If You Can’t Support Liverpool When They Lose or Draw, Then Don’t Bother

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Utterly embarrassing.



No, I’m not talking about the Liverpool performance against Swansea, I’m actually talking about the supporters’ reaction to it.

So-called “supporters” of Liverpool FC, were absolutely raging, fuming with disbelief – criticising the players, the manager, the board, absolutely anyone that they could attach some ‘blame’ to.

“Klopp doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

“Klopp out!”

“Must sell Clyne, Klavan, Lovren and Mignolet!”

“We NEED new players!”

“Henderson crap. Again.”

“Top four and the season is over.”

Get a grip.

Never have I had the displeasure of being associated with such reactive, fickle and spoilt fans. This is a team, that last season was eighth, and the season before, truly diabolical. Jürgen Klopp, a manager coveted by almost every top European club, decided that he would take over at the ‘great’ Liverpool, and attempt to restore the team to past, and to create future, glories. In all honesty, this is perhaps one of the biggest challenges in world football, coming to Liverpool, with the current team, with immense competition, and without the deep-pocketed approach of rivals, and is a challenge that many a good manager has failed to meet. Yet, nonetheless, and to his credit, Klopp decided to take it on, but has not been rewarded the way he should be, by some fans.

Despite Klopp choosing Liverpool, and steering the team into two cup finals in his first season, then in his first full season, another cup semi-final, and a position to which Liverpool actually have the ability to challenge for the title, that’s not enough for some fans – the very same fans who felt that top four should be LFC’s goal this season.

Liverpool may have lost to bottom side Swansea, but even within the game, there were clear signs of improvement: last season, having gone two goals down, that would likely have been the end of it; yet Liverpool responded with two goals, both from Firmino, signalling an end to his dry run, whilst Coutinho got more valuable game-time under his belt for the upcoming big fixtures, and Joel Matip is set to return to the starting XI next game. Losses in the Premier League happen, and whilst Liverpool had not been beaten for a year at Anfield, that record was bound to be broken eventually – fuming and raging about a small setback in the grand scheme of things is quite pathetic in all honesty. There’s plenty more games for Liverpool to make up lost ground.

Now, to call out a tactical mistake, or highlight errors within a match is fine, but to chastise the team and the manager in the manner that was evident on Twitter, and radio phone-ins is truly ridiculous. Steven Gerrard was spot on when he voiced his own disbelief at the growing discontent amongst the Liverpool fanbase, stating that the Liverpool manager is world-class, and that LFC are lucky to have him. The fans who cannot deal with a small setback would do well to remember that.

Jürgen Klopp is genuinely one of the best things to happen to the club in its history. And if you cannot see that, you seriously underestimate the troubled situation LFC has been in for over 20 years; almost always behind rival Manchester United, and then in recent years, behind Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, and Spurs. Yet now Liverpool are back, and challenging at the top, and will continue to do so under the guidance of Klopp – not anyone else.

But, perhaps these angry fans, who proclaim to know all there is to know about football, are the reason Anfield is so quiet on match-days; truth be told, it is embarrassing that at home games, the away fans are far louder than the home fans, and that during games the only real noise that can be heard in between goals is that of frustration towards a misplaced pass, or a poor shot. For goodness sake, these fans should be getting behind their team and supporting them, as a supporter should do. Otherwise, these ‘fans’, may as well rename themselves ‘critical spectators’, doing nothing to aid the team, or give them a boost, but always the first to put players, or decisions down.

Klopp was right to call out the fans, especially as we’ve all seen what an extra push from the fans can do to the team (see Liverpool 4-3 Borussia Dortmund), this is meant to be Anfield, the home of Liverpool, one of the most intimidating and daunting places any player can go to play. Yet, playing in what may as well have been an empty stadium, is hardly intimidating, even for a team performing poorly, such as Swansea.

People laugh at ArsenalFanTV, but that is what Liverpool’s fanbase has become now. Reactive, angry, impatient and petulant. It genuinely puts me off wanting to discuss a game, or share my thoughts on a particular game on social media. For instance, these angry Liverpool fans proclaimed the end of Liverpool’s season before full-time on Saturday, a day on which Manchester United, Manchester City and Spurs would all drop points. Considering this, the question has to be asked, what do these fans really know about football? Drawing a conclusion, from one game, such a small sample, shows that these fans are not even capable of critical thinking; it’s still January! We’re only halfway through the season, and if we can cast our minds back to the 2011/12 season, a season in which Manchester City clinched the title in literally the last seconds of the season, is it that hard to imagine that the table’s configuration could change over the next four months?

