The Revenge of the Sith: Torres, 22:59

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22.59, 31st January 2011

Deep the flames of anger and resentment burn. Mustafar cannot ever depict the red hot incendiaries in the head of the one who turned or what they can ignite by the ones you’ve scorned. The love and affection presented to you was akin to the apprentice of Obi Wan Kenobi. Our once chosen one now simply vanishing amongst the angry embers whose heat and colour blind us from seeing the transition to the very dark blue side. Torres. The one whose armband said he was a red. The one whose lightsaber had been swung against so many and caused the falling of mighty pretenders. Now to be seen no more by the Jedi forces. The ones who believe the dark side of the Force being a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. Torres. The Sith. The ultimate betrayal?

Revenge of the Sith - Torres 22.59

Mace Windu was right. You cannot handle it. He would be right not to trust you too.

Seduction is at the root of this evil. Just like Anakin, those visions once blurred or manipulated are never the same. Championships and Trophies shining at the home of the evil Blue empire along with the silvers stained in deception will not hide the misery of a traitor. As an agent whispers into the ears “why not listen?” the turning begins. The forgetting begins. The belief of forgiveness is sold and the ability to prevent the death of a falling star is the new truth. Oh Torres… little did you know the powers of the dark side. Our mortal enemies now your new desire? The Dark Blue Side is corruptive and addictive and you are now leaving. “Listen to them”, you say. Those subtle manipulations have left you broken and you can no longer recognise what the crest on your shirt symbolises. You are no longer one of us. You are no longer a Jedi and your falsehood becomes your legacy.

Order 66. Effected with rage and a callous desire to run away from the embodiments of truth that surround you, you kill. You slay with abandon. One by one each scream from the fan base children is piercing the next in line’s heart. They loved you, Fernando. How could you? Each scream is destroying every goal, every celebration, every sinew that has connected you to us. The red in you now is only in your eyes. You hear the name of the troubled Jedi called Suarez and know his path could be with you. You do not care. You see, the one with whom the Force is so strong in front of you, Our King Kenneth Mathieson Dalglish, but you are not moved. The red has left your heart. You are truly darkened. We are no longer. Your number is dead. Remember how liberty dies?

Where did you become Vader? Why? What is it that you sought that we could not give you? As each sabre strikes the answers are less clear. This is no concern of yours now. You must win. You can only win. The lifeblood of the dreams to win, to be number one, have consumed everything. Won’t-Be-One Comolli knows not what to do. He takes with one hand and delivers with another but only in sequels do we realise the falseness of one dawn and the realisation of the other. Do you recognise yourself? The path to the dark blue side cannot have been easy, granted. The simplicity with which you leave in your head is not so clear anymore. The journey in the Emperor’s transporter is not without pain anymore yet you are unmoved. The operation of salvation in your being is far from over. You now know the pain of the screams. You now know the black heart being put inside of you. “Sign” he said. Where once they sang your name and bounced you will be forgotten but not forgiven. “Sign” he said. Where once your name flew in the wind with the forefathers flags, it will now be on fire in the streets. “Sign” he said. The show of force elsewhere of your masters money didn’t leave us fallen, Fernando. You will see what really happens. This new false Empire may strike back but they don’t value their own Lords there. You will be alone. You will leave alone. This is the only way it can be now. “Sign” he said. Again and again.

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You can’t, can you? Now the sabre is not so swift from you. Like Obi Wan, the Red Force of the Jedi cuts away the skill from your legs. Our high ground will always remain. The Jedi knows all that you have done to the temple of children at Anfield. The master loses his apprentice in heart and soul but doesn’t know where. The master will never know. The master did not foresee this. The Jedi’s did not foresee this. Twisted by the Dark Side you have become but those feelings have betrayed you, Fernando. The Sith Lord at Chelsea is your new master but he cannot fight for you now. Another blow from the Jedi renders you useless. Without face. Without skill. Without honour. You cry now but we no longer walk with you. Just as Padme left Anakin… she didn’t know you anymore. Neither do we. You think we turned people against you? No, Torres, you did that yourself. If you think we are evil just remember what Obi Wan said… “You are lost!”

“SIGN!”. Your new empire. The Sith deals in absolutes. Embrace it. They will not stop shouting. The once chosen one? See yourself burning if you can. You cannot sign as you are. What do you have? Scream as they change you. As birth tempers death the solace of a new hope is left in the hearts of the Jedi in Liverpool. There is always that for us. “SIGN!!!”. The impatience of the new masters of yours grows. Embrace it. Your Emperor is not one who has patience. The lies have now taken you. That final glance of the reflection you cast is not one that you can recognise. The journey is complete. Like your masters earlier words… rise. Your wind is no longer blowing. That man has gone. The false light they shine as the camera records shows what you have become. In Black with their Blue. The ceremonial lion you see is just for show. You’ll never hear a roar or know majesty. The Emperor is not interested in your tears. The money is for the goals that will never come. This seems your new love. Padme said “So love has blinded you?”. How right she was, Fernando Torres. How right she was…

Maybe in a few days or weeks you would explain all the reasons. You couldn’t. You never did. You probably never will. Vengeance will be a dish served cold a week later. The Agger cuts you down. The Force has always been strong with this one. The visiting Jedi remind you at every chance what you have become even though you try to forget. We did not underestimate your power. You mistook the real blue of that colour. Misery… Misery is its name. Yes. Now you understand the power of that Dark Blue Side. Does it still torment you now, Fernando? You have come and gone since and now are departed to a galaxy you knew once before but it’s not the same is it, Fernando?

It never is on the Dark Side.

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