Sadio Mane: Already Labelled

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Okay. I’ve almost succumbed to the fact that we’re going in for another Southampton player in Sadio Mane. Which would make him the fifth player Liverpool has signed from the south west club in 3 years, costing us another hefty £30m, which would coincidentally make him Liverpool Football Club’s third most expensive signing, with Roberto Firmino moving down the billboard, leaving Christian Benteke and Andy Carroll standing firm in top spot.

Sadio Mane - Already Labelled

Seems as if we should just buy shares at Southampton Football Club and have it as LFC’s own “prove yourself first” club before actually moving to Liverpool Football Club.

I am not innocent in grinding my teeth at this piece of business, but unfortunately my GIF game is not as good as everyone else’s to convince the Liverpool hierarchy that there could be better options at a better price.

However, as I do with every footballer arriving at Melwood, I always give them a chance to prove themselves, with Christian Benteke, and Roberto Firmino as the most recent. I, as much as the majority of Liverpool fans can tell you exactly who can be a better alternative to Mane, and trust me, we can potentially make an article a day for a month about each of them, but suggestions is as far as we can go. You wonder what happened when Ian Ayre told us that he listens to the fans on social media? Where’s Reus? *insert annoyed emoji*

To step away from Mane a wee bit, Christian Benteke has produced double-digit figures in goals this season, and the arguments are he’s done it with far less minutes than most so he should be playing more, which is somewhat true. However, for anyone who’s been listening to the AI podcast will know that they’ve also played around with the idea of him coming on as a different type of threat when opposing players are tired. Normally this is what football clubs have. Options. But the fact is £32.5 million quid is not really something you should want or have for a benchwarmer. We’re not financially on par with Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich for that to be okay.

Sadio Mane’s prospective Liverpool career is already a failure. He’s already a bad piece of business, he’s already a flop, and he’s already horrible. At least that’s what you already see floating around social media from disgruntled Liverpool fans. He’s already a failure, without having a single minute recorded playing for Liverpool – no, without even holding or wearing a Liverpool shirt in his professional career as a footballer.

The closed-minded supporters will never deem him a success or a good piece of business because, well, Mane’s fate has already been decided beforehand, even though he could potentially put up 20+ goals and assists per season (I’m not saying he will, but it’s probable), there’s no use. Because in their mind, Mane is not warranted to wear a Liverpool shirt, especially for that fee.  We seem to understand the inflation on price tags due to the TV deal, but we apparently want to be exempt from that.  Not happening.

This is yet another example of how we’re not helping players settle to Liverpool, but instead, make life more difficult for them. Players have social media and read the paper. Some would say it should be motivation for players to prove us wrong. Yes, and 99% of players will come out and say this. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t get depressed about what he sees and reads. That can seriously affect a player’s confidence, which is something they need. Losing confidence can be disastrous, it could cause them to try too hard, overthink, and even be afraid to take risks for that final ball, and it could end up in just another back pass. That’s not even half of it, and it’s definitely not what we need.

I beg all of you, no matter how hard you (and I) cringe at the thought of buying another Southampton player that’s not really the price we’d consider buying him, give Mane the opportunity to settle, give him time to bed, and let him work without any more added pressure.

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  1. What in the World is going on? We need DEFENDERS, DEFENDERS, DEFENDERS. For the sake of LFC to be able to deliver what we actually need and would be happy with. If Mr Klopp fail to buy any Defender it might be his Killing HEELS.

    • Yes! you said that we play a systems of fast and furious for who? without any silver ware. I am cooling my Boots Mr and I would expect you to stop your fake abuses.

    • It seems to me that LFC are possessed with Southampton Players. We have all the players that we need to be great again but overlooked. There must some thing that I am missing in all these SAGA! DEFENDERS are what we need.

    • He is pacey. The crowd loves hard tackles, screaming players, hard work, and FAST WINGERS. Their actual quality isn’t important. See Jordan Ibe for example. Once Mane blows by a defender, he’s an instant favorite.

  2. I don’t agree with you because Mane is a player type LFC needs at this time he has speed, he can score as well as possess footbal. So for such amount of money though its huge but it is reasonable price…if you want to prove this can you compare Stearling quality with Mane in the pitch?? Please Klopp bring Mane he shall do the best and fantastic

    • I am not against any quality player/s. My concern at this moment is our Back Door/s which no one say anything about when we have our opponents swallowing all the padlocks to tighten their back doors. LFC hasn’t got any quality DEFENDERS Period!!

    • Clyne is quality. So is sakho and Matip. Lovren been solid under Klopp. We do need a LB and put Moreno on the bench, I’ll give you that. Flanagan will be back up to Clyne. Gomez will be back to provide cover at CB and even LB at times. We just need Hector! Then the defense is set. Karius – Clyne – Matip – Sakho – Hector is goalie + back 4 quality. We’re on our way!!!

    • I am very pleased with your point and I wish the Manager can things together this time round. Thank you again.

    • You don’t understand what I’m trying to say. The whole point of the article was to say that people will not give him a chance because they don’t like him. I never said he’s a bad signing. I did say that there are better options.

  3. If Mane was playing in the German League and at 20 mil, fans would be ecstatic at maybe getting him. As for defenders, I’m sure theare pursuing a left back, but this isn’t Football Manager and thesetngs take time. Also, remember Liverpool finished 8th and, apart from one season, has been poor for eight years. Not every player is exactly clamoring to join, so be happy if we can get a decent player.

