“I wish tomorrow,” he said, referring to when fans might expect new arrivals, “but unfortunately that’s not really likely. The best scenario is that you have them for the start of pre-season but I’m not sure if it will happen this time. It’s different with all different players so we will see. That’s not a big problem because we all know if they are fit and healthy we have a really strong squad and that means we could start with this squad. But that doesn’t mean that I would prefer this, I would love to have them in as soon as possible but we will see.”

Now, if I was to analyse those words in depth, the upshot would be a feeling of creeping unease and helpless angst about whether or not the club will spend big and aggressively pursue and secure the very best players, but I’m not going to do that, friends. I’m going to listen to an old mafia fellow tell me his theory on who was responsible for the assassination of JFK. My money is on him not incriminating any gangsters. The point is, I have another hobby now. One that does not bring be on a daily nauseating rollercoaster of Reds-related uncertainty. Take my advice and find yourself one too because the alternative is patently unhealthy.