on this list is Rafael Benitez back at Liverpool, five or years or so after leaving the club. (On quite the sour note, let’s be frank) Let us face the facts- that night in Istanbul is THE reason for which Rafael Benitez is where he is at the moment. Istanbul is why Rafa remains wanted by a select few reds fans and, also, why he is on my list today.

I, personally, would not be as enraged as the majority of Liverpool supporters out there if Rafa is to make a second coming to the club. He showed in his time on Merseyside that he is a manager capable of winning league titles and attracting world class names, unlike Brendan Rodgers. While both his FA Cup and Champions League triumphs had their own touch of luck to them, he remains one of the greats and someone that would jump at the chance to return and make things right. Now, before you begin to type in negative comments, think about this one for a second- What has Brendan done to make you prefer him to Rafael Benitez?

Sami Hyypia (41, Currently Looking For A Club)

The ex-red defensive powerhouse is the final but surprise member of this list. After retiring from the game in 2011, he went on to manage Bayer Leverkusen, where he excelled and guided them to the summit of the Bundesliga. At his second club Brighton, however, he failed miserably and resigned after a few months with the Seagulls.

He is now jobless and on the look-out for a new challenge. Would he suit a team like Liverpool? He is young, after all, and does possess the knowledge about the club from his playing days. I personally reckon this move would be a colossal risk to take. Sami lacks the experience to manage a club like Liverpool and has showed in his tenure down the south-coast that he he still has a lot to learn. With this being said, we all still have a place in our hearts for Sami and this video below is one of the many reasons why:

Stability Is Key To Progress

I will conclude this piece by stating the main reason why the owners should stick with Brendan Rodgers, even if he guides us to seventh place and a trophy-less season.

Stability. Fergie was on the brink of the sack as he led his United team to near-relegation in his first season at the club. As much the fans did wish they sack the Scot, the club stuck by him and since then he won them 13 league titles, five FA Cups and two European Cups. (Which is one less than Paisley won, just to state the fact). The same applies to Wenger who has been criticized numerous times in the past three-to-four years, yet, never fails to guide Arsenal into Europe season after season. The owners of these clubs have supported their managers through the good and bad.

Stability is key but progress is essential. David Moyes showed an ample amount of loyalty whilst at Everton, yet failed to win them a single trophy in over ten years. John Henry and Tom Werner have a crucial decision to make this summer as the Reds faithful become more and more restless with every passing day. Is a change rightfully due, or is three years far too early for a managerial merry-go-round? Have your say in the comment section below!

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  1. I also believe that hiring a new coach is the best idea for liverpool. spending a sum of 120 million pounds on average players who can’t fit in the team imminently is just a waste. why do you buy 10 useless players instead of 3 or four quality players.

    • the man who got rid of xabi alonso and thought gareth barry would be a better player and ultimately settled for aquilani

    • rafa alienates his players. i hated his rotation policy, whether you score a hatrick or brace you could be benched. he will be bad appointment. once bitten twice shy.

      its either klopp or simeone. they command respect and are not afraid to sell players that moan to leave. they will also be loved by the fans.

  2. What a knee-jerk reaction of an article completely biased against Rodgers. Terrible read.

    Ignores several key points:
    1. Coming second and not winning the title is bottling it? Our bench had aspas, Moses etc. no depth yet he had us coming second. Fourth was a distant dream at the start of the season. Not a failure.
    2. He’s a development coach whose brought the best out of coutinho, Sturbridge, sterling now ibe. Deserves credit for that.
    3. Lastly and most importantly we have a transfer committee this is not his failings but theirs.

  3. I think these “average” players are young with much promise. The team has been alive for most of each season and it has been a fun ride. I don’t see why Liverpool would cut BR out now. The premier league is the best league in the world. Perhaps these children continue to develop and LFC is untouchable for years in a row. And isn’t BR going to have the ability to add superstar talent to this crop of youth? They aren’t that far off. Stability is the key and I still believe in this vision.

  4. I think rodgers is a very good young manager but he is still learning his trade and he can’t be given another season in charge of one of Europes biggest clubs,The owners are also a worry they don’t show an interest in the team and seem to want youth players that if they forfill there careers take of they will make massive profits,that’s why sterling will be sold then Coutinho and sturridge the yanks just don’t get what liverpool Fc is all about and I hope they sell to someone who has the club at heart,.We are now a selling club and its hurts but we are not going to compete with these owners plus rodgers has let the season blow up in the last games at home to Utd and away to Arsenal just like he did last year with Chelsea and palace he can’t handle the pressure.We went to Southamton last summer for a few Duds now let’s hit them this summer for there manager the best in the business I FEAR FOR MY CLUB WITH YANKS IN CHARGE OF IT GO ASAP

  5. When I say Koeman is best in the business I mean when it comes to young up and coming managers I just feel rodgers it a bit behind him at this moment,The top sponsors are gone lie Reebok Addidas now we have new balance while the big money goes to City chelsea Etc.,
    Ian Ayres has a lot to answer for also just like David Moores who sold his heart to the Devil

  6. Jurgen Klopp is just not the solution to any EPL team long term.

    With the mentality of fans and clubs in EPL generally, sacking their managers when things go wrong, fans and media turning their backs to them, you might as well pass Klopp.

