How to calculate the perfect ratio in betting?

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In betting, the ratio is not always the hallmark of the superiority of one team over the other, but it has become a tradition in the sport, that from a mathematical point of view, this number serves as a distinguishing feature and it’s also an unshakable constant deterrent. We will tell the best soccer betting tips.

Certainly, it is not a secret for everyone that the smaller the ratio, the stronger team. But this applies only if the bookmakers are quoting only the main outcomes, otherwise, there are certain risks.

In practice, it is the well-known fact that all outcomes from quotation to 1.5 are considered to be the event with the highest degree of permeability. Although it to look on it from the practical side, having an event with quotation 1.2  we can win in 80 percent of cases, and can lose in 20 percent. And sometimes it happens that from 5 events of soccer betting 1 is sure to be losing, from 10 – 2, from 15 – 3, and no one can guarantee that these 3 losing events will not get in the top five, and simply will not leave gambler with nothing. However, even one losing bet can make him bankrupt, as in this case, in order to stay afloat you need to play at the highest possible rates, do not forget to count the bank and take into account the other subtleties of online bookmakers. But here, luck can turn its face to the player and all 15 events will be advantageous.

What experts can advise? The most important thing – is do not make hasty steps, and you must listen only to your own opinion. Without undue haste you may not only escape a hard situation, but will allow to do the right steps in betting on sports. Other things is the matter of gamblers fighting for the result.

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