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It’s an obvious thing to state and it can perhaps come across as being somewhat condescending, but the transfer window does not close until 11pm UK time on Thursday 31st August. So, at the time of writing this, there’s still nearly three more weeks to go. However, it seems that final judgement, in all its absolution, has already been passed by many. Don’t get me wrong, I think our transfer window has been a little underwhelming up to now.

The key words being: up to now.

If Virgil Van Dijk or any other centre-back is not signed. If Naby Keita or any other central midfielder is not signed. If Philippe Coutinho is sold. If, if, if; a lot of if’s there and should they all transpire, then the purveyors of doom will be licking their lips at the prospect of a flaming pitchfork inspired mob baying for the blood of FSG. That may be hyperbole, but should those aforementioned if’s happen, then the mood will understandably not be good amongst fans at the start of a defining season for the club.

Unbelievably, I’ve seen some almost begging for it to happen, with the hope that Jürgen Klopp will walk out on the club. I can’t get my head around that one. Imagine wanting Klopp to walk out of your club, just to feed your hatred of the owners. That’s a special breed of stupidity right there.

I can completely understand some having reservations about FSG, sceptical of their ability to run such a huge football club or simply thinking there are better owners out there for Liverpool; but wanting to see the club seriously harmed and take a massive backward step into the unknown? Sorry, but you need to take a long hard look at yourself with that one.

So, when it comes to the prospect of Coutinho being sold, let me put it like this: Liverpool Football Club means the world to me, it’s the closest thing I have to a religion. However, I do live in the real world and I understand that we are not at the top of the footballing food chain, so when Barcelona come calling, it’s very difficult for a player to resist. Like I said, Liverpool means everything to me and I dare say millions of other fans too, but Coutinho is from Brazil, not Bootle. I’m sure he’s enjoyed his time here and is appreciative of the adulation he’s received and the club’s role in his development. Unfortunately, there is a ‘but’ here because if Barcelona want him, I can understand reciprocation from his perspective.

Hopefully, any further bids are rebuffed and come September, Coutinho accepts it and knuckles down, which I don’t doubt he would, especially given this is a World Cup year. I actually think it would be more beneficial for him to stay another year and show the world what he can do from midfield. As much as Liverpool fans have adored him, he’s not held in the same regard by Barcelona fans, so if he goes there now, with the perception of being a replacement for Neymar, he won’t replicate that and could soon have the crowd turn on him.

A season of showcasing his talent from midfield on the biggest stage could have the Catalan giants return next summer and their fans on board for his arrival. I’d love to think that after a year of lighting up Liverpool’s midfield in Europe will have him decide he wants to stay where he is. That’s the optimist in me. Either way, both Liverpool and Coutinho benefit from another year of his mercurial talents.

The fact is, these are all if’s, but’s and maybe’s.

That, ultimately, is my point here, because with weeks left in the window, things can change. Rather than give final and unequivocal analysis on something that hasn’t finished, I think we have to show a little patience and, dare I say it, belief in Klopp. Only last summer, question marks were raised over our summer signings and I will confess to one of those unsure on a couple of them. Klopp didn’t manage to acquire all his first choice signings, but the alternatives made us forget about that and Sadio Mane cemented himself as an integral part of the team. Although we did still lack the squad depth that I feared would be an issue, we ultimately achieved a core objective of getting back into the top four.

So, even if last summer didn’t go entirely to plan in terms of transfer targets, Klopp and his staff were more than able to cope with it. Maybe there’s a lesson for us fans there.

There’s good reason why you can’t provide final analysis to a match that’s 70 minutes in, so maybe there’s still some late drama to come; this is, after all, Liverpool Football Club.

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  1. Absolutely bang on 1 swallow does not make s summer give him a chance Phil’s had bad advice from his agent let’s moan about it at the end of the window if nothing else happens in the meantime let’s get behind jurgen and the team ynwa

  2. Since his arrival, Klopp has been takling a good deal about the EPLs obsession worh transfers, claiming that he likes to work on the training pitch instead. Well Jürgen; its time to put up or shut up. The defence was the problem when you signed up, now almost two years later, we still cannot defend a set-piece.

  3. I’m a believer in Klopp. He has had success in the past and, the way he works, he needs time to build a championship team from the inside. Having said that, I am now doubtful of his ability to coach the defending of set pieces, especially corners. If you have to, bring in an assistant coach who can focus on defending set pieces only. This is because, with or without Coutinho, we will not win major trophies without effectively addressing this defensive weakness.

  4. Here we go! the chatter for weeks now has been: It’s all FSGs fault. Certain so called fans need to get real. We would have gone bust and been relegated if they hadn’t stepped in. Who would they like to take over? The supporters who can’t even get on with each other these days, and have no money anyway. As to sacking Klopp if they don’t shut the F*** up I can see him walking anyway and they’ll be baying for Stevie G to take over and Carra as his assistant. My head is wrecked with all this crap, having been a red for over 60 years (much to me dads disgust) I have never known so much disagreement in our fan base and I have no idea as to why.

  5. There is mostly agreement that FSG have a poor track record in investing in the squad which again appears to be the case. Keep klopp but sack FSG unless they spend big

  6. How do you spend big, if your targets are not for sale, and your manager has said main targets or nothing.
    The positive for me, is that the right kaliber of players have been targeted, obviously it sucks that we can get Them, but against this time they’ll actually interested in comming here. If no more stigningstakten are made its on Klopp. This is not #kloppout btw. Honeymoon is over though.. Improvement is needed, both in playingstaff and on the trainingpitch.

  7. This is make it or break it year and transfer window for us. There used to be a time when were were second to none in Europe and the world. Shoulder to shoulder with Real, Bayern, Juve… Time when Barcelona was a lesser club then us, easily. I agree we hsve fallen from grace, but, we have a choice. Stay where we are, sell Coutinho, bring someone last minute who will be yet another avg player. I do not want to see Klopp go, but if FSG does that, why should he stay. I’d leave if I was him. If we bring in, Keita, quality left back, and a true quality striker, we could contend, right now. If they sell our best, FSG, needs to go.


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