Liverpool vs. Manchester City | Who will win?

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Football has become not just a game or sport, it has become art or even an empire that continues to attract great attention of football players and fans. This is a spectacular sport that gives unsurpassed emotions, goals and other events. Even a person who is not keen on such entertainment knows what the Champions League is and how Cristiano Ronaldo looks.

It is no secret that the football industry will expand for a long time since we have many young promising players today.

There are many football leagues that have different features, but the English Premier League (EPL) clearly leads the list. Today, you can find a saying: “If football appeared in Brazil, then England became its home.” It was in this championship that the “legendary players and coaches” were born and became famous. Therefore, the English Premier League is the most popular. It is the EPL that has many promising teams that have become principled rivals. Leading experts say that the standoff Liverpool vs. Manchester City formed in the last 5 years has overtaken even Chelsea vs Manchester United derby. Millions of football fans from different countries come to enjoy the Northwest derby.

History of Manchester City

The history of this great football club began in 1879 when it was founded by the priest’s daughter. The first match of the future champion occurred in November 1880. After 6 years, Manchester received the status of a professional club that could compete with other teams of this level. 1904 was a significant year for the “citizens” because the team won the 1st “big” trophy. In this principled match against Bolton, Manchester won the England Cup and loudly declared about itself. But despite this success, the fans of the “townspeople” have been waiting for the next title for almost 30 years, when their team won the FA Cup again. After that, it took the team three years to become the champions of the English Premier League. Peter Docherty and Frank Swift became the champion team leaders.

But they did not help the team to maintain the leading position in the main division of the country.

The leadership of the champion club began to look for a new coach to regain the glory and success of the football club. Fortunately, they managed to do it since Manchester City is back strong. That is, Joe Mercer led this team and made it one of the greatest clubs in Britain. Today, the name of this trainer is associated with the “Golden Age”.

The situation changed when Abu Dhabi United Group bought all the shares of a football club and invested heavily. Thanks to these funds, such stars as Joe Hart, Carlos Tevez, Vincent Company and Sergio Aguero came to Manchester City and won many titles.

Liverpool FC

In 1892, the principal rival of Manchester City appeared. The first players of this club showed great talent and ambition, so the residents of Liverpool knew that their team would achieve great success. Anyway, Liverpool FC went to the first title for almost 10 years. During the next 17 seasons, the football club was the best in the country for more than 10 times. It is also worth noting the great successes of Liverpool in the European arena, where the team won new trophies raising the club’s rating.

Probably every Liverpool FC fan remembers the grand finals of the Champions League where their team met with Italians: Milan. After an unsuccessful, first-half, Liverpool FC head coach found a way to inspire his players. As a result, Liverpool won the main trophy of Europe in the penalty shootout after the match.

Match History

The emergence of this rival dates back to the days of the industrial revolution when these cities were strong competitors. Each of the cities wanted to establish control in the northwest of Britain. Liverpool had a port; Manchester showed great performance. A few years later, the shipping channel was built, so Manchester did not need the port of Liverpool. Therefore, the ship is the main symbol of Manchester City Football Club.

Currently, cities continue to compete with what has moved into the football world. So, both teams are the best in the territory of England, because together they won almost 125 trophies. In the football season 17/18 season, Liverpool took part in the Champions League final where he lost 3-1; Manchester City won the Premier League trophy.

According to the Wiki, both teams are the most profitable English clubs, as all sports betting fans follow the matches of both teams, making many bets. Both football clubs are also the most popular with the number of requests in the virtual universe.

Each match of these football clubs is accompanied by a large number of fans. According to the Wiki, the opposition of football club fans is the most violent in the history of Great Britain. Fans have always shown aggression during Manchester City and Liverpool FC matches.

Speaking of game statistics, it is worth noting that both teams have a relatively equal number of wins/losses. The last 5 meetings were unsuccessful for the club from Manchester (1 point out of 15 available). At the same time, Liverpool took 13 points. The next match of principled opponents will take place on January 3, 2019, in Manchester. Both teams occupy 1 and 2 places in the standings, so all betting sites “boil” from such intrigue. Of course, users who combine gambling entertainment and sports are looking for betting online football casino that allows you to follow all football events.

Ahead of the opponent by 7 points, Liverpool received more votes from football fans. But at the same time, Manchester City is very motivated, since the head coach of the football club intends to win the main title of the English Premier League again. Analyzing the performance of both teams in the season 18/19, Liverpool looks stronger, especially after the last round which Manchester City lost (2-1).

It is expected that the football club will play a flexible 4-3-3 scheme when the players can move to other positions quickly. But Guardiola is sure that the schemes are meaningless phone numbers. Probably, he is just trying to confuse the opponent, since Liverpool plays according to an individual scheme. Thanks to this approach, Liverpool FC has not yet been defeated in the English Premier League 18/19.

Online betting. What you should know before Liverpool vs Man.City match

Thanks to modern technologies, users can have an interesting and varied holiday in a virtual casino. Do you want to enjoy football slot online and do not want to miss the match of your favourite team? Then, you need a new generation game resource or betting online casino where you can not only watch the result of the match but also win money.

Accepting bets on sporting events is a common service that has become popular over the course of several months. Bookmakers offer a variety of event results and a wide variety of types of bets. So, in a football match, you can bet on the victory of any team, the number of goals scored/missed or the number of violations. In addition, football fans can bet before the start of Liverpool vs. Manchester City match or while playing. In the second case, you need to make decisions very quickly, because the coefficients and preferences will change quickly.

In general, betting investments have a number of advantages that affect the choice of users:

– High yield. Despite the high risks, the stakes give large payouts to players who guessed the result of a match or other sporting event.

-Availability. The activity in question does not require large start-up capital. You can spend a small amount on an event with big odds and win big.

-Various strategies and tips. Thanks to the Internet, you can find many guides and secrets from experienced players who have become rich thanks to betting. Professionals also suggest using proven strategies that will help you guess the outcome of not all but most matches.

But if you want betting to be the main source of your income, then you need to keep time for exploring all the nuances of this sphere, including its rules and sporting events. Pay attention to the last point, because it has difference coefficients in football, boxing, basketball and so on.

Liverpool vs. Manchester City match is a great opportunity to choose the right strategy and make the right bet because this match has relatively equal odds. Experts also believe that this match could end in a draw since both teams will be ready for the match perfectly.

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