Liverpool FC is meant to be a club for normal people, normal people who love good football, and people who can stick with a team through thick and thin – yet now, instead of being flooded with ‘plastic fans’ from abroad, it’s filled with fickle fans from the UK. At least the ‘plastic fans’ make the effort to trek across the globe to see their team play, and to support them, unlike the angry domestic fans who appear to only go to Liverpool matches to voice their frustrations, and their ‘solutions’ to ending a title drought that has nearly lasted 30 years.

I assure you, Jürgen Klopp is all ears for this magical solution, and if getting angry, calling for him to be sacked, or criticising the players is the way to get the title – go ahead! But seeing as it isn’t, perhaps it’s time for everyone to get behind the team, and the club properly. Reminding ourselves, exactly why we sing You’ll Never Walk Alone, and why we, are Liverpool.

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  1. You are a fool!!! Why would u lose at anfield to a team like swansea? On top of that, klopp changed the set up, taking Lallana to the wings and bringing in a sluggish Emre can into the midfield. Klopp wont sign a dedicated defensive midfielder. By the way, what kind of hatred does he have towards sakho such that he can’t forgive him? I believe that, a partnership of matip and sakho would be better off than any of lovren and klavan. Klopp is indirectly costing us some valuable points and you’re saying all this trash? You are very stupid.

  2. If Matip was fit he should of played, Wino made an assist but really offers nothing especially when we need a left back and Milner could be moved further up field because Clyne cannot cross a ball if his life depended on it. Also our possesion play is slack with 5 yard balls going astray to often. The worst thing is we need a centre back and Lovern is not that guy. Sakho for what ever he has done would do better and it seems if we don´t buy someone, it is cutting your nose to spite your face. Klopp has the same stats as Van Gall but nothing has been done to address the defensive nightmares that have gone on for many seasons. Klopp needs to show a plan B and he must have know that buying Mane would be miss in JANUARY. It is nice to have the youngsters coming through but…….we have no real quality on the bench and we don´t seem to want anyone who is Championship material. Please remember we are not in Europe so do not complain about the fixture list and if we do not make the top four no one good will want to come. Our standards have slipped and beating Man City and then losing to Swansea is not what anyone wants.

  3. you are a great fool,because this type of mentality zat since 25 yrs we are still chasing to win a tittle,make note we not an ordinary club,we are among ze best of ze best elite team,a bite of respect, arguing,protesting does not mean we dont love our team its our wright to raise our voice when needed ,let ze owner n ze manager know we are not happy they need to change their strategy to win ze tittle if they cant do it pliz dont waste your time ur money pack up n let another to come take ze reign who can do ze job

  4. An excellent article by the way and very true. Some of the comments below are a little to be desired but everyone has an opinion.
    Now for my little comment. I was reading a few articles on what Steven Gerrard had to say and I must admit he is correct. The fans must be blind if they cannot see what I look has achieved here We have one bad result and now the knives are out for a manager who has brought a smile back to Enfield, a much more relaxed Enfield and some beautiful football to boot.
    I am shocked to see some of the comments written under this article and those on Twitter. I look has worked miracles on this club from grass roots level right to the first team squad and he deserves the utmost praise and gratitude. I t is time to get behind the manager and the team and make Anfield once again a theatre of electricity not the library it has become.
    As for shouts for Rakhi to return and there is some underlying Hatred from Kloop, what utter nonsense. Klopp gave Sakho the benefit of the doubt but yet again he was a disruption, I don’t think personally that Klopp dislikes Sakho as a man or a player but it’s the fact that he is disruptive and thus causes problems in the squad. This is why he will not return and should be off loaded.
    Klavan has been a decent signing but it was always known he wasn’t first choice, just back up. Loren has done well this season in my view, The problem we have is in the Goalkeeping position, neither Mignolet or Karius would get into any of our rivals first teams.
    So I will end this by saying let’s not be fickle, one defeat doesn’t spell the end, in my view this was never going to be an easy fix, I didn’t expect the title this year and I still don’t, yes it would be fantastic if we could achieve that but I’m a realist and top 4 finish would be an achievement in my book in Klopps first full season This is a love affair that could last for years and in the end I know that Klopp will get this club back to where it belongs and that is the pinnacle of English and European football.
    Have faith in our German tactician, have faith in the players. and as Shanks once said ” I want Liverpool to be a bastion of invicinility”.
    Well I can say the same of Klopp he wants the same as the great man did 58 years ago.
    So do we stay together and stay strong or do we become like other clubs?
    No we are Liverpool. The family if Liverpool
    and We Never Walk Alone.

