Same Old Brendan, But It’s Really FSG’s Fault

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Before I start let me premise this article by saying I know its only four games into the new season. I accept there are injuries and some new players to fully settle into the squad/club. It’s early days and none of the big clubs, bar Manchester City, have had a good start and there’s a long way to go in the season.

Now that’s out of the way!

I’m all for positivity and confidence. Men who oozed confidence built our great club. Shankly, Paisley, Fagan, Moran, Dalglish to name but a few. Men who knew the club. What it stood for. What the fans stood for. How to play the game in a manner that we all adored while watching players that we were proud to support. There was a pattern, a system, a style and a passion to the football that typified the passion to which we love our club. Every part of the club was pulling in the same direction for the same ultimate goal, winning trophies and dominating domestically and in Europe. We are criticised by others for looking into our history too much, speaking about past triumphs and living in another era. Well this is exactly what we should be doing as a club at the moment.

Same Old Brendan

 I write this the day after West Ham embarrassed Liverpool at Anfield. Not for the first time the players and coaching staff failed to live up to the hope and expectation spoken about before the game. Grand statements in the media of resurgences in players’ form, extra defensive coaching sessions to solve last season’s issues and an attacking style that would bring us back to 13/14 when we nearly won the Premier League. What did it all amount to? Nothing. Embarrassment. Yet another terrible performance by team. There was massive disbelief by people on social media as to how this could have happened. The question I ask is why are people so surprised? It’s been like this ever since Luis Suarez left and has never been fixed by Brendan Rodgers. A poor system, no style, no pattern and no passion plus a squad with massive gaps after so much money already spent. The same system being used that failed miserably last season with one player upfront isolated without support and service. It would have made little difference if it had been Mario Balotelli up front yesterday instead of Benteke as the outcome was similar. To play at home to West Ham with only one recognised striker and than substitute a midfielder for a left-back at half-time while two goals down sums up the shocking attitude of our manager. Let me say this is not just a criticism of Saturday’s game it’s been a symptom of our team for over 12 months even after the huge investment in the summer little seems to have changed. Can anyone who has watched Liverpool in the last 12 months honestly say things have changed in a positive way?


In the summer, as we all know, Brendan was lucky to keep his job. The media was fed information that things would change; Brendan had learned his lesson and things would be different. A new coaching staff would help and put us back on the right track. In fairness to FSG they backed their man with some very big buys and while the jury is still out on most the main issues still remain. A terrible defence in which Brendan still picks our worse defender, a dis-jointed midfield where Lucas was at the point of leaving until Henderson got injured, an attack that looks inept with little sign of a goal scoring threat and the choosing of Brendan’s ‘favourites’ destroys the confidence of others or sends them out on loan. In his interview before the Arsenal game last Monday night Brendan was asked about the inclusion of Lucas in the team in defensive midfield. He answered, “Lucas is the best defensive midfielder at the club”. An astonishing statement from a man whose supposed to be a good enough to manage our team. Lucas is a very popular player amongst fans and players but is he really good enough? Really? His legs are gone and he should have been replaced and an upgrade bought a long time ago. Another issue is the freezing out of the so-called committee signings by Brendan. Vast amounts of money spent on players who are cast aside with their confidence destroyed and the picking of Lallana and Lovren. Does this sound familiar? Yes it’s the same as last season. Nothing has fundamentally changed. The fan base is even more split and becoming angrier by the day.

I could go on and on and on about Brendan’s failings. We all know what they are and I have written extensively about them in previous articles, but in the end the buck stops with FSG. John Henry, Tom Werner and Mike Gordon have allowed this farce to continue with their support for Brendan. I respect they’re backing the manager but surely they can see the ego and attitude of the manager hasn’t changed and he is still failing to grasp the major issues at our club? Obviously Brendan won’t be sacked immediately and will be given more time to address the problems but given the evidence so far it seems he has learned nothing and is still doing the same things. The next few games will tell us everything and will determine the ultimate outcome. I just hope FSG aren’t like the other sheep that follow the crowd and don’t analyse what’s really going on. That’s my point about looking back at our history. No more committees buying players the manager refuses to play. No more manager playing games with players careers’ and destroying their confidence. No more ego and spoofing in the media by the manager saying all is great. No more failures full stop. A unified fan base behind the club/team. One team. One squad. All pulling in the same direction with the full support of the fans with the one aim. Success. A simplified model for a modern era please gents.

