VIDEO: Nina Kauser Show - Cup Competitions Vs The League

The Nina Kauser show on YouTube is back! After my debut episode on Anfield Index TV last week I am back with another interesting question for my awesome Twitter followers! This time I asked:


You can watch the video above! There were some really interesting responses and I go through them as well as give my own take on the question. What would you do? Should Liverpool forgo the cup competitions and focus on the league? You can leave your point of view in the comments section below. Hope you enjoy the video!


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One response to “VIDEO: Nina Kauser Show – Cup Competitions Vs The League”

  1. I think we should aim for a trebble. With the depth in our squad, a bit of rotation will do good for us. Players like Stewart and all the younger ones with the support of a few older guys can progress well in the cup games. We need all the silverware we can get as a confidence booster for next season. But in this pursuit of success we have to remember to stay focused so that we finish the season in the champions league places which is the most important thing at the moment. Winning the league will be an icing on the cake…YNWA

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Updated: 2017-01-08 08:05:57