How Liverpool Will Make Your Dreams Come True

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One would think that a manager boasting two Bundesliga titles, a German Cup and a UEFA Champions League final appearance, could take a mediocre team like Liverpool to the next level. But after failing to qualify for the Champions League following a heartbreaking loss to Sevilla (despite taking the lead in the first half), Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp couldn’t capitalize on an opportunity that was easily within his reach. Their journey has been an inconsistent one. While Liverpool surprised statistically stronger sides (like their 1-1 draw against Borussia Dortmund), they also lost against much weaker sides like their 0–1 loss to the worst Manchester United team in decades.

How Liverpool Will Make Your Dreams Come Ture

The Red’s shaky draw-riddled season created a bizarre new trend among sports bettors whereby they would bet against Liverpool when playing against weaker sides while betting in their favor when going up against stronger sides. In an almost instantaneous fashion, online sports betting provider-888 Casino became a magnet for football fans obsessed with Liverpool’s win-loss anomaly. One reason that particular site became such a popular destination is because they offer betting options on many other sports as well as casino games. As an example, You can check out this great takeoff from on 888 casino review that offer huge welcome offer on all kind of casino games as well as sportsbooks.

888 Casino capitalized on Liverpool crazed sports bettors reporting record traffic to their site allowing its customers to hedge on other athletic events such as rugby, cricket and tennis. Meanwhile, other people can visit this CA portal and find casino games like roulette and blackjack. As far as Liverpool is concerned, several questions still remain. Will the Reds will continue puzzling its supporters? Or is 2017 is the year they produce a consistent winning season?

Although 2015/2016 was a heartbreaker for Klopp, it is certainly excusable for a manager who had less than one season to build up a team of sub-par athletes. But if they want to go all the way next year, they need to learn from their mistakes. Furthermore, the team lacks depth. Players like injury-riddled Daniel Sturridge can’t carry the team on his own. Klopp needs to demand more from players like Christian Benteke who has yet to give owner John Henry his money’s worth. If the Reds truly want to break free and enjoy a consistent season, Klopp needs to keep a close eye on the talent this summer and cut loose any extra baggage. This is an opportunity Klopp did not enjoy in 2015 as he only joined the team in October. If he can rise to the challenge, the Reds should provide a more consistent winning season than last. Until then, Liverpool FC will remain a sports bettors’ paradise.

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  1. The problem we have is that some players when they came to LFC would say LFC has been my life time ambition to play for, but the moment they signed on that dotted line everything gone out of their fire.Their should be a clause in each contract no win half pay! mark my word they would work harder for their worth.

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