Mamadou Sakho has let the Liverpool Country down

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“Now it’s 3 weeks since I am fit to play games. I finish all my rehabilitation work. They don’t want me to play also with second team lol! Why I don’t know.”

“Still working hard like Scouse Soldier! Still not talking cos I want speak on pitch.. I will speak soon for the people who support me and don’t understand the situation.

“Still happy to live in my “Liverpool Country” with my family, hope to have chance to play soon to give my best like I try to do always!

“I accept my situation but I can’t accept the lie… The fans deserve to know the true! Thanks for your support.”

Mamadou Sakho took to social media platform Snapchat, at 2am no less, to break his long silence after being sent home from the club’s pre-season tour of America for an unprofessional attitude. It’s kind of ironic, isn’t it?

It’s an ill-thought-out plan on the centre-back’s part and does nothing to quell the claims his poor attitude is the reason Reds manager Jurgen Klopp has frozen him out of the first team. Less than a month after Sakho rejected a loan move away from the club, despite Klopp advising him that a move away would be the best chance he had of regaining his place in the team, the frustration of not seeing any match time, not even in the u23s, has clearly got the better of him.

This outburst from the Frenchman may be the final nail in the coffin of his checkered career at the club and may see the fans finally turn on him.

He implied Jurgen Klopp is lying when he’s been asked about about the player in public but in a recent press conference the manager said “It’s not about how the player feels, it’s about how I feel.” Rightly so, Klopp has to be 100% confident when fielding a player. Why would he risk disrupting Liverpool’s good form by putting in a player who is not only lacking match fitness but has the ability to disrupt a settled and highly switched on Liverpool side?

Sakho’s choice of wording is interesting as well. Initially when he spoke about Liverpool Country it was an off the cuff remark and it was well received. He was one of us and he got Liverpool’s us versus the world mentality as a city. Using the comment in his series of Snapchats seems like a cheap tactic to get people on his side and effectively pit them, the fans, against Jurgen Klopp. The messages don’t come across as a random rant, but something he’s thought about for some time.

All of this on the eve of a match against Hull when Liverpool have momentum on their side. Five games without defeat, lots of positivity and Sakho feels it’s appropriate to try to derail that? It doesn’t really come across as a player trying to do what’s best for the club. No player is bigger than the club.

It’s disappointing for fans who have defended him since his move to the club from PSG at the beginning of the 2013/14 season. He was ridiculed for how he looked on the ball, he rocked the boat when he walked away from the derby after Brendan Rodgers didn’t select him in the squad, he stupidly didn’t consult the club regarding the diet pills he was taking and because of it missed the Europa League, as well as the Euros, and then was sent home for three strikes in America.

Despite all of this there were still fans who looked at his attitude and ability on the pitch as reasons to stick with him. He was spoken about as a leader and as a potential captain. But his actions come across as unprofessional, selfish and petulant. Sakho’s best approach would’ve been to bide his time, try to impress in training and gradually regain Klopp’s trust.

Instead he’s burned even more bridges with the club and simultaneously strengthened Klopp’s standing with the fans. Many questioned his Sakho stance and his desire for Sakho to be loaned, but with the centre-back’s comments it appears the manager has been proven right and fewer people should, in theory at least, question the manager’s decisions moving forward.

The cult hero status he worked so hard to get with some standout performances, especially in the Europa League match against Manchester United, now counts for nothing. He’s undone it all.

Sakho united his ‘Liverpool country’, but they’re united against him. 

