Selling Sturridge Is Simply Crazy!

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The crazy month that is the January transfer window is in full swing and once again Liverpool are at the heart of it all.

It’s only been nine days since the transfer window opened and the headlines are already linking Liverpool with the likes of Ter Stegen, Gotze, Subotic, Hummels, Pato, Lacazette and even Aubameyang. News outlets and fan sites have been falling over themselves to find as many casual links as possible to determine our transfer targets, with everyone’s favorite agent Mr “sources close to the club” once again spreading his( or hers) wisdom.

Selling Sturridge Simply Crazy

But it’s the story that Liverpool are going to offload Daniel Sturridge that has caused a stir online, with some fans feeling that cashing in on Liverpool’s most prolific striker for a measly £25 million is best for business.

Since his arrival at Anfield, Daniel Sturridge has continued to divide opinion.

At first, many questioned whether £10 million for a striker who promised much but delivered little at Chelsea was worth the money. Brendan Rodgers was allegedly against the purchase and moved to block the deal, but Daniel Sturridge would go on to prove he was worth every penny. His goal scoring record of 44 goals in 73 appearances for Liverpool is not something to be taken lightly when you consider the vast majority were in open play.

He scored great goals and significant goals

For example, it was his six goals in the first six games which won Rodgers the points to lay the foundation of Liverpool’s title run along with another 18 in an exciting partnership with Suarez.

With the world at his feet, Daniel Sturridge would meet his arch nemesis and the reason for all the doubt, injuries. Since his arrival at Liverpool in 2013, Daniel Sturridge has missed a combined 75 games in 3 seasons and 365 days in total!

The source of the curse laid on a long-standing hip problem that the club moved to resolve. Rodgers eased Sturridge Into this season stalling the strikers come back until September where he once again scored vital goals with a double in the 3-2 win over Aston Villa.

As one injury healed, another would follow.

The latest injury, a knee injury after a clash of knees in training with Jordan Ibe, would take him out of action for a month. It was at this point, the grumbles around Anfield murmured “sell him”. But yet again, his return would win us another game, two goals and an all round world class performance leading to the destruction of Southampton 6-1.

It was at this point, the grumbles around Anfield murmured “sell him”. But yet again, his return would win us another game, two goals and an all round world class performance leading to the destruction of Southampton 6-1.

And then the hammy went ping!

Sports fitness enthusiast Raymond Verhejin, who has been making a lot of noise on Twitter,  believes that its Klopp methods that are at the heart of the hamstring crisis. A strong majority feel it more a case of bad luck, but what is true, is that a player who has not had a full pre-season in two years was bound to feel the effects of Klopp’s Gegenpressing. This reason hasn’t stopped the growing discontent amongst supporters who now believe that all these injuries are in his head, in no small part thanks to Jurgen Klopp.

Perhaps mistimed, perhaps misunderstood, but Klopp’s comments about Sturridge must “know the difference between real pain and normal pain” did little to help Sturridge’s reputation with the fans, and many now question his mental toughness.

Daniel Sturridge has earned the right for fans to be patient. His goal scoring record and his age are important factors, and he still has a lot to offer in the coming years. To throw a striker as prolific as him under the bus for £25 million, the price of what Berahino is worth these days apparently, is football transfer stories gone mad.

Sturridge has proved not only can he score goals and win matches, but he gets the best out of everyone around him. His movement off the ball drags defenders deeper and provides more space for the playmakers to play, and his instincts align with those of Coutinho and Firmino, who will be able to play instinctive through ball knowing Sturridge will be alive to it.

Sturridge is not just another Striker; he is one at an elite level and the type of striker all big clubs would die to have in their squad. To let him go at a quarter of his value would be Ludacris, and to agree to let him leave Liverpool makes little sense.

Patience will be key this season, for Liverpool fans and Sturridge.

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  1. The author must have felt strongly about “It was at this point, the grumbles around Anfield murmured “sell him”. But yet again, his return would win us another game, two goals and an all round world class performance leading to the destruction of Southampton 6-1”, as he listed it twice in this post.