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  1. You start by comparing to “the good old days”. Well, in the good old days, the fan base would never have been divided. The supporters did their part supporting the club, the team, the manager. There were no self-appointed excuses for journalism writing banal articles displaying a complete lack of understanding of football, how it has changed, the reasons why, just lashing out at someone they clearly don’t like, as if they are a six year old in a paddy because some other kid stood on their foot. Why do these articles get written ? Why are you given a place to write them ? The world has gone mad. Whereas the world should be gone in some of informative comment and knowledge. You should just have written four words “I don’t like Rodgers” yes technically five words but five words that says everything that’s in this pointless article

    • Absolutely right. I can’t stand people moaning about the manager all the time after the fact. Considered opinion is hard to come by at the moment in our fan base. Instead of attacking the manager all the time, why not offer suggestions as to how this could have been done better? Support the team and the manager and the owners, they all want the same thing and are doing their best.

      Is Jose Mourinho a bad manager now? Does he come in for criticism like BR does when he loses a game? No, have faith in the manager and support the team no matter what. YNWA

    • No, Jose is having some bad time but he manage to win some big trophies for Chelsea and when season go on I’m sure Chelsea will be challenging at the top, I’m not so sure BR will be doing that after 4 season and he’s the one who said judge him after 3 season mate. No fans that love their club is gonna let some clueless man to run it.

    • Want a suggestion on what could have been done better? Firing the Manager after the team quit on him at the end of last season? Sweet Jesus — I get so friggin’ sick of reading these Jonestown bootlickers who write drivel like “Support the team and the manager and the owners, they all want the same thing and are doing their best.” Better hurry up, Andrew: the Good Ship Lolly-pop is ready to leave port.

    • I support Liverpool. Regardless of the manager that will continue. But please do not urinate down my back and tell me it’s raining every time somebody questions his appropriateness for the role. If he is good enough he has nought to worry about, if not then somebody else can have a crack. Thinking he has til the middle of November to put up or be punted.

    • Don’t compare the case of Mourinho and Rodgers. whenever Mou gets into trouble, he knows how to get them out. Mou has a trophy to show for it. What does Brendan have? We’re you happy to see fans leave before FT against West Ham? . We have no identity as a club, no playing style. we are still same of last season forget the new players we have of which was visible in our first 2 games. We are going no where with Rodgers. With him we look like a lost project

    • BR is a liability period. As LFC fans its high time we smelt the coffee. He talks a lot of crap, and produces no results. You cannot compare him to Jose Mourinho. Whatever wins LFC has had there is nothing that reflects a system in the team’s play. He seems not to understand the Team’s culture and traditions. He cant match the the squads referred to above. He is a simple trainer not a manager.

    • Never a good idea to write pieces like this directly the day after. Just comes across as ‘over the top’ and emotional. Toys out of the pram after one bad result. I have no problem with judging and criticising the manager, but after ten games, not four.

    • How about after 3 season bud. Aside from 13/14 when Suarez carried the team on his back, what has Rodgers accomplished? He has proven time again to be a clueless, full of sh*t, wannabe philosopher. Everyone always says “support the manager” but after 3 seasons of him screwing players over it gets old. After 4 months everyone called for Hodgsons head. How do you play west ham at home and register one 40-yard dejan lovren shot on net. We’ve scored twice in 4 game, one a blistering 30 yarder, and the other offside. Thats not impressive whatsoever.

    • Trouble is though, who is gonna’ come in? I just can’t see Klopp or Ancelotti wanting to work under these owners. We have a squad, pretty much full of ‘grafters’ with very little star power. We can only compete for mid-level players because we won’t pay the big wages. Even when the FSG model brings through talent like Sterling, they aren’t rewarded with competitive new contracts. Not defending the little sod but the whole saga should never have happened because he should’ve been given a new contract after 2013/14. I just can’t see things improving unless FSG change their ways because we’ll always be gambling on mid level players or kids. Transfer fees don’t really mean as much as wages these days I feel.

    • I partially agree, we do need owners that are a bit more invested in the club. But at the same time Id rather have almost anyone come in as an interim manager, be it Gary Mac or Pep or Kenny. Rodgers one season of “success” has gone to his head. In what world does Marko go on loan but Ibe doesnt. Why is it lallana and lovren keep getting game time but ilori and marko dont. “premier league proven” players doesnt mean shit when they players are garbage. I could care less about “developing british players” if it means sacrificing foreign talent and trophies. But he is too stubborn to see that. His tactics and substitutions make no sense. His formations make no sense. His ability to play to someone strengths are non-existent.

    • Well man you are not objective enough to realise that this fool of Rogers is conducting the Liverpool bus directly to the abyss.

    • In the ‘good old days’ the team was always winning trophies. The fans then didn’t have to watch a mid-table bluffer be the manager.

