Liverpool Supporters and The Need For Patience

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It feels strange writing this. Strange because, for some reason, in today’s society we demand instant gratification, instant success, instant results, instant positivity. Instant, instant, instant. It feels strange because, for some reason, a small minority of “fans” are questioning Klopp’s capabilities to perform at a high enough level, and in some cases, his position as our manager. Klopp. Jurgen Klopp. Let that sink in a moment.


A word defined as ‘the capacity to accept or tolerate delay’. When that word is used in reference to football it requires my full capacity to accept or tolerate it. I’m sick of hearing it. Patience. The new manager needs time. Patience. We’re a team in transition. Patience. The new players need time to settle into the team. Patience. Klopp likes to build teams. Patience. The word is bandied about more than any other (besides from the hyperbole of ‘legend’ perhaps), so what exactly does it mean? It used to mean giving the team and manager time, time for the manager to change, evolve if needs be, and players to adapt if necessary. Now it means tolerating only a handful of poor results before the gilded guillotine hangs over the manager’s head. See Frank de Boer for instance.

I have patience in abundance. As a Liverpool fan we’ve all needed more than a little bit of the salty stuff, in fact we’ve needed nigh on a quarter of a century of the bloody thing. Time after time we’ve been drawn into a false sense of hope. Houllier, Rafa, Kenny and Rodgers (**** off Hodge). In the past two decades half a dozen managers have came and gone, leaving behind a drop of individual legacy to our overflowing trophy cabinet. Most of them brought cup wins and occasionally we’ve finished as runner-up in the league. And yet we’re still waiting to achieve the holy grail.


Klopp arrived after a short-time of turmoil. We are back in business. We’re going to win the league. Except we didn’t and we still haven’t. It doesn’t work like that, not with us, not with Liverpool. Why not? Conte walked into Chelsea and won the league. He did yeah, at the time the league was wide open after Leicester’s heroics (I wait with bated breath for Jamie Vardy’s film). Teams like City and United needed to rebuild and Chelsea had a team which had consistently competed for league titles since the naughties, they were primed and ready. We haven’t. We aren’t. Not yet.


We are currently in a bad run of form. Two draws, two defeats and one win in the past five. Yet everyone is talking about us again. Seen Liverpool’s game? They scored twelve but conceded thirteen, pure madness them lot – a slight exaggeration I’ll grant you, but it isn’t an exaggeration to state every game we currently play has enough drama to draw in neutral spectators across the world. If we aren’t winning games we are drawing or losing them in a magnificent fashion. Bore draws? Our defence scoffs, no thank you. It feels frustrating at the moment because we are on the cusp of something here. Either we’re becoming a good side or we’re becoming a top one, I’m still not sure which yet, nor, I feel, does Klopp. But we are becoming something more than the top eight side we sadly became. I no longer foresee us being the sleeping giant who sheepishly trails behind the top four, feeding off scraps. We are once again a genuine top four competing side, potentially more.


As fans it seems like we are constantly battling between requiring patience and demanding instant results but what happened to the middle ground? What happened to bad form being part and parcel with the highs and lows of football? At what point did managers become considered infallible? At what point did mistakes become inexcusable? Klopp has made mistakes yes, he’ll also probably continue to make plenty more too, yet I can’t see who else is a better fit for us in every aspect. So why have a small handful started to turn against him? Besides, has our recent history taught us nothing? The grass isn’t always greener after all *cough* Hodgson *cough*.


Bayern have just parted ways with the great Carlos Ancelotti and the German club’s overlords will be drawing up a list of potential candidates. Make no mistake about it, Klopp will be on that list, he may not be topping it, for all I know (which is absolutely nothing) he may be plopped precariously right down at the bottom, but he would be in serious contention should he so choose to be, such is the calibre of our manager, such is his reputation in the world of football.


Sometimes patience is required, football is a game full of ups and downs after all. At this moment in time we’re feeling some of the downs, but fear not, the ups are never far away. So why don’t we all do ourselves a favour, why don’t we bite our tongues, clench our fists, pinch the bridge of our noses, whatever, just try and enjoy the ride rather than craving the final destination. Or at least simply try and survive it. In the meantime, let’s all get behind our manager and support this team of ours, because, who knows, great things may be on the horizon.

Up the Reds.

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  1. Fans who are against JK and wants him out, its not because we have a run of bad results. Its is because in his second season now we are seeing the same problem with the defense and the keepers and JK just refuses to learn from his past mistakes and he sells our best defender!
    We want him out because at the rate he is going, he would be BR Mark 2 and LFC would be a mini Arsenal at best, occasional appearances in the CL and NO trophies. Don’t be surprised with no trophies as JK had went on record saying he feels no pressure to win any with us.
    I had been a fan since 1986, our last league success was in 1990, so dont talk to me about patience. I have no doubt that the P word contributed much to our title drought.
    Does it even matter if JK is on the list of Bayern? If JK does not win anything with us, then it does not matter where he goes.
    It is ironic that JK plays our beloved Rafa’s team this week, Rafa a coach when with us was given so little and yet produced so much, a pragmatist, a winner. A coach with unfinished business with us.
    So i would happily drives JK to the airport and drives Rafa back to Merseyside

  2. Patience required. But when there’s no investment relative to your rivals then I’m afraid its time to shout from the rooftops: FSG OUT, FSG OUT, FSG OUT, FSG OUT AND OUT AGAIN

  3. No one hate Klopp but let’s look around us and take stocks you would realise we are not PROGRESSING instead we been seen as a middle table club and all down to Mr Klopp. You have to built your house on a solid foundation i.e Good defense cum mid fielders. He said that the owners has allowed him to BUY any Player/s he deem want no expense speared here we are.


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