What are they Smoking over at Anfield?

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Let’s be honest, Liverpool is a pretty great football club. It’s fun supporting this team. Not without it’s ups and downs but it’s not too shabby all round. Some of the players to come through this place are better than most clubs will ever see and before about 2010 we used to get to semis and finals pretty often and occasionally even win things. The fans are also decent for the most part; pretty fantastic in more cases than not:

So what the hell has happened?

Rollercoaster ride seems to be the most commonly accepted phrase for the last few seasons, and this isn’t too bad a description when considering the swing of finishing 7th then 2nd then back to 6th under Brendan Rodgers. Worryingly, à la Mode appears to be clawing our way into the Europa League places and not slicing through teams on the way to title challenges.

After such a scandalous end to what was already an underwhelming season, questions begin to loom as to why Brendan Rodgers has been given a second crack at the helm? Considering the nature of the decline towards the end of the last season in which the footballing quality dropped off almost impressively quickly, as did any apparent squad harmony. We lost at Wembley to a team led by a manager that smacks of Patrick Bateman alongside which we squandered 5 of our last 10 Premier League games including Hull, Crystal Palace and something to do with a 7 goal thriller at the Britannia Stadium.

Smoking over at Anfield

Players can perhaps be forgiven for mentally wandering off to the beach towards the end of such a lacklustre campaign but this then leaves a large portion of blame at the feet of Brendan Rodgers. Add to this the seemingly random sacking of both a first team coach and the assistant manager it all collects in the toilet and asks why Brendan Rodgers is still in the job. (Because it’s pretty piss poor all round, get it?)

Moving through the summer’s transfer dealings it’s easy to see a trend of mediocrity appearing. If someone came up to you in the street and said ‘James Milner on a free, Danny Ings and Adam Bogdan you would chortle and reply ‘Oh bloody hell, Villa are at it again’. Read it and weep people because that’s the point we’re at in mid-June this year. ‘But Cax! We’re getting our business done early!’ No. This doesn’t matter. Not when you’re signing players that bigger and better funded teams don’t want to pay anymore, strikers from relegated sides and keepers from the BOTTOM of the CHAMPIONSHIP.

As far as contract negotiations are concerned some of the decisions are pretty unfathomable. A player that has been the most constant link in a defense that has conceded 141 goals in 3 premier league seasons has been in the middle of a pretty large contract piss up in the press this week – further cementing a growing feeling that Liverpool FC could not organise a piss up in a brewery. Martin Skrtel isn’t a truly awful defender but definitely isn’t up there with the best and is second only to Dejan Lovren when tallying what Andy Townsend would refer to as ‘lapses in concentration at the back’. It’s scary to think that he is probably the front runner for the vice captaincy next year while Mamadou Sakho has only 2 years left on his deal with not a sniff of any negotiations being underway.

Raheem Sterling is clearly a little bit of a pain. You’ve just gotta check his Instagram and some of his agents more choice quotes. However, he’s most likely going to turn into a very classy player over the next few years and it’s pretty indicative of the state of things that the club doesn’t seem massively bothered that’s he going to a ‘rival’ side. Apparently Rodgers is just licking his lips at the thought of the tactical scheming and endless dossiers it’ll take to force Christian Benteke into a Luis Suarez shaped hole.

With all this moaning you’d expect maybe a few suggestions as to how we might improve things at such an illustrious club (You know we won the Champions League 10 years ago right? Remember Istanbul? DON’T YOU FORGET IT.) This club needs to be more aggressive, more bold. This club needs less Ian Ayre and more DoF; if you’re going to insist on selling Raheem Sterling then you better not spend the profits on a Christian ’13 Mid-Table Goals’ Benteke. There is too much playing it safe and never throwing caution to the wind. Who knows what goes on behinds the scenes but I say, why not go balls out for Jurgen Klopp? Go for world class players, who knows who might say yes? Stop shopping in England for pity’s sake. Football isn’t like the car industry where you can be proud to own a Jaguar and walk away with something that goes 0-60 in just a few seconds. Big money in English football gets you Adam Lallana. He cost more than Luis Suarez, the same as Fernando Torres and David Silva.

It’s been a pretty uninspiring and depressing time being a Liverpool supporter the last few weeks and that light at the end of the tunnel looks naught but a pinhead right now. What next for this intrepid band of reds? Europa League is looking most likely. Tremendous character though, this lot.

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  1. Yes its been a rollercoaster of a ride, but why change a manager, good question, do you wish to be like other clubs who hire and sack at the first sign of dip in fortunes, or work with your manager and try to work things out, having worked for a large company who continually used the threat if you can’t do it there is plenty out there who can, I can say large turnover of staff doesn’t work, it might take a while but it can bring the result desired, there is no guarantee of success out there but you can but try.

  2. Don’t trust us to spend wisely! So would rather keep Sterling. A lucazzete or vietto and i’ll start getting hopeful for the season ahead.

    • Vietto is gone…to Atletico.
      And Lacazette has got CL at Lyon. If he moves elsewhere, he’ll want CL and / or more money (which we won’t pay). + if he becomes available, there will be clubs (that can offer CL) that want him so….realistically we should try for Aubameyang, Bacca or someone like that.

  3. I’m sick and tired of these so called supporters like the author of this trash article elcaxo, calling for the managers head, they did it to Rafa, Kenny, Hogson (must admit I agreed with that one) and now BR. These people are disgrace and in no way are genuine supporters. They are in the main young people who’ve been brought up on instant gratification and if they’d been around in Shankley’s day he would have been sacked.

    The problem is these supporters think they know it all, if any single one of them was in charge of the club we would be back to the end of the cowboys era yet again, we have to live within our means, we don’t have the money City, Chelsea, ManU and Arsenal has so we have to look at players that they don’t want.

    Rant over, lets just get behind the team, the manager and FSG.

    • And you’re the kind of supporter that is happy for us to be stuck with a championship level manager and players like Joe Allen…Have a word with yourself..9th in the richest clubs. That’s where we’re at, but acting like we’re poor…F*cking pathetic.

  4. Who writes this doom and gloom nonsense? all that comes out of this website is “the world’s ending”,we as a city don’t give up on dreams and we give everything to reach our goals that’s why we have a trophy cabinet that’s the envy of the also rans, you are not the voice and opinion of us scousers, so keep your pessimistic remarks and defeatism to your own little clique.

    • In fairness the world doesn’t consist of scousers and non-scousers. It’s 2015 and football is a global game with a global fan base. What issues did you actually take with the points in the article?


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