  2. It is a well written article devoid of emotion and critical to the point. The deluders who believe LFC is a club that is heading in the right direction are clearly Manu fans or similar!
    We are slowly becoming a ‘Championship side’ with long balls, woeful passing combined with a complete lack of leadership and confidence.

    Rafa/Kenny come home.

    • I totally agree with u Purcell if that’s ur name. I constantly havin headaches everyday when watchin Liverpool play instead of enjoyin d club i’ve supported for more than 12years play. I dnot blame Brendan bt FSG. This Rogers shud hav been long gone from Liverpool after the 1st season bt I cnt xplain d confidence in him by FSG. I dnt even hav a say when arguin wit my opposite fans anymore. All his accusations are rubbish excpt Continhno, sturidge n arguebly Clyn. He has wasted huge somes of money I cnt mentioned. FSG shud get Kopp or Simoni and liv problems will be solved.

    • If you are first you are first. If you are second you are nothing -Bill Shankly

      A) stop selectively quoting Shankly b) Go support a midtable club mate.. As Liverpool supporters we should be wanting more..


    • If you can’t support us when we lose or draw don’t support us when we win

      Bill Shankly

      And please stop shouting clown.

    • Loose is one thing, but how we play is another. Stop repeating this you sound retarded. Truth is Brenda Rogders is not a good manager. Even when we occasionally play well, it is stil obvious he is clueless. If he tries one thing in a game and it is successful, he thinks that is the solution for ever subsequent games. His team selection is way off the mark, most times, not to mention his purchases. The season we came second under Rodgers, he had no choice but to play those players week in, week out. You could not see him benching, Gerard, Sturridge, sterling, Suarez, Phil, etc. even tho we are praising him for that second place, he cost us the title, not Gerrard’s slip. Liverpool needed only a draw against Chelsea. They came wasting time ,playing into our hand, but mr. Big ego Rodgers wants to beat Morinho so bad he throws everything into attack leaving the back open. Rodgers us not capable of changing his thinking or adapting to situations as they occur on the field. Bad Manager. #Donetalk

    • Lets be honest.. We have looked woeful since the start of the season, except the first half against Arsenal. Iam inclined to think Rodgers apparently doesn’t understand what happens on the pitch

  4. Great column,B.R has been bringing Liverpool down for far to long.FSG wake up,wake up, stop the rot that is B.R now,and Liverpool can start to rebuild with a proper proven manager.There is still hope,but not with B.R in charge,the longer he stays the worse it’s going to get.

  5. You have hit the nail on the head Rodgers hasn’t a clue .his subs against West Ham were terriblble decisions in his interview after the match he said we were on top until they scored well that was only 3 minutes into the game it and after spending another £80 mill he is saying we still have a long way to go there is only one person who should go and that’s him Mr Henry wake up

  6. Carlos angilotti is rite man for Liverpool he won league in Spain, England,France and Italy they need someone who is gonna attracted top players but fsg wants drendon Rogers there cause they want young players not top players

  7. Carlos angilotti is rite man for Liverpool he won league in Spain, England,France and Italy they need someone who is gonna attracted top players but fsg wants brendon Rogers there cause they want young players not top players

  8. The section at the end of the article “How does this article make you feel” doesn’t give an option for a negative reply. This must distort the result in your favour. Is this because you want people to think that everybody agrees with you?

  9. I totally Agree with the not saying Brendan is a bad coach at all,but he has failed the team its about time we bring in someone else with a new philosophy towards the game,FSG please we don’t want to miss another champions league slot again..

  10. Apologies to the Rodgers’ supporters out there… Stats don’t lie… The vast amounts being spent by Rodgers is not equating to success right now over time… The league is improving fast… But we’re not doing that under Rodgers’ tutelage… In fact, if you’re pointing to the 2nd place he got us, then i have to say that he in fact, lost the 1st place for us that season… Not Stevie’s slip… A world class manager wins championship by knowing when to win, lose or draw… Sad to say, Rodgers doesn’t… A good manager doesn’t isolate his players… He does… I wonder why people still call him a “tactical genius” and a top “man manager”… Sadly i don’t see those traits in him… But i have to admit that he is “ruthless” and “biased” though… Never understood why Johnson, Skrtel, Allen and Lovren still warrant a place in the squad… And never understood why Carroll as a target man was deemed incompatible with his formation and style when he first came yet Benteke suits him to the core… Let’s admit it… He has lost it… And there comes a time when all good things end… Did any good came from him…??? And supporters are not blind… Because we always want the best for the club… And this form of support not only comes with the heart but also with the right mindset to go along with it…

    • The is just a troll paid by Rogers. Curious how still there are people who support the charlatan. It only could be explained if it manure fans OR paid trolls by Rodgers or his agent!

