I Blame Klopp

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Deflated. Like a sugar high that suddenly disappeared and the child is lethargic. No more laughs. Tantrums are thrown without actually knowing why that high disappeared. That’s how it felt for me after the 2nd goal was slotted in between Mignolet’s legs and Hull City ran away with the 3 points.

I was distraught. That happens when you harbour so much of hope about five weeks back. So much hope of challenging for the title until the very end because we looked the deal. We really looked like the dog’s bollocks, our attack striking fear and our play so feverishly addictive. I was so cock sure we would finally announce our arrival as a challenger for many a season to come, this season being a warning shot. And then, when unraveled, that hope which was so strong and solid, fell down to the ground clumsily and painfully, almost as comical as a Charlie Chaplin stunt.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that the challenge is limp as a flaccid penis now. And we don’t live in the realms of Hollywood nor Bollywood where miracles happen and every other club fucks up in the next few weeks for us to make up ground. We don’t. Full stop.

And protocol insists that we must begin the blame game. Some of us had begun way before the collapse yesterday. Take your pick. Klopp? FSG? Individual players? The FA?

Personally, I put all blame on Klopp. No two ways about it. I don’t blame him for his selections. I don’t blame him for his tactics. Nor his in game management. Nor his treatment of players while instilling his team ethos. Nope, none of that is to be blamed. But I bloody blame him for making me believe and hope again. He made us all think it was possible to challenge for the title by building on potential, by drilling intelligence into players that weren’t very intelligent in the first place. He made us believe buying new and better players wasn’t the only way to Utopia. But evidently that belief has taken a huge dent yesterday. Massive dent. It shouldn’t have because the first half of the season wasn’t a fluke and he’s earned that right to make us believe. Still, you’re only as good a manager as your last game. That’s the reality today. Fickle. Black and white. No grey areas. Pendulum with peaks and valleys.

Realistically speaking, and we all know this very well, we were only aiming to get into the Champions’ League spot. Progress on a steady upward trajectory chart would arguably mean a couple of positions from where we ended in the last 2 seasons. And in the Champions League. That is progress and that was what we’ve all been screaming for after Rodgers was asked to leave. Challenging for the league is the bonus we never expected thinking that is was a lottery of sorts. And here we are now, finally settling down to challenging for the 4th place. And progress has already been made evident for us all.

But why is it such a bitter pill to take? Because, if you’ve waited for 26 years, and because you’ve been ridiculed as has-beens for nearly all your adult lives, anything that gives you hope for the title, you grab. You grab like that teenager who sees his favourite porn actress actually in his living room giving him the eye after watching her on video since your first erection.

And for this, I blame Klopp. The title gave me the eye because Klopp made me believe. And hope, like that idea you plant using Inception, is a very hard thing to kill. You can’t kill it even if you had all the logic and facts to back you up. It’s indestructible. It can only be killed when the one that made you believe makes you un-believe it. Like when Rodgers did in the season he got sacked. Klopp knows this. He knows no excuses will make do. He just needs to keep the believe alive, not with excuses, but by revitalising the team that he used to make us believe. Again.

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  1. I agree with a lot of what you say , I am 64 yrs old l am born and bred in Liverpool . I have watched them since l was 8 yrs old ran Emlyn Hughes Fan Club went to every home and away match for years, through there great managers and players . I feel sick to the stomach when l see how much these players are earning now to compared to then ! They have a private jet to get them from here to there , they are showing off there new team bus this week with we are LIVERPOOL along the sides of it can you imagine the comments of seeing that after the game yesterday . Firmino always on Social Media out enjoying themselves with there wives and friends infuriating. Sturridge what has he done since Suarez left NOTHING it was suarez who made him look great . I feel Klopp treats them to maternal hugging kissing they are grown men . Fans are saying he is like Rogers that is not true look where Celtic are . I feel the club owners do not want to pay out for players but having The Academy we should have our own greats gutted

