The end of Hicks and Gillett

Ive never written a blog before on anything, all I normally write are reviews for Hotels and Restaurants on trip Advisor and process documents for work.

I digress

The last 3 to 4 seasons as a Liverpool fan have been probably some of the most difficult on record, due to many factors, in the main our previous Owners hicks and gillet.

The civil war that these 2 ‘business men ‘created at the club not only created factions in the team but also with us the fans. And when we saw opportunity to rid ourselves of these men, world wide the LFC fan base pulled together and became the infamous Internet Terrorists.

And even though they have now gone their legacy is still here for us to see, it is still tangible. We can measure it by our league position.

Not qualifying for Europe will be the last big off ya pop LFC, from hicks and gillet, it is very close to happening, and even with king Kenny and Steve Clarke working their magic to stop this from happening, it is still a tall order.

Whether or not we do or do not qualify for Europe remains to be seen, but this is the last battle of the awful legacy left behind by the Cowboys.

That a new legacy is about to begin is another blog, and as this is my first (and perhaps a little short) I want to think about how I will structure my next blog.

Hope you enjoyed reading my opinion.