    • Man, you keep repeating this mantra. I get it. And I understand it. These folks being critical of BR fully support the team. There is no disloyalty in complaining about a manager who appears completely incompetent. It is seen as tearing the club apart. Would you not defend your club? Look at the team’s performance last weekend. And then look at the performance over the last dozen league games. Or look at the champions league and uefa league performances last year. What do you see? I’ll tell you what I see: a team that looks dispirited and lacking the belief that Shankley himself espoused. They lack confidence. I am bored to tears watching LFC play these days. Are you old enough to remember the dalglish and rush days? They lost plenty of games sure. But the players did not wander the field with bewilderment in their eyes looking as if they don’t know what they are doing. They lost like they won: with spirit and zeal and passion and belief. All of that is lacking in this team. And the responsibility for that lies fully on the shoulders of the manager. Players out of position; players not given playing time; players playing despite poor performances; despite appearances to the contrary, a complete lack of creativity and flexibility in the team strategy. It is a debacle currently. I hate losing. So did Shankley. An American football coaching legend Vince Lombardi said this:
      “Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser.” Don’t be a good loser mate. And don’t accept losing. Let’s get the f-one spirit and belief back. Starts at the top.

    • We support Liverpool winning or losing. But we do not support the manager who make to many holes to the ship.

      No players bigger than the club. That applies to the manager as well.

    • … you lost all credibility when you admitted to not seeing a difference between Benteke and Carrol.

      Just because they are both tall doesn’t mean they are similar players.

      If nothing else, look at the # of goals scored over the last three seasons. Benteke is miles better.

  11. I totally Agree with the not saying Brendan is a bad coach at all,but he has failed the team its about time we bring in someone else with a new philosophy towards the game,FSG please we don’t want to miss another champions league slot again..

  12. sometimes I feel br don’t use his head.the season he was successful he uses two strikers sturrage and he use just one striker who cant play the ball on the ground.why not use double strikers just like the time of suarez?

  13. Brilliant article hit the nail right on the head. Brendan Rodgers , Transfer committee and Fsg all to blame for our bang average team. I look at the team now and I just cannot believe my eyes, no world class players!!! Ok Coutinho is almost there and we have a couple of very good prem players but no world class. Look at our rivals they have world class players coming off the bench. We have inexperienced young potential and we keep buying them :–?? It would be ok if we brought in some great players too but we haven’t. Look at Markovic for example. We bought him because we were to stubborn to go back and get the extremely talented Konoplyanka why wanted to come to us, so instead the brains at LFC decided to pay 20mil + for this worthless, useless player instead, madness!! Now he’s going on loan and will be worth 5mil in a couple of years. We need proven experienced top top players to join our team and at least 1 or 2 world class talents. Stop buying these spotty kids Brendan it’s embarrassing to watch.

  14. Shankly would not have supported a team that lost 3-0 at home, he would have ripped them new ones, and replaced all the culprits with players prepared to die for the liver bird.
    Liverpool do not lose 3-0 at home and someone is to blame, too many bad days at the office and the article is correct, same mistakes being made, tactical ineptitude and players not fighting for their places, something Shankly would never allow.

  15. We Liverpool FC supporters support the team not any particular individual who is constantly causing harm to the way we play by his negative tactics who is yielding no positive return after 3 years of management at our great club.

    This club is definitely bigger and too big for this manager. So he should resign and give this opportunity to someone who can handle and deliver to the expectations that this club is meant to have, which is fighting for tittles, trophies and constantly be present on Europe bigger stage.

    YNWA from Mauritius Island

  16. I am looking forward to december that FSG will eventually see that there is no future with Brendan Rodgers. Please Werner should just get in contact with Carlo Ancellotti ahead before winter.

  17. Although I agree with much of the criticism of BR it may be too early in the season to sack him. I seldom agree with his starting lineup and some of his substitutions leave me scratching my head. I also don’t like how easily some players fall out favor and are never heard from again. Many of these players are loyal to the club and deserve a fair chance to succeed, not the disrespect of never getting off the bench or loaned to a small club and forgotten about. That said LFC was getting good results until this last debacle. Yes we got some favorable calls but the team fought hard and had three clean sheets. No one was calling for his head then. I think management should wait another month or so before deciding his fate There are several new players on the team that must be given time to get accustomed to one another. I think the talent is there but the cohesiveness isn’t. If no improvement by mid October then find a new man. Until then I will support the team and its manager. I just hope my loyalty is rewarded with some nice wins and lots of PL points.

