AI Writer’s Predictions for 2018/19 campaign

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With Liverpool kicking off the new campaign in some style against West Ham, some of the AI writers have come together to give their predictions for the season.

Leanne Prescott

Where will Liverpool finish? Champions.

You’ve got to head into the new season with optimism after the business Liverpool have done. That being said, if City deliver another 100+ point season then it will be near impossible to displace them. Still, it’ll be one hell of a fight.

Top-four prediction? Liverpool, City, United, Spurs.

Chelsea will take a while to get into their rhythm while Spurs have a group that’s been together for a while now so you’d expect them to do well provided Kane can keep fit. As for United, I hate to say it but they’ve got the know how.

Who will be relegated? Huddersfield, Cardiff and Brighton.

Liverpool’s top goal scorer? Salah, of course.

Liverpool’s player of the season? Naby Keita.

He started the season as he means to go on, fulfilling all the hype that’s been bandied about against West Ham. Gliding across the midfield, he’s got the creativity and verve to be a real hit in Klopp’s side.

Who will win the Golden Boot? Sergio Aguero.

City have an incredible team with a monumental attack and provided he can stay fit, you’d fancy Aguero to be right up there in the goals this season.

Surprise team? Wolves.

They’ve put a great team together this summer with a whole host of experience. Add to that Ruben Neves, an in-demand midfield dynamo and I think they’ll have a great season finishing mid-table and firmly away from the relegation scrap.

Nick Summerfield

Where will Liverpool finish?

Liverpool will finish second this season and will close the gap on City. If City prioritises the Champions League though, Liverpool could take advantage.

Top-four prediction? City, Liverpool, Chelsea, United.

Manchester United will implode in the second half of the season with a Mourinho meltdown but somehow still finish fourth. Spurs to drop out but win the FA Cup.

Who will be relegated? Palace, Huddersfield and Cardiff.

Liverpool’s top goal scorer? Salah. Made up how he’s being underestimated as a one season wonder.

Liverpool’s player of the season? Sadio Mane.

Who will win the Golden Boot? Harry Kane.

Surprise team? I think Fulham have recruited well and their manager will feel he has a point to prove after being sacked by Watford.

Olli Emmerson

Where will Liverpool finish? 2nd.

We’ve done bits (Love Island fans will know), but not enough. In other years I’d suggest we’d done enough in the market to get our names on the Premier League trophy, but you have to go even further to get close to this City side.

Top-four predictions? City, Liverpool, Spurs, United.

Spurs will get it done, their squad is rooted with quality and a solid defence will get them through the hard times. Think Chelsea will be inconsistent and get edged out of the top four by United.

Who will be relegated? Cardiff definitely. I reckon Bournemouth and Huddersfield join them.

Liverpool’s top goal scorer? Salah.

Had lads telling me he’s getting 15 league goals maximum. Maximum of 15 before December, maybe.

Liverpool’s player of the season? Mo Salah.

Keita, Mane, Firmino et al will be ridiculous but Salah coming anywhere close to last season (which he will) will be utterly ridiculous. If we concede less than 30 I’m running on stage and giving it to Virgil van Dijk.

Who will win the Golden Boot? Salah, duh.

Surprise team? 

Can I be picky and say Wolves, but that they’re going to be a surprise in how bad they are? Not relegation fodder, just not on the coattails of the top six. They’ve signed some decent Portuguese lads and some talented youngsters, not 1970’s Brazil. 13th.

Scott Chandler

Where will Liverpool finish? Reluctantly… second behind City. My heart says the Reds will win the title, but my head (after the chorus of “Allez Allez Allez!” dies down) says 25 points is too big of a gap to close in one season, even after a near perfect transfer window.

Top-four prediction? City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Spurs.

Who will be relegated? Cardiff, Huddersfield and Watford.

Liverpool’s top goal scorer? Has to be the Egyptian King again.

Liverpool’s player of the season? Mo, Bobby, & Sadio will be boss again, but this will be the season of Naby. I see him being an absolute revelation in his Premier League debut campaign much like Kante and Salah did.

Who will win the Golden Boot? Aubameyang.

Arsenal are going to have to score a ton of goals to have a chance to make the top four with that atrocious backline, and Auba hit the ground running after moving to the Emirates in the January transfer window.

Surprise team?

They might not be a total “surprise” seeing they bought almost every top Portuguese player other than Ronaldo, but I think Wolves winds all the way up in 7th, which would be the best finish for a promoted side since Sunderland took 7th in 1999/00.

Wolves dominated the Championship last season and have a ton of talent in the side. Plus, it would be hilarious if they finish above the Ev after the Bitters spent a ton of money to reshape their team as well. And oh yeah, I think United absolutely implode in the Jose Mourinho Third Season and wind up in 6th. Should be the most fun United season since the David Moyes Era.

Tom Holmes

Where will Liverpool finish? 2nd.

I know it’s the easy prediction to make but it’s easy for a reason. We’ve got a better team than Chelsea, Spurs or Man United, with the latter two desperately failing to make reinforcements late in the window. Nevertheless, I think whilst Liverpool look to be City’s closest challengers, we’re not quite there yet in terms of actually winning the title. Obviously, that’s our main target and I think we do have a real shot of ousting City, but if you’re asking me the most likely scenario, it’s that we can’t quite make it.

Top-four prediction? City, Liverpool, Spurs, Chelsea.

Predicting the Top Four is tricky. City and Liverpool should definitely make it, but beyond that, it’s hard to say which of Chelsea, United and Spurs are in the best position. I would say United look the most unstable in terms of the manager, Chelsea have made some really good additions to their midfield and Spurs should be strong again, so I fancy United to be the ones to miss out. But it’ll be very close between those three in my opinion.

Who will be relegated? Cardiff, Huddersfield, Watford.

Again, tough to call. Cardiff are the obvious candidates with Fulham and Wolves spending impressively. Huddersfield scraped through last season and I can see their luck running out this season – they need to massively improve to survive with the calibre of team coming up stronger than those going down last year. As for the third team, I fancy Watford – they haven’t massively improved in this window whereas a few of last year’s strugglers have. Newcastle will be there or thereabouts but they have Benitez. If he goes, they could go.

Liverpool’s top goal scorer? Mo Salah. I’ve already written extensively why.

Liverpool’s player of the season? Either Salah or Keita. If Mo scores 40 goals again it’ll be hard to steal it off him, but Naby Keita is, in my opinion, the best midfielder in the division and if he settles then he could drop one hell of a season.

Who will win the Golden Boot? Harry Kane.

Kane has been consistently strong for several years now and we know he’ll hit around 30 goals again if he stays fit. I think Mo has a decent shot but if he even dips slightly then Kane will take advantage.

Surprise team? 

Can Wolves be classed a surprise if everyone is going to predict them to be a surprise? Probably not. So I’m going to say Bournemouth. They look a really solid team and are improving year on year in the market and on the field. I’m also going to sling Leicester into the mix again because they consistently have the ability to surprise.

Adam Petruccione

Where will Liverpool finish? Champions.

Top-four predictions? Liverpool, City, Spurs, Arsenal.

Who will be relegated? Huddersfield, Newcastle, Cardiff.

Liverpool’s top goal scorer? Salah.

Liverpool’s player of the season? Keita.

Who will win the Golden Boot? Mo.

Surprise team? Fulham.

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