  2. You are right about Klopp, the guy seems to have enjoy being in front of the Camera rather than be on screaming at those wanabes. We have become a sugar pop for all this teams that got no real sense of purpose in winning anything. This season again has evaporated with no hope of winning any thing again. Thanks to our TV Manager, Smiling for nothing

  3. Guys before you rush out and blame Klopp, please look at the progress from last season. We don’t want to lose a manager with his credentials just yet. We gave Rodgers at least 3 years. We should afford Klopp the same I think

  4. The squad strength comes down to fsg in my eyes they sign the cheques and negotiation with the players not kloop who just has to grin and bear it when we miss out on signings. Fans who say kloop should of signed some 1 in Jan forget that no matter what kloop wants it’s the money men with micheal Edwards who is the real power behind the club who make the major decisions. I mean what manager wouldn’t want to improve his squad? No its time FSG sell up they have taken the club as far as it can go under there stewardship business wise we have never been stronger but in the 6 odd years they have been here nit to much has changed on the pitch were it matters for fans like us and will continue until they leave and it’s shit to say but it’s how football is now we get a rich oil billionaire or Chinese investment to take over and allow us to compete. 7 million net spend in 2 transfer windows by a club worth over a billion is a disgrace and it shows in the squad strength. Kloop done well to get us this far.

    It’s the hope that kills you.

  5. I agree Klopp is to blame. Just think back what he said. Like Couthinho is a world class player. Really? Like Lalanna is a great player. Again really? Firmino, he should be a model instead of a soccet player. And Klopp? Does he really know coaching? He should go.

  6. I totally agree with you mate yes dosent that red bus make you laugh especially with those spineless twats sitting on it who don’t give a rats arse about putting in a decent performance the writing was on the wall for Mr when I was at the Bournemouth game they were pusseying around like the Harlem globe trotters then suddenly Bournemouth thought right let’s have a go and see how good they really are and as right on cur Bournemouth pulled one back and we went right into calamaty mode one fuck up after another occurred our keeper karius dressed like a comic hero he looks like a twat in those leggings unless he were them cos he’s got callapers on underneath all I now want to say season over lads another false dawn congrats to Antonio conte he sorted it out after the losses to Liverpool and arsenal and put it right and they did not really buy anyone and when you look at moses handful of games for us and stoke and now ends up with a winners medal enough said Liverpool players enough said.

  7. Its all well and good to blame Klopp but we didnt have a title for 26 years. Klopp’s done well to bring us so far. We are fans and we should stick with the team through good times and bad. When we were winning in the start of the season everyone said we would win the title this year and Klopp was a miracle worker but now that the same team and manager are losing they are all hopeless. Thats not how fans should behave , we keep supporting our team through the good times and bad. Even i want to see Liverpool win a title in my lifetime, that doesnt mean that saying everyone is useless and getting rid of everyone is the solution. We wait and support the team like real fans.

  8. Couthinho,Firmino,Mignolet let’s start there Klopp gives 5year deal to one of the worst GK in the league then he give Couthinho a 6year deal he says Firmino he wanted when he managed at his last team oh and he still keeps Can and that idiot Moreno and ruins Milner making him a left back he could’ve got Joe Hart instead he signs the Justin Bieber wanna be Karius and still let’s Lucas Leica start a game. I guess Klopp is just miss understood. Notice FSG extended Klopp contract for 5 years after they bragged how he actually made FSG money during and with all his signings we should’ve known then.

  9. Why is anyone not seeing it from my point of view? Dont blame any player, Klopp is the biggest problem here. He’s evil. What kind of a person could be as strong hearted and unforgiven like klopp? Why on earth can’t he forgive sakho and restore him to the line up? Sakho is by far the best defender in liverpool bar matip.

  10. Hi, Lima.
    Very well said. We have to support them through bad times if we are true fans. Give the man a chance to build this team.

  11. Klopp will take Liverpool nowhere as he cannot change tactics when the club is losing.Opposition teams have now designed some tactics on how to beat Liverpool and klopp is clueless on plan “b”s.so disillusioned about klopp.