    Also, according to Mr. Cross, “To let him go at a quarter of his value would be Ludacris.” I know that he wanted to use a big word here, instead he’s made two mistakes: to suggest that Puddin’ Sturridge is worth £100 million; that peddling Sturridge is something a Rapper would do?

    Regardless, the only question to be asked regarding Daniel Sturridge is whether he can help LFC win. And given the fact that he’s missed more games than he’s played, even his most-ardent supporters would have to doubt that he can.

    • You are entitled to your opinion Sir.
      As for me, Anywhere that Daniel Sturridge ends up, I will be a fan of that club. He will win championships.
      I know what you are going to say. You are going to say I have no loyalty. Well he showed loyalty to you all and look where it got him. Unappreciated from the very start of his career at Liverpool.
      I stand with Sturridge.
      Nuff Said!!!

    • It’s just that luck is not on his side currently but he is one of the most prolific strikers in europe. I will also be a fan of the team Sturridge plays in. In-fact it will be a honour to play with him on the same pitch. The injuries he get is not major as i read in the post below. He will come around, I can assure that he will be one Liverpool F.C greatest strikers if giving the chance and not to be sold, Liverpool will make the greatest mistake selling him.
      Sturridge Fan … Prada..RSA

    • I will hold my hands up for the spelling mistake you pointed out, I should have spotted that.

      As seen in the comments below, plenty still agree that the Sturridge is worth the patience. £100 million may be stretching it, but in an era where natural goal scorers are hard to come by, selling him for the money being quoted to me was ludicrous.

      Thank you for taking the time to point out the errors in the article. I will make sure to nullify those as much as I can. Hope you enjoyed the article.

  2. Liverpool simply do not have any other option close to Sturridge’s level atm (although we do have another striker of equal monetary value in Benteke) and that should be the priority, not getting rid of Sturridge.

    Man City are one of the richest clubs in the world yet there is no attempt by them to rid themselves of the ridiculously injury prone Aguero & Kompany. Likewise Arsenal with Walcott & Wilshire etc. As such, I don’t understand all the calls for LFC to sell their injured star player from a far weaker position as a club

    • I totally agree with you Mr Jay Wright, selling Sturridge is the craziest idea. Aguero and Sturridge fall in the same bracket. Injury prone or not. Once on the field every opposition defence are in fear and nervous. That shows how great they are. Some of the biggest strikers most the other clubs without injuries but are failing to score consistently. Aguero and Sturridge are always scoring on there return. Prada… South Africa

  3. Daniel Sturridge has had an awful run of injuries. That is without question. Daniel Sturridge is as talented as any striker in the Premier League. That is also without question. In fact, there are very few strikers on the planet with his ability. Don’t laugh because A healthy Sturridge is worth £100 mil. Now will he ever get healthy? Why not? It’s not like he had bum knees that have seen the knife on several occasions. His issues lately have been soft tissue, strains, pulls and the like. These almost always result in a full recovery. If and when Sturridge returns to the starting XI he becomes LFCs best player. By a mile. For a club with The Reds ambition world class talent cannot be sold. Instead it should be acquired. For this reason he must stay unless Barcelona wants to trade one its big three for him. He must stay and we must pray the bad luck ends. He has already had more than his fair share of annoying injuries.

  4. Sturbridge isn’t the best at Liverpool in fact he isn’t the best anywhere.Fact is he just wasted two years of mine and his own life being patient. The lad just doesn’t play end of,unfortunate for everyone but the world keeps turning.

  5. Keith Cross, – Even if you think selling Sturridge would be LUDICROUS, – please use a Dictionary if necessary, and see how to SPELL it !! But back to the discussion : – L.F.C.’s Medical staff should determine his fitness, ( or most likely, the lack thereof ), – and if they say “PLAY”, that’s what he most definitely MUST do. Way too much money has already been spent on a “spectator” week – in / week – out, apparently with “niggle” after “niggle” after “niggle” ! But then again WHO would be prepared to buy him ? A great shame, but nevertheless, he’s UNAFFORDABLE and of no benefit to L.F C. watching EVERY week. Bring on the Summer window, – PLEASE !!


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