Title Obsession Is Clouding Liverpool Supporters’ Judgement Of 2016/17

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Few sets of supporters crave something as much as Liverpool fans crave a league title. It really is a drug. 

For 27 years, we have waited and waited for the curse to end, but unlike most footballing records, this one seems destined to last forever. 

We have had to watch Man United dominate the English game for two decades, while Chelsea, Arsenal and Man City have also notched up nine league titles between them.

Even Blackburn and Leicester have had their moment in the sun, which frankly, is tough to stomach.

This obsession with Liverpool winning another league crown is only intensifying by the year, and the longer it goes on, the more painful it gets.

The problem is, it is starting to cloud many things surrounding the team, most notably how much progress is currently being made under Jurgen Klopp.

Back in August, everyone made their pre-season predictions, which although meaningless, is something we love to do summer upon summer.

If you look back at how the majority expected things to pan out, a sixth-place finish was Liverpool’s best bet in 2016/17, with possibly a trophy thrown in on top. Some will deny that now, but the predictions are there for all to see.

The huge spending of both Manchester clubs made it highly likely that they would be in the top-two, while Chelsea were always going to go up a gear with the arrival of Antonio Conte.

Arsenal were just Arsenal, seemingly qualifying for the Champions League every year, while Tottenham were continuing to develop under Mauricio Pochettino.

Fast forward eight months and Liverpool find themselves third in the table, albeit having played a game more than City.

The Reds have picked up 66 points from their 33 matches, and are on course to potentially break what is always seen as a very impressive 80-point barrier. Only five wins out of five would achieve that, mind you. 

Only on four occasions have they accumulated more points at this stage in a Premier League campaign, which says all you need to know about how well they have done.

Two of those were 2008/09 and 2013/14, both of which are widely seen as Liverpool’s best title challenges of the last 25 years, while the remaining couple, 2001/02 and 2005/06, ensured second and third place, respectively.

The fanbase should be universally happy about how the season is going, yet there is an air of negativity that just won’t go away until that precious league title is secured.

It hasn’t helped that Klopp’s Reds genuinely looked like challengers back in the autumn, with some of the football breathtaking and several teams torn to shreds at Anfield. Add to that a superb record against their rivals, and it is understandable to see why confidence was growing.

That wonderful start has ended up working against them, however, and it has become more and more evident that the team was over-performing at that point.

There was a settled starting line-up week in, week out, with injuries few and far between, and the likes of Philippe Coutinho and Adam Lallana were in the best form of their career.

As Christmas came and went, so did Liverpool’s form, with January abysmal and that title dream fizzling out once again. The squad depth was exposed, certain players returned to their usual level and suddenly sixth felt likely.

Don’t forget, that would still be par for the course in the eyes of many, not that it is something to feel proud of.

If the Reds had simply been consistent for much of the season, maybe supporters would be happier, but that noticeable dip has taken the edge off what is a very encouraging campaign.

No Liverpool supporter should ever feel content with finishing in the top-four, but it is also unrealistic to expect the title every year. There are some who genuinely feel it is a given, which is an arrogant approach.

Liverpool have qualified for the Champions League just once in the last seven seasons – what right do they have to be the best team in the country all of a sudden?

Much as it may frustrate the impatient among us, we have to take things one step at a time under Klopp. He is not a miracle worker, and there is huge competition at the top of the table.

A top-four finish looks highly likely, which was seen as the main target back in the summer, and it will help take the entire club to the next level. Next season is one where the title has to be achievable, however, and Liverpool have the perfect man in charge to make sure that comes to fruition.

Winning the league is the most wonderful thought for many Reds fans, particularly those under the age of around 40, who have never experienced such glory. I’m not sure about you, but if/when that day arrives, I may just ride off into the sunset and never return.

Until it eventually happens, though, the team will always be judged more harshly than it deserves.

Sadly, that desperation for a title has shone through more than ever this season, and Klopp and his players are worthy of more praise than they are receiving.

To be averaging two points per game in such an unpredictable league, as well as being on course for their fifth-best points tally of the Premier League era, is a great effort.

Failing to win the league does not constitute a disappointing season in the current climate – it’s important we remind ourselves of that now and again.

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  1. We have to finish in the top four yet… got a given by any stretch of the imagination.

    I’m not sure how much I agree with the team over performing or players just returning to their usual standard either. The former: I think with everyone fit and in reasonable form it is a very good (not the best league-wise) but certainly very good starting eleven. The later: Not to suggest you are but putting up with players just being predominantly average should be difficult for any fan to accept. I know form plays it’s part but making a good fist of challenging for the title, even top four these days depends upon a versatile & strong squad… to that end a ball was dropped somewhere by someone. Mane had a massively positive impact for example… yet seemingly no one at the club recognized this and therefore completely underestimated him not being present for a month would have. I could go on but essentially there’s things to be pleased about and still things to be displeased by. I know where I would point my finger (roughly in the direction of Boston) but its an old and largely boring argument to have with anyone anymore.

    Let’s hope five from five is doable.


  2. I’m reading a lot lately about how apparently inept and disinterested our chaps from Boston are.
    Linda pizzawhatever getting a load of stick on twitter.
    Butfor the life of me I can’t understand why?
    We were in trouble, deep trouble before they came along. Now we have a world class manager, a new stand and no debt. Plus that brilliant quote from Henry to Arsenal. They would have won the league with Suarez.
    The team is playing beautiful stuff at times and I feel were moving ahead of Arsenal, not far off Spurs and have lessons to learn from Chelsea. I never take the title as a given (I’m 27, I never saw the glory days) but it sure as shite would be nice to do it. If we can merge this devastating attack with a steady, reliable back four we will be well on our way. I suppose having Lovren and Matip injury-free for the majority of the season will help.

  3. Much as I would like to agreed with your article I would also like to point out that WE LFC supporters deserve better than just being a partaker Club whilst all the so-call little club has WON the Premier ship championship. All we have been doing was to keep BUYING Players and then DUMP them or never use them to deliver. It is a sad trend that never end. Take look for example while are crying for more DEFENDERS when Mr Klopp banished SAKHO to C/P without any explanation as to the Guy has done. Mr Klopp must come out tell the World what really happened, LFC owners must make him to tell us or else stop him from buying any players.


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