  12. Let’s Stop Acting Like Some Robot Who Got No Feels. For The First Time Since Crystal Palace Last Season, I Celebrated An Opponent Goal. We’d Certainly Get Better, But For Once, I Need Klopp Doing More Than Just Watching While Our Emotions Are Being Mangled By Teams (with All Due Respect) Only As Good As Shit. Whats With This 433 Thats Not Working And Yet Not Changing. I’m Real Pissed And Those Gutless Guys Like Henderson, Can, Sturridge, Lovren, Clyne And Even Firmino Have Got To Get ’em Heads Checked Out. As For FSG, If You Can’t Deliver, Get The Shit Outta There, And Stop Hurting We The Fans.

  13. Are you lot joking? Liverpool haven’t won a league since 1990, they nearly challenge until the end of the season, but then fall short, and you immediately call for the manager to be sacked!!!!??? This is the best football we have played for years! We played so well in the first half that big teams just sat back against us and didn’t play cos we scared them so much. You say klopp is evil and should be sacked, yet at least he’s honest. He got us to two finals, both of which the loss was the players fault. All Rodgers did we talk about honesty and passion, and did absolutely nothing to fix it, as soon as Suarez was gone, we were shite. And as for Sakho, his behaviour wasn’t good enough, a manager can’t let a player walk around doing whatever he wants and think he’s in charge, he has to make an example of him. Some people say that Liverpool have the best fans in the world, and so did I, but you lot completely ruin it, your like Utd making fun of scousers when their own captain is one

  14. The squad is just not good enough, no depth and lack of competition for places. We should try the youngsters, but only one so there is still plenty of experience. I feared the worst when I saw Lucas and Can were starting.
    Lucas has been a good servant but has now gone, too slow and gives too many free kicks away, in dangerous positions. Can just runs and eventually give the ball away. We should consider bringing Stevie G back to lead the team, no one else is.

  15. have to agree, no plan b, look at Benteke now and ,when fit Carrol, some time you need an aerial threat, when pretty football fails.

  16. Isn’t it amazing how quickly some people forget.. That Andy Carroll is should never have worn a red jersey with a liverbird on it.. That finally we now have truly world class manager.I repeat, world class manager in Klopp. The only players we can call klopps are sadio,gini and matip.. See how much these 3 has added to the team.. The rest are players he inherited and without a doubt has made better..lovren, firmino etc. Why won’t we just admit that a lot of these players won’t make the bench in city,man U, Chelsea or arsenal.. Lovren, moreno, can, sturrigde(on current form) gini, and even Henderson.. Who wld they bench in other top teams? De bruyne, pogba, zlatan, aguero, Sanchez,Costa, William,cesc,ozil,.. Klopp has been brilliant taking us this far without a Gerrard n suarez in the team.. I hope he brings on his type of players.. I mean the next kagawa, gundogan, reus, aubameyang.. Only then can we truly challenge for the title..