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  1. Who is united against sakho because he has an issue with klopp, ooh no spare me that. If you are trying to create a negative propaganda, MR Writer it won’t work.
    This is the same thing we all did by chasing suarez with our tongues out of liverpool claiming no player is bigger than the club, saying how he is dragging the name of the club in the mud, this and that as if our barrenness isn’t the mother of all disgrace. For me give me a player that plays with his soul, and I will tell you he isn’t a footballer but a warrior which we ain’t bless with many of late
    Well, The player is entitle to his own opinion, just like sturridge or milner the same way they came to the media and complain, about their respective situation the difference here is one here isn’t getting any minutes at all and like klopp claims he needs to be match fit before he can play, but the problem like I see is how will sakho be match fit if is sit on the bench
    Maybe what sakho is telling us is that klopp has other reasons which we all would like to know

  2. I support your opinion my brother. no player would prove fitness by warming the bench, . let sakho be given games to prove his fitness,,,

  3. I think there is an issue here.if you cannot play him then sell him.but I advise Sakho to be patient now that everybody is playing well.he should concentrate and regain total fitness.but I advise klopp too not to take it to heart.As their elder and coach he should understand that these boys are small boys.

  4. I don’t like how Klopp is treating Sakho and Ings,it’s not fair,are they dat terrible at playing footie to marginalize dem like dat. As much as U love Klopp I will speak d truth.

  5. I think a lot of this is irrelevant. The main point here is Sakho had a previous history with a similar drug at PSG. He came to Liverpool and as a club it would have been clear. We want to know any supplements you are taking, legal ot otherwise. At the point where Sakho ignores that, it is a complete breach of trust, probably his contract, he lets his manager and team down and how can they trust him again. One rule for them, another for Sakho. From that point on he was finished. Forget everything since.

  6. hmm I wonder how some people/fans reason at time, we already have a strong IX playing good football those on the bench are still struggling to break into the team there an injured star who have not play since April is posting rubbish some fans are praising him. if u think sakho is the only player that gives 100% then you are mad.

  7. What kind of comment is this? Please try to reason sometimes. So you expect klopp. To throw sturridge, origi or firmino out of the squad in favor of ings? Or throw out klavan or lovren out in favor of the match rusty sakho? Common sense is not common!

  8. @Suarez7, What kind of comment is this? Please try to reason sometimes. So you expect klopp to throw sturridge, origi or firmino out of the squad in favor of ings? Or throw out klavan or lovren out in favor of the match rusty sakho? Common sense is not common!

  9. I really think we should not let sakho’s issue disrupt our vibes. All players can’t be fielded.
    Also, it should be noted that we all complained about Klopp exclusion and management of Sturridge last season and at the Euros we saw firsthand Klopp was right.
    Also, I appreciate Sakho for what he has done for the club but let’s look at Kolo toure, he was great on and off the pitch last season. Kolo was on bench most times but cheered the team. Should Sakho want to play again, then he should throw support around the team.
    I am raring to see Ings play but we have to wait as all these players have their parts this season.
    I am a Klopp and Kop lover.
    I believe in Klopp

  10. First off our team is playing very well in defense so there is no need to change anyone. Secondly he is not that great of a player and all parties playing at the moment are a better fit than he. Thirdly with the team doing so well it’s amazing that we still have detractors SMH YNWA my ass. We have some of the most ridiculous fans I swear! Next you’ll be calling for that clown Lucas to be back in the starting eleven (bty he should have long been gone from the club if you want to talk about slowing the process of younger better players) but hey that’s only my humble opinion

  11. Sakho’s attitude aside, you can’t wrong what he said. It is a lie. Klopp was lying. Sakho could have at least played for the U23s to regain match fitness, just like Ings. But Klopp doesn’t want that..
    Sakho was stupid though to say that in public. His chances to play again for the club were already slim, now they’re gone. He should have just kept quiet and patient if he really wanted to play for the Liverpool country again.
    It’s sad to see because he’s by far our best defender, and a great human being.

  12. Sakho seem not to have Learnt much as a human since he got here. as a player, he always has my trust but his attitude seems to be questionable. We can’t be really sure of anything until the boss speaks… no judging!