  4. all we have to deal with is about defenders,liverpool need good defences,,i don’t agree with Mane coming in,i don’t know if liverpool are to buy all saint players at once in a single season,,SIR KLOP,,take a look at defence

  5. am afraid I cant agree with you..i think mane is the exact player liverpool really needs right now:he has pace,skills(and he’s also good on the ball)and judging from the game style klopp wants to implement at liverpool(high intensity)mane will blend in with liverpool perfectly to help with the counter-attacks

    • Mate I’m not against signing Mane. I simply pointed out there could be better options. I wrote this because he’s not even worn a Liverpool shirt and yet he’s already a failure.

    • Which of these “better options” would actually sign for lfc? I don’t think there is anyone with equal or better stats that will. He’s the kinda players we will target along with unknown potential.

  6. Hope he has a thick skin to deal with all the thick fucks.

    He’s a helluva player and the best player the club has signed from Southampton.

    In games where he played as a wide attacker, he was a 1 in 2 scorer. That puts him in a class of 14 players in top 5 leagues.

    He also averaged more than 2 tackles per game. The number of 1 in 2 wide players with more than 2+ tackles per game in a top 5 league is 2.

    Sadio Mane. And Alexis Sanchez.

    In the last two years, Mane and Alexis Sanchez have had the same goal rate as wide players.

    Looks like LFC finally got what they were looking for two summers ago. LFC is lucky that Southampton played him out of position often enough to hurt his overall statistics.

  7. I know a lot of people will be unhappy going back to Southampton but I think Saido Mane can be a great addition. He’s probably been the best natural winger over the last 2 seasons scoring 21 goals in the League, making double figures twice in a row. Very quick, tricky with both feet and can cut inside or go out wide and beat defenders provide crosses and assists.


    Yes there are 2 similar players that stick out for me who are better – Reus and Griezmann. However with no Champions League are they going to come to Liverpool – NO! There’s also the fact these 2 will cost much more than £30m.

    Much talk Mane will not go for less than £40m but I would like to believe we get him for no more than £30m. Just you never know with Ian Ayre?


    We do needs other positions strengthen some to come straight into the team and maybe others to challenge for places –

    CB – Kolo has left and we expect Skrtel to go plus Sakho’s ban/suspension situation leaves us with Lovren and newbie Matip 1 center back will be needed

    LB – Only Moreno who’s had a real mixed bag. Our worst player in the Europa League Final. At times gets found out too easily defensively and has been real poor at marking, defending crosses and stopping them he’s really bad. However he has great pace and is really good getting forward but doesn’t show it enough like when scored v Spurs but ultimately his 1st job is to defend. Brad Smith is around but is he ready? Maybe needs a loan move? Someone like Ricardo Rodriguez but won’t be cheap

    DEF CM – Only Lucas counts for this position I would say. Allen has done a job there for Wales and Liverpool but for me he’s not strong enough and has the instincts for this spot whilst Lucas is injury prone and not a Mascherano. Quite a few good options out there eg Kante has been so great for Leicester he’s now a regular for France. William Carvallho from Sporting & Portugal another good option.

    WINGER – Will looks like Mane will be our man but ideally I think whatever formation Klopp uses we should have 2 wingers at least. Markovic will be back but has never looked convincng to me at Liverpool, at Benfica and from what i hear not been great in Turkey. At the moment our only ones left are the young guys Ibe & Ojo. Ibe has drifted the last couple of the season whilst Ojo made some good cameo appearances. We won’t spend big on another winger surely so who else? Always been a fan of Shaqiri and should have bought him before but not sure on his valuation now. Dries Mertens is not the greatest but a real good option and what you would call a smart buy, Schurrle always been underestimated and Chelsea never appreciated him but he’s always found goals. Scored 20 for Germany so can’t be all bad. His team mate might be a bit better Draxler but you would be looking at £35m+. A 2nd winger won’t be a priority over other positions and may have to come in another window but would be more convenient to be done this summer.

    STRIKER – We assume Benteke will go likewise Balotelli leaving a developing Origi, untested Ings (will need lots of time) and a injury prone Sturridge. Are these 3 enough to finish teams off? Some have suggested Mane will replace Benteke but for me that’s not the case as 1 is a winger & the other a striker. Granted Mane can play left right and maybe as 2nd foward/number 10 but he’s not out and out striker. While it would be a dream to get Aubameyang or Lewandoski both are out of our reach. We have been linked to another belgium forward Batshuayi, Higuain was another but looks like he’s to sign a new deal at Napoli. Mauro Icardi is a talented poacher who probably needs a new challenge. However I would make Alexandre Lacazette our number 1 striker target. Think he has it all great pace, scores with both feet in and out of the box, prolific, fairly clinical, great linkup play (ideal for Sturidge), good with 1 on 1s (unlike Benteke), good at pressing, tricks & dribbles and doesn’t need to be isolated by staying in the middle and can coast into wide positions or come a bit deeper to get involved with more of the play if needed much like Suarez or even Sturridge which is partly why they formed a deadly partnership. So you probably wonder if he’s so good why is he not in the France squad??? My only answer to that is Deschamps is utterly insane and has been a bit fortunate during the Euros so far. Maybe Benzema exception but would be bold enough to say he’s at least 2nd besr French striker. A more developed version of Martial perhaps, surely more talented than Giroud and Gignac put together. Scored 76 goals the last 3 seasons for Lyon, he’s ready for a step up but I fear Arsenal will poach him now that the Vardy deal won’t happen.

    • All this your statements does nothing for LFC. All we are hoping for this season is for LFC to become formidable winning things and battering other teams on the pitch/es, and not be has beings.


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