  17. Get bloody rid of the entire team. Its filled with sh#@ players! Mignolet needs therapy. Man looks really uncomfortable in his skin. Lovren needs to be shipped to china for free! There he can destroy some other team’s hopes with his mistakes. Moreno, Lucas and Sturridge need to move on. Their lfc career is over! I mean there is nothing klop can really do more. He doesn’t find enough WINNERS in the team! Period! Barcelona are linked with him this summer after luis enrique. Yes the same Barcelona who think wise with their money and make the right investments unlike their counterpart madrid! There are a bloody bunch of highly trained and motivated donkeys in the team right now like Can, lovren, mignolet and lucas. You can train them how ever you want but they will never turn into derby winning stallions. Instead they will only pull the team’s momentum down. (A team is as good as it’s weakest link) They will remain donkeys. The entire team needs a stick up their sunshine right now. Can needs to sit for a long time now and wijnaldum starts. Get that sh#$% of a player Sturridge of the team sheet and give someone else an opportunity. Origi was class before a fully fit and more useless sturridge danced his way into the the first team thanks to popular demand. Whenever we have a rhythm going we are struck with bad luck and injuries as well. klop never aimed for the title cause he knew about the team he has at his disposal presently (plagued by mediocracy) and he knows the amount of work to be put in. Its going to be a long project to build a team filled with winners (remember no amount of money can buy a player who doesn’t want to play for us)! F#@$IN reality check to all those delusional fans who thought we could turn this around so easily and win the f#$%in league in a years time under klopp. Chelsea are doing it only because they won the league with the same team couple of years ago. Ask me today and I will not be disappointed and happily accept either a top 4 or back to 8th and no european football. We have started to buy some winners in the team (Wijnaldum and mane have been brilliant). No blaming the owners and no blaming the manager for this. We as fans need to curb our immediate expectations and have f@!#n patience! Not keep changing managers and expect some sort of magic to happen. I mean what do you think LFC is right now? we are no more in the same league as madrid or even dortmund. We are purely a work in progress and in such a situation we need two things, patience and bloody right players! Let the man do his job and simply get behind the players during the games. Make 8 thousand sound like the home crowd while playing away and make the 60000 home crowd sound like a war cry during the home games. Make it so terrifying that away players sh$#$ bricks every time they touch the ball. Presently any team visiting look like a bunch of bullies thanks to our soft and delusional home crowd. What are you going to imbibe into the players if you yourself can’t take the effort of losing your vocal cords for the beloved LFC? Make Anfield the 12th man!

  18. I had been a LFC fan for more than 30 years, let me tell you right now that our former Captain Wonder and Rafa were the last player and manager that truly cares for the club and their fans.

    Yes, i blame Klopp at least on the playing side. I blame him for his tactical ineptness and foolishness that causes us to lose many points and 2 cup finals, his blind loyalty to non performing players (Can) and his ego and inability to forgive (Sakho) even when the player had shown remorse. Klopp and the players does not seems to care that fans crave success the most, yes we like our team to play in a certain style but no at the expense of winning. World class manager, really ? Now he had been found out and he openly admits he does not have a clue what to do. To me he is nothing more than a German version of Rodgers, bear hugs can only bring you so far. Boy what would i give for a Conte or Mourinho, proven winners who brings in titles. Yes we want that. Many who says something else forgets that we have not won the league for more than 26 years or they are truly United or Everton fans.

    Even the blind can see that we need another proper centre half, a proper left back and very importantly a world class GK, but we have exactly ZERO players in the last window. Other teams would have 1 very good GK and 1 shitty ones at most but we under Klopp must have TWO of shitty ones around. Remember it was Klopp that says we can train them to be world beaters. Really, Lucas as a centre half, Mignolet a world class GK ?

    Some calls for patience like always, again patience brought us 0 league titles in 26 years.

    Many fans had regarded Kloop as a messiah for coming here, well that is the problem isn’t it ?That means he is so big headed now and can’t accept critism. Let me say this now and no disrespect to Arsenal fans, even if we achieve our full potential under Klopp, we are no more than a Mersey side version of Arsenal, no titles but maybe CL football every year. This would suit FSG just fine isn’t it, like their American counterpart at Arsenal, they dont care as long as they have their pot of gold every year.

    As for our players, like i said, non of them care. Coutinho, new lucrative contract signed but play no better than a trainee in that game, Can garbage throughout, Firmino crap, so does Milner, not a single player covers themselves in any glory that night.

    Yes, you are right, i do not care if Klopp leaves LFC, i want a manager that can win us titles, not one that only know how to give bear hugs and plays with 1 strategy.

  19. Guys…we should support our Liverpool. I dont think i chose a wrong club to support. 14 games left and it still more to go…bad n good times r doesnt matter as this is wad a die hard fan means to me…YNWA

  20. I am 100% behind you SIR. I can not understand why he refuse to play Sakho despite the fact he is still our player. The Manager has no clue how, when to bring fresh player in to a match, His back room idiots also could not give a Monkey. I am with opinion that he knew something is not right either with his Tactics or Training systems. He only can do something about it and he better start doing anything that he has to do to sort it out. We are now falling from the grace to shamble/rots.


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