  13. Too many issues with Sakho He’s certainly not doing himself any favours with his Manager Klopp advised him that he should go out on loan if he wishes to improve his chances This he chose not to do How can anyone in their right mind suggest to change a winning team just to allow Mr Sakho to try to prove himself yet again I’m afraid that his time is up with Liverpool And I think that he would be well advised to try and find himself another team Neither Mr Klopp nor the team or indeed anyone else needs this kind of diversion now Especially that we are playing so well We have great committed players All of them are playing well and fighting for the TEAM So be it

  14. I honestly don’t know what happened during the off season in the U.S but Sakho should have apologized to the Manager and the fans. I think if he had offer a sincere apology, he would be training with the under 23 team by now. I personally feel that Sakho has a place in the team if he can regain his match fitness. The season is just starting and we really don’t know how things will unfold. As much as I’m exited with our squad, I’m not carried away.

  15. I Seriously Disagree With Sam McGuire And Some Guys Who Commented. As Pointed Out, How Does A Player Get Match Fit, When He Doesn’t Even Make The Matchday Squad. He’s Also Not Allowed To Star For The U-23. Do You Know How Frustrated You’d Be As A CB When Lucas Who Is A Midfielder, Starts A Match At CB And You Don’t Make The Squad All On The Bogus Excuse Of Not Been Match Fit. This Guys’ Messed Up, But Remember, He Choose To Also Take A Self Ban And Refused To Challenge Uefa So As Not To Create Bad PR For Liverpool During His Drug Case. He’s Been One Of The Few Bright Spot And Most Solid Players In The Liverpool Defence Since He Came In. If He’s Not Getting A Look-In In Games Against Burton And Derby, Then, Something Is Wrong. I Appreciate Klopp For Trying To Keep The Press Off The Teams Momentum By Claiming He’s Not Playing Because, He’s Not Match Fit, But, There’s So Much Anyone Will Take And I And Sakho Need To Know What Klopp ‘Feels’ And Why Sakho Won’t Even Make Matchday Squads Nor Play With The U-23s.

  16. I agree that maybe he could get a chance at match fitness with the u23 but he was offered another opportunity in a more challenging position when he was told to go prove himself at another club and in turn prove his desire to represent our club. Mr. Klopp is right in his stance and it’s being proven in the teams unity and results! Whom would he depose ( just to appease him and his fan base ) in a defense that is playing so well anyway? I do understand the Lucas comment but i’m less of a fan of his than I am of Sahko and I don’t rate Sahko that highly at all unlike some.

  17. The Truth Is Sakho Should Only Be Behind Matip And Lovren, Certainly Not Klavan and Lucas. He’s Proven Himself When The Defense Looked In Shambles And The Team On The Whole Were Woeful. Currently Our Defense Seems Top Notch Only And Simply Because There’s Great Momentum Especially With The Teams Start, And Our Attack’s Been So Breathtaking That Our Opponents Rarely Have The Time To Even Ask Questions Of The Defense. They’ve Not Really Proved Themselves Long Term And Tough Term. I’d However Not Take The Whole Shine Off The Current Setup Just Cause Of Sakho As I Believe In The ‘if Its Not Broken, Don’t Change It’ Line, But Theres A Clear Difference Between ‘Not Given A Chance’ And ‘Not Getting A Chance’. As It Stands, The Former Seems True Than The Latter And That’s The Question On Our Lips, Why Is He Not Given A Chance? Hope Klopp Answers, Sooner, Rather Than Later.
    #mon-ami Klopp

  18. @Misheals
    You are giving little credit to our defense getting better and particularly Matip and Milner who have drastically improved the quality of our defense. Matip is a straight up GENERAL and Milner is such a professional and under rated hero in our team in my humble opinion. He has played so far out of his position with not even a squeak of a moan. So far my MVP. Also he has not just filled in but played excellently there not down playing Lovren and or Clyne’s roles as they have both been excellent as well. Yes our attack is great at the moment but our defense are now only conceding one verses 3’s and 4’s limiting our chances of a loss and or even a draw providing we keep scoring freely

  19. I know it isn’t a favorite subject of his supporters but the reason PSG let Mr. Sahko go without a real fight was the price we paid, plus his disciplinary record over there (meaning his attitude ). This was confirmed by a few interviews (by some club officials) given after his bust up with Mr. Klopp. Oh and Klavan has settled in nicely.


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