  5. ok so certain people are for his head.who do we bring in.i trust klopp.we were calling this team not good enough.where are we on the table.we are punching above our weight at the moment.so now we have to be patient and enjoy the ride.before i used to be worried whenever we played a match.now i know we going to come back.i know he will improve the squad in july.long may it continue .i am in years enjoying watching liverpool

  6. I partially agree wityh your comments. I am Greek and I have been a Liverpool supporter for almost 4 decades now. ( I am 52 years old). My young daughter at the age of 10 is a Liverpool fun since she was born. I Know the players asre human and not machines so sometimes they do not perform according to ther skills. But if I go back in this season I see defeats from Burnley (ball possession 80%), Bornemouth ( 1-3 up in the last 15 minutes) and Swansea (last of the table). Well, if you can’t get 3 points at least save 1. It is very important for Klopp to work on the players moral. I only hope that last game’s defensive errors won’t be repeated

  7. In Klopp we should trust…Klopp knows…You need time to build a team over several windows…Anyone can be a manager in the virtual world…Talk is always easy…But to hold an actual team together and pull them in the same direction with its problems is different…Fact is…We have minimal squad depth and to compete against the richer clubs, we’re always at a disadvantage…We have to build…We shouldn’t look to the past any longer as our glory days were over long ago since Souness’s reign and now we need to build on…YNWA…

  8. i think we as fans should be patient although i agree with the majority of comments above.one thing we are forgetting is that our team has been dead for a long time now,but here we are acting like we took the title on three consecutive occassions and just lost focus a season ago.over 30yrs is a long time to wait…..i’ve been a liverfool supporter for 15yrs now and have never seen them win a title which is very frustrating…..remember our team is very young and inexperienced but very promising….lets believe in klopp and the kop as we’ve seen some splendid performances from them in previous fixtures…..majority of the players are deadwood;granted.but we have one of the best men in the game at the helm which is klopp;the coach and i know we’ll be smiling come the ene of the season…..at least a trophy will do us some good

  9. For Those Ranting & The Writer Calling Those Complaining All Sort Of Name I’d Say Shush It. I Agree That The Manager Has Done A Good Job, And Never Want To See Him Leave, But We Cannot Just Keep Mum And Behave Like Nothing Is Wrong. In 3 Pl Matches In ’17 We Have Just 2point& That Coming Against 2 Teams In The Relegation Zone. We Are Humans For Sakes, Why Will The Team Keep Messing It Every Year. Are We Learning From Previous Seasons At All. Crystal Palace- Bournemouth, Similar Situation, Different Seasons, Sunderland 2 Seasons Running. This Kills The Fragile Confidence We Are Building Too. I’d Not Die If We Don’t Win The League, But Losing To Teams We Should Win Every Season Is Bad For Morale. On The Other Hand, How Do We Keep The Likes Of Coutinho & Our Stars To Other Bigger& Influential Clubs When We Keep Havn This Kind Of Frustration Every Year. We Have The Right To Complain, We Are The Ninth Richest Club, So We’re Not As Poor As Portrayed. So Improve The Team And Stop Breaking Our Hearts.

  10. The whole point in supporting a club, especially LFC, I would imagine is to enjoy the journey. To feel the highs and lows with full intensity. So we lost a game we should have won, but that’s only the third loss in the entire season. If that costs us the title this season doff your hats to those who finish above us for they have won simply by being incredible and not coz we gifted it to them.

    And for those entitled dumb asses who think the club owes them simply coz they supposedly support the club when they are winning or coz they wish success for the club, wake up. You are not owed shit. Be a fan only if you believe in the values of the club and what it stands for else like the author above says, don’t bother. There’s always the Manchester clubs for the likes of you. Move on.


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