    Kloppo is a man who builds a team long term, and aims to go through the highs and lows with his team. He did it with Mainz, and he is doing it with Dortmund.

    He led Mainz to the Bundesliga for the first time and was subsequently relegated, he did not resign, nor did he was sacked.

    With Dortmund, he forms a close partnership with Watzke(CEO) and Zorc(Sporting Director), and launched Dortmund from bankruptcy to become a prominent side once again.

    Even with this season’s disaster because of Lewandowski’s mutiny, the board has made it clear they will not sack a man who led them to League glory and continental prominence, and Kloppo has made it clear he will run-down his contract(and extend until his “project” is done, earliest 2019), until the club and fans does not want him.

    Even in this campaign, the club is with him, the fans are with him and the media is also with him. If you see a man shouting “Klopp out”, 99% of the time he/she is not a real BVB fan.

    Look for his interviews and press conferences. What he said is, IF someone called AFTER Dortmund, then they CAN talk. He is not jumping ships.

    Yes, he is passionate, loyal, professional. But he needs the club and fans to do this as well. But not wanting him in, and turning your backs once anything goes wrong.

    There is one saying during his league winning campaigns, that if Jurgen Klopp wants to be the mayor of Dortmund, he will become so. The whole club and city is behind him, and that is just the kind of mentality missing from EPL.

  7. And with all due respect BR is not a bad manager, if the fans (and media) stop freaking out and yearning for his blood if anything goes a tad wrong and put immense pressure on him, why is he not the best man for the job? He is still young. As you say, stability is key. But if BR has to go, as I have said, Klopp would never be the right man for the job. If a rough patch can cost BR’s job, the same would happen to Klopp in EPL.

  8. You ask what is the difference between BR and Kenny. In simple terms it’s trophies. If you want to expand a little more Kenny was all about LFC, always has and always will be. Brendan is all about Brendan!

  9. I didn’t even read this awful article
    You can’t condemn Rogers, he needs depth and players and he isn’t given 120 mill to do what he wants with it
    He got depth but not enough quality
    Lost who he built the team around and we weren’t even in contention at Christmas turns it around and we lose 4 games in 2015 (let I remind you it’s april) better than just about every other team in all of europes top 5
    What is wrong with you? You should lose your job long before BR loses his.

  10. BR took us to second with a team with very little depth. For all the criticism he has taken, he got the best out of Sturridge, sterling, coutinho, Suarez ….. Mignolet looked useless a few weeks back. What a transformation we are seeing now. Skrtel has looked shaky for a while. This season, he has looked as good as I have seen him. New players don’t get with new team mates, a new formation and a new way of playing immediately. Some players have taken some time, but the longer they work with Rodgers, the better they are getting. Can and Allen are playing well. Henderson was on his way out yet look at his growth under Rodgers. BR is the man to takeLFC forward. He is young, determined and he is an excellent man manager. With Suarez and Sturridge not lining up at the beginning of this season, we started terribly. Look at how BR has turned the team around!!!! We lost to Man U and arsenal….. Has any of BR critics taken a look at their team sheets? When the transfer committee back BR to sign big names instead of forcing him to opt for bargain alternatives, maybe that’s when we can truly judge him.

  11. The idea that we are top club still is rubbish. I love Liverpool, but if we have Rickie Lambert and Joe Allen and Kolo Toure and Glen Johnson in our match day lineups in the current state of the BPL, than we as fans have bigger issues than a trophy-less season. BR is brilliant at developing talent. The talent he purchased last summer was based on them playing in a totally different system then we implore now.
    Let’s look at the top four, Chealsea have Fabregas, Ramires, Obi Mikel, Matic. Man U have Herrera, Fellaini, Blind and Carrick. Arsenal have Wilshere, Ramsey, Coquelin, Arteta and Flamini. Man City have Lampard, Milner, Toure and Nasri. We have Henderson, Gerrard, Leiva and Allen. It’s just not good enough. We aren’t what we used to be. We lack the depth needed to win throughout the 38 game season. We need quality in the midfield (Carvalho, Kramer, Veretout, Delph). We need depth in the defence (Virgil, Schar, Aurier, Mustafi) . We need a world-class goalkeeper (Begovic, Leno). We need balance at striker (Lacazette, Ings, Paco Alcacer, Austin). We can’t expect to be in the top four with the squad we have, otherwise we are simply being naive.
    Patience with Rodgers and he will get us there. Chelsea and Man City have bank accounts we will never have. Man U and Arsenal have had long serving managers. Two recipes to success.

  12. for me,i would prefer rafa b/c he knows how to play against our rivals man & everton he can bring back our eurpean glory else hyypia we missed him


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