    • So you’ll give him until October? What about last year? We were unlucky not to be ahead at half time against arsenal and lucky not to be behind in the second half. However, it the refs got it right we would have one win, two losses and a tie. How would you feel then? And let’s face it, the mistakes are consistent and big. Did anyone who knew Balotelli think it was good business bringing him here? He alone can demoralize a team. The best mangers warned against signing him. But we did. And then we played him as a lone striker. BR stubbornly implementing his system no matter what. Now we sign Benteke. How many of us thought this was a good idea? Any? I didn’t. I like Benteke. I like that he gives his heart to the game. But BR will never play to his strengths effectively. We still have the fewest crosses into the box. How many times against West Ham was Benteke the only person in the box? Wtf? This is ALL coaching mate. We are down the entire game and are outnumbered 2-1 or greater in the box the entire game. And then I know. Let’s take off an attacking midfielder and replace him with a f-ing defender!! Brilliant!! Trust me, the players are just as confused by this as we are. And it demoralizes them.

      Saying we were getting good results until this last debacle is wrong. We were lucky. Five games ago we lost to f-ing Stoke city 6 -1!!! Hello?? Stoke who are lucky to score one goal every other game pinged six on us just five games ago. Same manager. Same issues. I have been calling for his exit since six months into his tenure. It was glaringly apparent then that he was playing folks out of position. Henderson as an attacking winger?

      Let me ask you: how does it make any sense to fire all the assistants but keep on the top guy? That’s the exact opposite of what any true leader does. They take full responsibility for whatever mishaps. A strong leader not only takes responsibility for all of it but they don’t want it any other way. And underlings want to follow a strong leader. I’m starting to think he is a coward. He may be a nice guy and he might have a place at a lower level club but if we keep him too long he will be with a lower level club! I hope I’m wrong.

    • ..I just can’t get over how many people spell Rodgers’s name wrong. I mean c’mon, it’s in the blinking media every 5 seconds!!! Even the dreadfully biased article above.. which is the reason you’ve all written into reply.. and still can’t spell it correctly. Give me strength lol… it’s written gawd knows how many times above.. (aaarrrggghhh.. crying now with head in hands)

      And who the flipping heck is Kloop????

  18. …also.. in two minds still about Brendan though. Have we all’s forgot the little run we had last year? Did we not play some enjoyable football? I thought we did.. but that’s only my opinion. Then we imploded.. drastically. I agree with the last caller.. STOKE!!! 6-1!!! Shouldn’t be 6-1 against anyone and really that should have been it.

    Maybe we should go for Corlas Angelotti or Jorden Kloop after all 😉

  19. For me if at all i draw my comparison,BR is far worse compared to R BEN cos he has failed to address the weakness of the club even when u look at the system he falls in rebuilding it.look at the core factor of our midfield,lets relate it to the likes of alonso,mascherano,gerrad,lucas defense,striking threat wen we hadlikes of torres,sinama,pennant,kewel,kurt i mean to mention bt a few.for wat he has done is to waste our funds wit mediocre players.he wated ballotelli and put a blame on him now is on loan and trusted benteke who is now injured so where is his strength now,ma qn is,is it criminal for liverpool fc to have multiple proven stirkers?

  20. Liverpool has no identity or playing style. Rodgers has spent 4 seasons with nothing to show for it after spending a lot of £££££ . He doesn’t use the right formation and style to suit the players in the right position. He makes wrong sub at times. Benteke is already suffering same way Balotelli did by isolating him upfront. Another manager would have done better with this club simply by using players in their rightful position. Liverpool is more or less a lost project with Rodgers. It doesn’t stop me from supporting the club as I will do that till the day i die. For me it is more about the club not the coach. Liverpool is no-more a top team. One thing I noticed amongst Liverpool fans is that we are now used to mediocrity that we don’t know what’s good for us anymore. Keep supporting the club #YNWA #RedOrDead

  21. It’s funny, the comments that Rodgers is crap…

    When LFC finished 2nd Rodgers was just lucky, he had nothing to do with the tactics that lead to the team scoring +100 points…

    When they lose he is totally responsible…this is frankly completely illogical and incorrect.

    Give the team a chance to gel…if they don’t then changes will have to be made…

    Losing Suarez and Sturbridge last year was a major setback and the front never came together tO be successful, did anyone think that the combination of Ballotelli, Lambert, and Boring would have scored so little, I would have thought they could have at least scored 15 goal between them, put that number of goal into the mix and LFC would have been top 4…

    There were enough chances between them that went off mark, and the quality was severely lacking….

    Just my opinion – I Guses reading the constant demands to sack the manager to be quite tiresome…


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